Wind-tunnel tests of a wing with a trailing-edge auxiliary airfoil used as a flap

Noyes, Richard W

This report gives the characteristics of a wing with an auxiliary airfoil mounted near its trailing edge and used as a flap. The tests were made with a 10 by 60 inch Clark Y main airfoil and an NACA 0012 flap having a chord equal to 15 percent of the main wing chord. The axis of the flap in all cases was on the flap chord and 20 percent back from its leading edge. The optimum location of the flap axis relative to the main wing for maximum lift was found to be 1.25 percent of the main wing chord behind the trailing edge and 2.5 percent below the chord. In this position C(sub L max) was increased from 1.250 (for the plain wing) to 1.810 at 45 degrees deflection of the flap and C(sub D min) was decreased form 0.0155 to 0.0146 at minus 5 degrees deflection, the coefficient in each case being based on the sum of the flap and wing areas. No serious adverse change in lateral stability was found to result from the use of the flap in the optimum position.

An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file of the entire report: