A complete tank test of a model of flying-boat Hull - N.A.C.A. Model 16

Shoemaker, James H
September 1933

A model of a 2-step flying-boat hull, of the type generally used in England, was tested according to the complete method described in the N.A.C.A. Technical Note No. 464. The lines of this model were taken from offsets given by Mr. William Munro in Flight, May 29, 1931. The data cover the range of loads, speeds, and trim angles that may be of use in applying the hull form to the design of any seaplane. The results are reduced to nondimensional form to aid application to design problems and facilitate comparison with the performance of other hulls. The water characteristics of Model 16 are compared with those of Model 11-A, which is representative of current American practice. The results show that when the two forms are applied to a given seaplane design under optimum conditions for each, the performance of Model 16 will be somewhat inferior to that of Model 11-A.

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