Theoretical span loading and moments of tapered wings produced by aileron deflection

Pearson, H A

The effect of tapered ailerons on linearly tapered wings is theoretically determined. Four different aileron spans are considered for each of three wing aspect ratios and each of four wing taper ratios. The change in lift on one half of the wing, the rolling moment, the additional induced drag, and the yawing moment, due to aileron deflection, are represented by non dimensional coefficients. Similar coefficients are given for the damping and yawing moments, the additional drag, and the change in lift, due to rolling. It was found possible to effect a fairly close agreement between the theoretical and experimental rolling moments by introducing into the theoretical expression for the rolling moment an effective change in angle of attack obtained from an analysis of flap data. The theoretical curves show that the highly tapered wing with long ailerons has a lower ratio of yawing to rolling moment and a lower additional induced drag than wings with less taper.

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