Maneuverability investigation of an O3U-1 observation airplane

Thompson, F L Kirschbaum, H W

This report presents the results of maneuverability tests of an O3U-1 observation airplane. This investigation is the third in a series of similar investigations requested by the Bureau of Aeronautics (Navy) for the purpose of comparing the maneuverability of different airplane types and to provide quantitative data for use in establishing a criterion or method for rating the maneuverability of an airplane. The two former investigations were conducted with the fighter types designated F6C-3 and F6C-4 and have been reported previously. Measurement of the air speed, the angular velocity, the linear acceleration, and positions of the controls were made during abrupt single-control maneuvers with three stop positions for each control, during steady horizontal turns for the determination of minimum radius, and during 180 degree turns by various methods. Flight-path coordinates in two dimensions were determined for the 180 degree turns by means of a special camera obscura designed for the previous investigation of the F6C-4 airplane. All maneuvers were performed at an altitude of approximately 3,000 feet.

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