Aerodynamic rolling and yawing moments produced by floating wing-tip ailerons, as measured by spinning balance

Bamber, Millard J
March 1934

The investigation described in this report was made to determine the effectiveness of floating wing-tip ailerons as an airplane control in the spin. In these tests the ailerons, not being balanced, were set parallel to the axis of rotation, which is probably very nearly the attitude that balanced floating ailerons would assume in a spin. The tests were made with the spinning balance in the N.A.C.A. 5-foot vertical tunnel. The model was tested with and without the ailerons in 12 spinning attitudes chosen to cover the probable spinning range. Rolling- and yawing-moment coefficients are given as measured for the model with and without the ailerons, and computed values are given for the ailerons alone. The addition of floating wing-tip ailerons to the model doubled the rolling-moment coefficient and increased the yawing-moment coefficient by 0.05 and more. Both moments were in a sense to oppose the spin.

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