A method of calculating the performance of controllable propellers with sample computations

Hartman, Edwin P

This paper contains a series of calculations showing how the performance of controllable propellers may be derived from data on fixed-pitch propellers given in N.A.C.A. Technical Report No. 350, or from similar data. Sample calculations are given which compare the performance of airplanes with fixed-pitch and with controllable propellers. The gain in performance with controllable propellers is shown to be largely due to the increased power available, rather than to an increase in efficiency. Controllable propellers are of particular advantage when used with geared and with supercharged engines. A controllable propeller reduces the take-off run, increases the rate of climb and the ceiling, but does not increase the high speed, except when operating above the design altitude of the previously used fixed-pitch propeller or when that propeller was designed for other than high speed.

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