The effect of partial-span split flaps on the aerodynamic characteristics of a Clark Y wing

Wenzinger, Carl J
September 1933

Aerodynamic force tests were made in the N.A.C.A. 7 by 10 foot wind tunnel on a model Clark Y wing with a 20 percent chord split flap deflected 60 degrees downward. The tests were made to determine the effect of partial-span split flaps, located at various positions along the wing span on the aerodynamic characteristics of the wing-and-flap combination. The different lengths and locations of the flaps were obtained by cutting off portions of a full-span flap, first from the tips and then from the center. The results are given in the form of curves of lift, drag, and center of pressure. They show that with partial-span split flaps both the lift and drag are less than with full-span flaps; that the lift for a given length of flap is somewhat greater when the partial span is located at the center of the wing than when it is located at the tip portion, and that the drag for a given length of flap is the same regardless of the location over the flap with respect to the wing span.

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