Aerodynamic investigation of a cup anemometer

Hubbard, John D (Department of Aero. Engineering, University of Detroit.) Brescoll, George P (Department of Aero. Engineering, University of Detroit)
July 1934

This thesis presents the results of an investigation wherein the change of the normal force coefficient with Reynolds Number was obtained statically for a 15.5-centimeter hemisphere cup under the following conditions: (1) single cup with no interference; (2) single cup with three-cup interference; (3) four cups. The coefficients found in this research vary with Reynolds Number and are high as compared with those of Eiffel. The effect of interference upon a single cup is to increase the drag and normal force coefficients. The curve resulting from the summation of the coefficients for four cups agrees with the static torque curve of a Robinson type cup anemometer. All tests were carried on in the University of Detroit atmospheric wind tunnel during May 1933.

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