The reduction in drag of a forward-sloping windshield

Jacobs, Eastman N
December 1933

This paper gives results of a short investigation of the drag of a forward-sloping closed-cabin windshield. The drag of the windshield in both the original and a final modified form was determined from tests in the variable-density wind tunnel. The final form of the windshield was arrived at by modifying the original as the result of flow observations in the N.A.C.A. smoke tunnel. The investigation studied the utility of the N.A.C.A. smoke tunnel as applied to reducing the drag of objects for which the full dynamic scale could not be approached in the smoke tunnel, but designers should find the results of the flow observations and drag measurements of value. They show that most of the large drag added by the original windshield is eliminated by the modification of the windshield to the final form.

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