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Welcome to METReS

Note: the MAGiC project has ended. This site is retained only for archival purposes and is no longer supported

Use the panel below to:

  • search for details of engineering technical reports and how to obtain them
  • or to explore the National Reports Catalogue (NRC)
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  • Type the words you wish to search for in the search box. It doesn't matter whether you use upper or lowercase letters.
  • By default, METReS will look for all of the words typed in the box
    i.e.word1 AND word2 AND word3, etc.
  • Click on the 'Any words' option for an OR search
    i.e. word1 OR word2 OR word3
  • For a more accurate search put a phrase between inverted commas.
  • The Report number search will ignore punctuation and case, so for example,
    ARC/R&M-3000, ARC-RM-3000, ARCRM3000, arcrm3000 etc. will all return the same result.
METReS is the demonstrator service of the MAGiC Project, sponsored by:

   The British Library