Hydrodynamic tests in the N.A.C.A. tank of a model of the hull of the Short Calcutta flying boat

Ward, Kenneth E

The hydrodynamic characteristics of a model of the hull of the Short Calcutta (N.A.C.A. Model 47) are presented in non-dimensional form. This model represents one of a series of hulls of successful foreign and domestic flying boats the characteristics of which are being obtained under similar test conditions in the N.A.C.A. tank. The take-off distance and time for a flying boat having the hull of the Calcutta are compared at two values of the gross load with the corresponding distances and times for the same flying boat having hulls of two representative American types, the Sikorsky S-40 and the N.A.C.A. 11-A. This comparison indicates that for hulls of the widely different forms compared, the differences in take-off time and distance are negligible.

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