Full-scale drag tests of landing lamps

Dearborn, C H
May 1934

Drag tests were conducted in the N.A.C.A. full-scale wind tunnel on full-scale models of two Army Air Corps type A-6 landing lamps mounted on an 8 by 48 foot airfoil. Drag measurements were made with the lamps in the leading edge and attached to the lower surface at the 5 and 10 percent chord positions. The drag of the lamps when faired into the airfoil was also measured. The results show that at 100 miles per hour and at the angle of minimum drag of the airfoil the unaired lamps in the leading edge produced an increase in drag of 5.5 pounds and that the unaired lamps on the lower surface at either position increased the airfoil drag 22.5 pounds. These increases represent 6 and 24 percent of the minimum drag of the airfoil, respectively. Fairing the lamps into the airfoil reduced the drag of the lamps about 50 percent for the leading-edge position and about 60 percent for the two lower surface positions.

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