Wind-tunnel research comparing lateral control devices, particularly at high angles of attack III : ordinary ailerons rigged up 10 degrees when neutral

Weick, Fred E Wenzinger, Carl J

This report presents the results of wind-tunnel tests made on three model wings having different sizes of ordinary ailerons rigged up 10 degrees when neutral, the same models having previously been tested with the ailerons rigged even with the wings in the usual manner. One of the wings had ailerons of medium size, 25 per cent of the wing chord by 40 per cent of the semispan, one had long, narrow ailerons, and one had short, wide ones. These tests are part of a general investigation on lateral control devices, with particular reference to the control at high angles of attack, in which all the devices are being subjected to the same series of tests in the 7 by 10 foot wind tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Force tests of the usual type, free-autorotation tests, and forced-rotation tests were made showing the effect of the ailerons on the general performance of the wing, on the lateral controllability, and on the lateral stability.

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