Experimental verification of Theodorsen's theoretical jet-boundary correction factors

Schliestett, George Van (Daniel Guggenheim School of Aeronautics, Georgia School of Technology)
October 1934

Prandtl's suggested use of a doubly infinite arrangement of airfoil images in the theoretical determination of wind-tunnel jet-boundary corrections was first adapted by Glauert to the case of closed rectangular jets. More recently, Theodorsen, using the same image arrangement but a different analytical treatment, has extended this work to include not only closed but also partly closed and open tunnels. This report presents the results of wind-tunnel tests conducted at the Georgia School of Technology for the purpose of verifying the five cases analyzed by Theodorsen. The tests were conducted in a square tunnel and the results constitute a satisfactory verification of his general method of analysis. During the preparation of the data two minor errors were discovered in the theory and these have been rectified.

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