Wing pressure distribution and rotor-blade motion of an autogiro as determined in flight

Wheatley, John B

This report presents the results of tests in which the pressure distribution over the fixed wing of an autogiro was determined in both steady and accelerated flight. In the steady-flight condition, the rotor-blade motion was also measured. These data show that in steady flight the rotor speed as a function of the air speed is largely affected by the variation of the division of load between the rotor and the wing; as the load on the wing increases, the rotor speed decreases. In steady flight the presence of the slipstream increased both the wing lift at a given air speed and the maximum lift coefficient of the wing above the corresponding values without the slipstream. In abrupt high-speed turns, the wing attained a normal force coefficient of unity at almost the initial value of the air speed and experienced its maximum load before maximum acceleration occurred.

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