Tank tests of a model of the NC flying-boat hull - N.A.C.A. model 44

Bell, Joe W
May 1936

A 1/7.06 full-size model of the NC-type hull was tested in the N.A.C.A. tank by both the general method and the specific or free-to-trim method. The results of the tests are given in curves plotted as non dimensional coefficients and are compared with the test results of N.A.C.A. model 11-A. The NC model (N.A.C.A. model 44) shows higher resistance than model 11-A at hump speed but lower resistance at high speeds. Model 44 has a higher best trim angle at the jump and a lower maximum positive trimming moment than model 11-A. At high speeds the best trim angle and the trimming moments of the two models are approximately the same.

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