Wind-tunnel tests of a Clark Y wing with 'Maxwell' leading-edge slots

Gauvain, William E
April 1937

Aerodynamic force tests of a Clark Y wing equipped with "Maxwell" type leading-edge slots were conducted in the N.A.C.A. 7- by 10-foot tunnel to ascertain the aerodynamic characteristics, which involved the determination of the best slot-gap opening, the effects of slat width, and the effect of a trailing-edge flap. The Maxwell wing with a wide-chord slat (0.30 c(sub w)) and with a 0.211 c(sub w) split flap deflected 60 degrees had a C(sub L sub max) of 2.53 or about twice that of the plain wing. The wing with the wide slat also had, in general, improved aerodynamic characteristics over those of the Maxwell wing with slat, and had about the same aerodynamic characteristics as a Handley Page slotted wing with approximately the same size of slat.

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