Tanks test of a model of the hull of the Navy PB-1 flying boat - N.A.C.A. Model 52

Allison, John M
August 1936

A model of the hull of the Navy PB-1 flying boat was tested in the N.A.C.A. tank as part of a program intended to provide information regarding the water performance of hulls of flying boats of earlier design for which hydrodynamic data have heretofore been unavailable. Tests were made according to the general method over the range of practical loadings with the model both fixed in trim and free to trim. A free-to-trim test according to the specific method was also made for the design load and take-off speed corresponding to those of the full-scale flying boat. The resistance obtained from the fixed-trim test was found to be about the same as that of the model of the NC flying-boat hull, and greater at the hump but smaller at high speeds than that of a model of the Sikorsky S-40 flying-boat hull.

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