The lateral instability of deep rectangular beams

Dumont, C (Aluminum Company of America, Aluminum Research Labs., New Kensington, Penn) Hill, H N (Aluminum Company of America, Aluminum Research Labs., Kensington, Penn)
May 1937

Experimental and analytical studies were made of solid and hollow deep rectangular beams to study their lateral instability under various conditions of loading and restraint. The tests were made on bars and tubes of 17ST aluminum alloy. Failure by lateral buckling occurred only in tests on the solid beams. It was found that, within the elastic range, the test results were in agreement with the classical theory for the lateral buckling of deep beams as given by Prandtl, Mitchell, and Timoshenko. The tests were extended to the inelastic range, where it was found that the substitution for Young's modulus of an average modulus of elasticity derived from the stress-strain curve made it possible to predict instability at high stresses.

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