Influence of cut-outs in elevator on the static longitudinal stability and on the static elevator effect

Biechteler, Curt.

The rudder effect of a sport airplane at high angles of attack was to be improved. This made it necessary to make a cut-out in the center of the continuous elevator so as to enlarge the rudder downward. This cut-out which reduced the rudder area by 12.5 percent changed the static stability of the airplane as well as the elevator effect. Flight measurements showed the stability zone with locked elevator to be 1.8 percent less at full throttle and at idling to be 1.3 percent less than the mean wing chord. The effect of the cut-out on the control forces could not be determined owing to insufficient instrumental accuracy at the extremely low existing forces. The measurement of the static controllability resulting from the cut-out manifested an 18 percent drop in elevator effect at full throttle and a 10 to 20 percent drop at idling, depending on lift.

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