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  1. Richard T. Whitcomb; The relation between spanwise variations in the critical Mach number and spanwise load distributions; naca-cb-l4l07; December 1944

  2. Garrick, I E Kaplan, Carl; On the flow of a compressible fluid by the hodograph method I : unification and extension of present-day results; naca-report-789; 1944

  3. Houbolt, John C; Bending and shear stresses developed by the instantaneous arrest of the root of a moving cantilever beam; naca-report-828; November 1944

  4. Benson, James M; Piloting of flying boats with special reference to porpoising and skipping; naca-tn-923; February 1944

  5. Hilderbrand, Francis B (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); A least-squares procedure for the solution of the lifting-line integral equation; naca-tn-925; February 1944

  6. Hildebrand, Francis B (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Reissner, Eric (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); The influence of the aerodynamic span effect on the magnitude of the torsional-divergence velocity and on the shape of the corresponding deflection mode; naca-tn-926; 1944

  7. Mebs, R W (National Bureau of Standards) Mcadam, D J , Jr (National Bureau of Standards); The influence of plastic deformation and of heat treatment on Poisson's ratio for 18:8 chromium-nickel steel; naca-tn-928; February 1944

  8. Schuette, Evan H Bartone, Leonard M Mandel, Merven W; Tensile tests of round-head, flat-head, and brazier-head rivets; naca-tn-930; March 1944

  9. Brueggeman, W C (National Bureau of Standards) Mayer, M , Jr (National Bureau of Standards); Guides for preventing buckling in axial fatigue tests of thin sheet-metal specimens; naca-tn-931; April 1944

  10. Reissner, Eric (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); On the general theory of thin airfoils for nonuniform motion; naca-tn-946; 1944

  11. Demer, L J (University of Notre Dame) Kavanaugh, E S (University of Notre Dame); Ovalization of tubes under bending and compression; naca-tn-922; March 1944

  12. Niles, Alfred S (Stanford University); Elastic properties of channels with unflanged lightening homes; naca-tn-924; March 1944

  13. Hill, H N (Aluminum of America); Determination of stress-strain relations from "offset" yield strength values; naca-tn-927; February 1944

  14. Mignot, J E (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation) Combs, Henry (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation) Ensrud, A F (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation); Analysis of circular shell-supported frames; naca-tn-929; 1944

  15. Emmons, Howard W; The numerical solution of compressible fluid flow problems; naca-tn-932; 1944

  16. Zamboky, A N (Aluminum Company of America); Artificial aging of riveted joints made in alclad 24S-T sheet using A17S-T, 17S-T, and 24S-T rivets; naca-tn-948; September 1944

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  18. Hoff, N J (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn) Kempner, Joseph (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn); Numerical procedures for the calculation of the stresses in monocoques II : diffusion of tensiles stringer loads in reinforced flat panels with cut-outs; naca-tn-950; November 1944

  19. Brueggeman, W C (National Bureau of Standards) Mayer, M JR (National Bureau of Standards) Smith, W H (National Bureau of Standards); Axial fatigue tests at zero mean stress of 24S-T aluminum-alloy sheet with and without a circular hole; naca-tn-955; 1944

  20. Hersey, Mayo D (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Bibliography of piston ring lubrication; naca-tn-956; October 1944

  21. Tsien, Hsue-Shen (California Institute of Technology); The "limiting line" in mixed subsonic and supersonic flow of compressible fluids; naca-tn-961; 1944

  22. Stack, John; Tests of airfoils designed to delay the compressibility burble; naca-tn-976; December 1944

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  24. Winston, A W; Effect of aging aircraft structures on magnesium parts; naca-tn-979; October 1944

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  26. Hoff, N J (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn) Levy, Robert S (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn) Kempner, Joseph (Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn); Numerical procedures for the calculation of the stresses in Monocoques I : diffusion of tensile stringer loads in reinforced panels; naca-tn-934; June 1944

  27. Boden, R H (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Schecter, Harry (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Dynamics of the inlet system of a four-stroke engine; naca-tn-935; 1944

  28. Bradley, Kathryn H (National Bureau of Standards) Axilrod, B M (National Bureau of Standards); Plastic mountings for aircraft windshields; naca-tn-936; May 1944

  29. Ballhaus, W F (Stanford University) Niles, A S (Stanford University); Simplified truss stability criteria; naca-tn-937; July 1944

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  32. Manson, S S; Charts for rapid analysis of 45 degree strain-rosette data; naca-tn-940; May 1944

  33. Manson, S S; An automatic electrical analyzer for 45 degree strain-rosette data; naca-tn-941; May 1944

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  47. Jones, Robert T; A method for studying the hunting oscillations of and airplane with a simple type of automatic control; naca-report-801; 1944

  48. Ellis, Macon C , Jr Brown, Clinton E; NACA investigation of a jet-propulsion system applicable to flight; naca-report-802; 1944

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  52. Theodorsen, Theodore; The theory of propellers II : method for calculating the axial interference; naca-report-776; 1944

  53. Theodorsen, Theodore; The theory of propellers III : the slipstream contraction with numerical values for two-blade and four-blade propellers; naca-report-777; 1944

  54. Theodorsen, Theodore; The theory of propellers IV : thrust, energy, and efficiency formulas for single and dual rotating propellers with ideal circulation distribution; naca-report-778; 1944

  55. Schey, Oscar W Rollin, Verne G Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; The effect of increased cooling surface on performance of aircraft-engine cylinders as shown by tests of the NACA cylinder; naca-report-779; 1944

  56. Heaslet, Max A; Compressible potential flow with circulation about a circular cylinder; naca-report-780; 1944

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  61. Miller, Cearcy D Logan, Walter O , Jr; Preknock vibrations in a spark-ignition engine cylinder as revealed by high-speed photography; naca-report-785; 1944

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  64. Garrick, I E; On the plane potential flow past a lattice of arbitrary airfoils; naca-report-788; 1944

  65. Garrick, I E Kaplan, Carl; On the flow of a compressible fluid by the hodograph method II : fundamental set of particular flow solutions of the Chaplygin differential equation; naca-report-790; 1944

  66. Greenberg, Harry Sternfield, Leonard; A theoretical investigation of longitudinal stability of airplane with free controls including effect of friction in control system; naca-report-791; 1944

  67. (Author(s) Not Available); Flight studies of the horizontal-tail loads experienced by a fighter airplane in abrupt maneuvers; naca-report-792; 1944

  68. Theodorsen, Theodore Regier, Arthur; Experiments on drag of revolving disks, cylinders, and streamline rods at high speeds; naca-report-793; 1944

  69. Kaplan, Carl; The flow of a compressible fluid past a circular arc profile; naca-report-794; 1944

  70. Batterson, Sidney A; The NACA impact basin and water landing tests of a float model at various velocities and weights; naca-report-795; 1944

  71. Donlan, Charles; An interim report on the stability and control of tailless airplanes; naca-report-796; 1944

  72. Phillips, William H; Application of spring tabs to elevator controls; naca-report-797; 1944

  73. Jones, Robert T Greenberg, Harry; Effect of hinge-moment parameters on elevator stick forces in rapid maneuvers; naca-report-798; 1944

  74. Pearson, Henry A Aiken, William S , Jr; Charts for the determination of wing torsional stiffness required for specified rolling characteristics or aileron reversal speed; naca-report-799; 1944

  75. Swanson, Robert S Gillis, Clarence L; Wind-tunnel calibration and correction procedures for three-dimensional models; naca-wr-l-1; October 1944

  76. Maclachlan, Robert; Investigation of effect of sideslip on lateral stability characteristics I : circular fuselage with variations in vertical-tail area and tail length with and without horizontal tail surface; naca-wr-l-12; May 1944

  77. Warren A. Tucker, Arthur R. Wallace; Scale-effects in a turbulent tunnel of the NACA 65(3)-418, a=1.0 airfoil; naca-wr-l-128; September 1944

  78. Corson, Blake W , Jr; Application of the method of least squares to engine-cooling analysis; naca-wr-l-130; August 1944

  79. Pearson, E O , Jr; Aerodynamic tests of an AN-M-65-AEON 1000-pound radio-controlled bomb in the LMAL 16-foot high-speed tunnel; naca-wr-l-131; June 1944

  80. Theodorsen, Theodore; Airfoil-contour modifications based on (epsilon)-curve method of calculating pressure distribution; naca-wr-l-135; July 1944

  81. Naiman, Irven; Numerical evaluation of the (epsilon)-integral occurring in the Theodorsen arbitrary airfoil potential theory; naca-wr-l-136; April 1944

  82. Brilmyer, Harold G; Secondary stresses in open box beams subjected to torsion; naca-wr-l-14; November 1944

  83. Bulloch, Marjorie E; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics XVI : pressure distribution over an NACA 0009 airfoil with 0.30-airfoil-chord beveled-trailing-edge flaps; naca-wr-l-205; April 1944

  84. Huber, Paul W; Heat-capacity lag in turbine-working fluids; naca-wr-l-21; May 1944

  85. Phillips, W H; Stability of a body stabilized by fins and suspended from an airplane; naca-wr-l-28; April 1944

  86. Becker, John V Korycinski, Peter F; Aerodynamic tests of a full-scale TBF-1 aileron installation in the Langley 16-foot high-speed tunnel; naca-wr-l-31; December 1944

  87. Sternfield, Leonard; A theoretical investigation of longitudinal stability of airplanes with free controls including effect of friction in control system; naca-wr-l-430; February 1944

  88. Kantrowitz, Arthur; Effects of heat-capacity lag in gas dynamics; naca-wr-l-457; 1944

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  90. Dobrowski, Charles V; Compressive strength of flat panels with Z-section stiffeners; naca-wr-l-499; February 1944

  91. Levin, L Ross; Tests of 10 inch 24S-T aluminum-alloy shear panels with 1-1/2 inch holes II : panels having holes with notched edges; naca-wr-l-512; April 1944

  92. Cleary, Harold E; Variation of peak pitching-moment coefficients for six airfoils as affected by compressibility; naca-wr-l-515; October 1944

  93. Wood, Clotaire; A flight investigation of the effect of surface roughness on wing profile drag with transition fixed; naca-wr-l-521; September 1944

  94. Levin, L Ross; Tests of beams having webs with large circular lightening holes; naca-wr-l-524; February 1944

  95. Harman, Sidney M; Determination of the effect of wing flexibility on lateral maneuverability and a comparison of calculated rolling effectiveness with flight results; naca-wr-l-525; 1944

  96. Reisert, Thomas D; Tests of a 1/17-scale model of the XBDR-1 airplane in the NACA gust tunnel; naca-wr-l-539; February 1944

  97. Baals, Donald D; Simple curves for determining the effects of compressibility on pressure drop through radiators; naca-wr-l-6; September 1944

  98. Ellisman, Carl; Effect in flight of the propeller cuffs and spinner on pressure recovery in front of a double-row radial aircraft engine in a twin-engine airplane; naca-wr-e-169; March 1944

  99. Plumly, Howard D; A laboratory-tested constant-level oil sump to prevent aeration of scavenged oil from an aircraft engine; naca-wr-e-182; April 1944

  100. Englert, Gerald W; Analysis and correlation of data obtained by six laboratories on fuel-vapor loss from fuel tanks during simulated flight; naca-wr-e-185; December 1944

  101. Black, Dugald O; Flight variables affecting fuel-vapor loss from a fuel tank; naca-wr-e-186; December 1944

  102. Vierthaler, Walter A; Experimental study of the coating found on scuffed cast-iron piston rings during operation in nitrided-steel cylinders; naca-wr-e-29; November 1944

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  110. Pitkin, Marvin; Force test of a 1/5-scale model of the type GB-5 controllable glide bomb; naca-wr-l-133; March 27, 1944

  111. Ribner, Herbert S.; Notes on the propeller and slipstream in relation to stability; naca-wr-l-25; 1944

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  117. Quinn, John H; Tests of the NACA 653-018 airfoil section with boundary-layer control by suction; naca-wr-l-209; 1944

  118. Liddell, Robert B; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics XIX : a double flap with an overhang and an internal aerodynamic balance; naca-wr-l-215; 1944

  119. Sears, Richard I, Liddell, Robert B; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics XVIII : a linked overhang aerodynamic balance; naca-wr-l-350; 1944

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  122. Lowry, John G, Maloney, James A, Garner, I Elizabeth; Wind-tunnel investigation of shielded horn balances and tabs on a 0.7-scale model of XF6F vertical tail surface; naca-wr-l-516; 1944

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