Effect of retractable-spoiler location on rolling- and yawing-moment coefficients

Shortal, J A
July 1934

In this report are presented the results of wind-tunnel tests of retractable spoilers on the upper surface of a Clark Y wing, which have been made as part of an investigation of lateral control devices being conducted by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Spoilers with chords up to 15.0 percent of the wing chord were tested in several locations on a plain rectangular wing and in two locations on the same wing equipped with a 20.0 percent chord split flap down 60 degrees. Charts are given for four representative angles of attack from which values of rolling- and yawing-moment coefficients may be obtained for spoilers up to 15.0 percent chord located on the upper surface of a Clark Y wing. The tests showed that at low angles of attack practically the same rolling moments can be obtained with a given spoiler at any location back of 30.0 percent of the wing chord, while at high angles of attack there is a definite advantage in locating the spoiler at least as far forward as 30.0 percent of the chord. The yawing moments accompanying a given rolling moment increase positively as the spoiler location is moved forward from the trailing edge of the wing. It is concluded that the 30.0 percent chord location is probably the optimum provided that instantaneous response of the airplane to a control movement can be obtained.

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