Effect of stabilizer location upon pitching and yawing moments in spins as shown by tests with the spinning balance

Bamber, M J Zimmerman, C H
November 1933

Tests were made with the spinning balance in a 5-foot wind tunnel to study the effect of stabilizer location upon the pitching and yawing moments given by the tail surfaces in spinning attitudes. The tests revealed that the horizontal surfaces, when in a normal location, seriously reduced the effectiveness of the fin and rudder, particularly at angles of attack of 50 degrees or more. The tests also revealed that a more forward or more rearward location gave no consistent or decided improvement; that a lower location greatly increased the shielding so that the yawing moment from the combination was in general less than that given by the bare fuselage; and that a higher location decreased the shielding and gave a favorable interference effect, particularly at the high angles of attack. Additional results regarding the stabilizer and the elevator are given.

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