Aerodynamic tests of a low aspect ratio tapered wing with various flaps, for use on tailless airplanes

Weick, Fred E Sanders, Robert
June 1933

Wind tunnel tests were made of a model wing having an aspect ratio of 3 and a tapered plan form with a straight trailing edge. The model had the Clark Y airfoil section throughout it's entire span and had no washout, depending on a trailing-edge flap for longitudinal balance and control. The flap had a constant chord and was divided into four equal portions along the span. The tests were made with the entire flap deflected to obtain longitudinal control and balance, and also with the inner portions deflected alone, and with the outer portions deflected alone. It was found that the simple wing with no washout or change of basic section along the span has aerodynamic characteristics well suited for use on tailless airplanes. A higher lift coefficient was obtained with the full-span flap deflected as a unit to give longitudinal balance than was obtained with either the inner or the outer portions of the flap deflected.

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