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  1. Levy, Samuel (National Bureau of Standards) Krupen, Philip (National Bureau of Standards); Large-deflection theory for end compression of long rectangular plates rigidly clamped along two edges; naca-tn-884; 1943

  2. W. D. Kroll; Tables of stiffness and carry-over factor for flat rectangular plates under compression; naca-arr-3k27; November, 1943

  3. W. D. Kroll, Gordon P. Fisher, George J. Heimrel; Charts for calculation of the critical stress for local instability of columns with I-, Z-, channel and rectangular-tube section; naca-arr-3k04; November, 1943

  4. Eugene E. Lundquist, Elbridge Z. Stowell, Evan H. Schuette; Principles of moment distribution applied to stability of structures composed of bars or plates; naca-arr-3k06; November 1943

  5. Ribner, Herbert S; Propellers in yaw; naca-report-820; December 1943

  6. Seliger, Victor (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation); Effect of rivet pitch upon the fatigue strength of single-row riveted joints of 0.025- to 0.025-inch 24S-T alclad; naca-tn-900; July 1943

  7. Moore, R L (Aluminum Company of America) Wescoat, C (Aluminum Company of America); Bearing strengths of some wrought-aluminum alloys; naca-tn-901; August 1943

  8. Lundquist, Eugene E Rossman, Carl A Houbolt, John C; A method for determining the column curve from tests of columns with equal restraints against rotation on the ends; naca-tn-903; August 1943

  9. Sherwood, A W (University of Maryland); The strength of thin-wall cylinders of D cross section in combined pure bending and torsion; naca-tn-904; September 1943

  10. (Author(s) Not Available); Some investigations of the general instability of stiffened metal cylinders I : review of theory and bibliography; naca-tn-905; 1943

  11. (Author(s) Not Available); Some investigations of the general instability of stiffened metal cylinders II : preliminary tests of wire-braced specimens and theoretical studies; naca-tn-906; 1943

  12. (Author(s) Not Available); Some investigations of the general instability of stiffened metal cylinders III : continuation of tests of wire-braced specimens and preliminary tests of sheet-covered specimens; naca-tn-907; 1943

  13. (Author(s) Not Available); Some investigations of the general instability of stiffened metal cylinders IV : continuation of tests of sheet-covered specimens and studies of the buckling phenomena of unstiffened circular cylinders; naca-tn-908; 1943

  14. (Author(s) Not Available); Some investigations of the general instability of stiffened metal cylinders VII : stiffened metal cylinders subjected to combined bending and torsion; naca-tn-911; November 1943

  15. Aitchison, C S (National Bureau of Standards) Miller, James A (National Bureau of Standards); A subpress for compressive tests; naca-tn-912; December 1943

  16. Aitchison, C S (National Bureau of Standards) Miller, James A (National Bureau of Standards); Tensile and compressive tests of magnesium alloy J-1 sheet; naca-tn-913; December 1943

  17. Dolan, Thomas J (University of Illinois); Certain mechanical strength properties of aluminum alloys 25S-T and X76S-T; naca-tn-914; October 1943

  18. Livengood, James C (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Stanitz, John D (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); The effect of inlet-valve design, size, and lift on the air capacity and output of a four-stroke engine; naca-tn-915; November 1943

  19. Sharp, W H (Aluminum Company of America); The effect of the type of specimen on the shear strengths of driven rivets; naca-tn-916; November 1943

  20. Donnell, L H (Chance Vought Aircraft); The stability of isotropic or orthotopic cylinders or flat or curved panels, between and across stiffeners, with any edge conditions between hinged and fixed, under any combination of compression and shear; naca-tn-918; December 1943

  21. Rogowski, A R (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Taylor, C Fayette (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Part-throttle operation and control of a piston-ported two-stroke cylinder; naca-tn-919; November 1943

  22. Scott, Merit (Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA) Weber, Robert L (Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA); Requirements for auxiliary stiffeners attached to panels under combined compression and shear; naca-tn-921; September 16, 1943

  23. Kynoch, William (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich) Patronsky, L A (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich); Effect of fillers and of mixing procedure on the strength of plastic materials; naca-tn-878; 1943

  24. Moore, R L (Aluminum Company of America, New Kensington, Penna); Torsional strength of aluminum-alloy round tubing; naca-tn-879; 1943

  25. Weske, John R (Case School of Applied Science); Methods of measurement of high air velocities by the hot-wire method; naca-tn-880; February 1943

  26. Weske, John R (Case School of Applied Science); A hot-wire circuit with very small time lag; naca-tn-881; February 1943

  27. Niles, Alfred S (Stanford University, Calif); Tests of flat panels with four types of stiffeners; naca-tn-882; 1943

  28. Holt, Marshall (Aluminum Company of America); Tests of aluminum-alloy stiffened-sheet specimens cut from an airplane wing; naca-tn-883; 1943

  29. Moore, R L (Aluminum Company of America) Paul, D A (Aluminum Company of America); Torsion tests of 24S-T aluminum-alloy noncircular bar and tubing; naca-tn-885; 1943

  30. Mebs, R W (National Bureau of Standards) Mcadam, D J , Jr (National Bureau of Standards); Torsional elastic properties of 18:8 chromium-nickel steel as affected by plastic deformation and by heat treatment; naca-tn-886; 1943

  31. Mcpherson, Albert E (National Bureau of Standards); A portable calibrator for dynamic strain gages; naca-tn-887; February 1943

  32. Hill, H N (Aluminum Company of America); Torsion of flanged members with cross sections restrained against warping; naca-tn-888; March 1943

  33. Kies, J A (National Bureau of Standards) Holshouser, W L (National Bureau of Standards); Effects of prior fatigue-stressing of the impact resistance of chromium-molybdenum aircraft steel; naca-tn-889; March 1943

  34. Delano, James B; Pressure distribution on the fuselage of a midwing airplane model at high speeds; naca-tn-890; February 1943

  35. Shih-I, Pai (California Institute of Technology); Turbulent flow between rotating cylinders; naca-tn-892; March 1943

  36. Hildebrand, Francis B (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Reissner, Eric (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Least-work analysis of the problem of shear lag in box beams; naca-tn-893; 1943

  37. Hildebrand, Francis B (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass); The exact solution of shear-lag problems in flat panels and box beams assumed rigid in the transverse direction; naca-tn-894; 1943

  38. Levy, Samuel (National Bureau of Standards); Large-deflection theory of curved sheet; naca-tn-895; May 1943

  39. Osgood, William R (National Bureau of Standards); Round heat-treated chromium-molybdenum-steel tubing under combined loads; naca-tn-896; July 1943

  40. Sharp, W H (Aluminum Company of America) Moore, R L (Aluminum Company of America); Bearing tests of magnesium-alloy sheet; naca-tn-897; June 1943

  41. Mcpherson, A E (National Bureau of Standards); Adaptor for measuring principal strains with Tuckerman strain gage; naca-tn-898; 1943

  42. Holt, M (Aluminum Company of America); Column strength of magnesium alloy AM-57S; naca-tn-899; July 1943

  43. Russell, H W (Battelle Memorial Institute) Gillett, H W (Battelle Memorial Institute) Jackson, L R (Battelle Memorial Institute) Foley, G M (Battelle Memorial Institute); The effect of surface finish on the fatigue performance of certain propeller materials; naca-tn-917; December 1943

  44. Moore, R L (Aluminum Company of America) Wescoat, C (Aluminum Company of America); Bearing strengths of bare and alclad XA75S-T and 24S-T81 aluminum alloy sheet; naca-tn-920; December 1943

  45. Charters, Alex C , Jr (California Institute of Technology); Transition between laminar and turbulent flow by transverse contamination; naca-tn-891; March 1943

  46. (Author(s) Not Available); Some investigations of the general instability of stiffened metal cylinders VI : stiffened metal cylinders subjected to combined bending and transverse shear; naca-tn-910; 1943

  47. Kaplan, Carl; On a new method for calculating the potential flow past a body of revolution; naca-report-752; 1943

  48. Olson, Roland E Land, Norman S; Methods used in the NACA tank for the investigation of the longitudinal-stability characteristics of models of flying boats; naca-report-753; 1943

  49. Sanders, J C Wilsted, H D Mulcahy, B A; Operating temperatures of a sodium-cooled exhaust valve as measured by a thermocouple; naca-report-754; 1943

  50. Gilruth, R R; Requirements for satisfactory flying qualities of airplanes; naca-report-755; 1943

  51. Rothrock, Addison M Krsek, Alois, Jr Jones, Anthony W; The induction of water to the inlet air as a means of internal cooling in aircraft-engine cylinders; naca-report-756; 1943

  52. Gerrish, Harold C Meem, J Lawrence, Jr; The measurement of fuel-air ratio by analysis for the oxidized exhaust gas; naca-report-757; 1943

  53. Sinnette, John T Schey, Oscar W King, J Austin; Performance of NACA eight-stage axial-flow compressor designed on the basis of airfoil theory; naca-report-758; 1943

  54. Pearson, Henry A; Derivation of charts for determining the horizontal tail load variation with any elevator motion; naca-report-759; 1943

  55. Sanders, Newell D; A method of estimating the knock rating of hydrocarbon fuel blend; naca-report-760; 1943

  56. Miller, Cearcy D Olsen, H Lowell; Identification of knock in NACA high-speed photographs of combustion in a spark-ignition engine; naca-report-761; 1943

  57. Greenberg, Harry Sternfield, Leonard; A theoretical investigation of the lateral oscillations of an airplane with free rudder with special reference to the effect of friction; naca-report-762; 1943

  58. Stack, John; Tests of airfoils designed to delay the compressibility burble; naca-report-763; 1943

  59. Allen, H Julian Look, Bonne C; A method for calculating heat transfer in the laminar flow region of bodies; naca-report-764; 1943

  60. Parkinson, John B Olson, Roland E Draley, Eugene C Luoma, Arvo A; Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic tests of a family of models of flying hulls derived from a streamline body -- NACA model 84 series; naca-report-766; 1943

  61. Hood, Manley J Allen, H Julian; The problem of longitudinal stability and control at high speeds; naca-report-767; 1943

  62. Kaplan, Carl; The flow of a compressible fluid past a curved surface; naca-report-768; 1943

  63. Campbell, John P Seacord, Charles L , Jr; The effect of mass distribution on the lateral stability and control characteristics of an airplane as determined by tests of a model in the free-flight tunnel; naca-report-769; 1943

  64. Swanson, Robert S Toll, Thomas A; Jet-boundary corrections for reflection-plane models in rectangular wind tunnel; naca-report-770; 1943

  65. Johnston, J Ford; Review of flight tests of NACA C and D cowlings on the XP-42 airplane; naca-report-771; 1943

  66. Von Doenhoff, Albert E Tetervin, Neal; Determination of general relations for the behavior of turbulent boundary layers; naca-report-772; 1943

  67. Becker, John V Baals, Donald D; Analysis of heat and compressibility effects in internal flow systems and high-speed tests of a ram-jet system; naca-report-773; 1943

  68. Lowry, John G; Resume of hinge-moment data for unshielded horn- balanced control surfaces; naca-wr-l-169; June 1943

  69. Purser, Paul E; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics XIV : NACA 0009 airfoil with a 20-percent-chord double plain flap; naca-wr-l-290; June 1943

  70. Ribner, Herbert S; Proposal for a propeller side-force factor; naca-wr-l-336; December 1943

  71. Schuldenfrei, Marvin; Some notes on the determination of the stick-fixed neutral point from wind-tunnel data; naca-wr-l-344; September 1943

  72. Anderson, R A; Wind tunnel tests of ailerons at various speeds IV : ailerons of 0.20 airfoil chord and true contour with 0.35 aileron-chord extreme blunt-nose balance on the NACA 23012 airfoil; naca-wr-l-433; August 1943

  73. Denaci, H G; Wind tunnel tests of ailerons at various speeds V : pressure distributions over the NACA 66,2-216 and NACA 23012 airfoils with various balances on 0.20-chord ailerons; naca-wr-l-434; November 1943

  74. Crandall, Stewart M; Wind-tunnel investigation of trimming tabs on a thickened and beveled aileron on a tapered low-drag wing; naca-wr-l-435; March 1943

  75. Nelson, W J; Wind tunnel investigation of rear underslung fuselage ducts; naca-wr-l-438; September 1943

  76. Dingeldein, Richard C; Full-scale tunnel investigation of the pressure distribution over the tail of the P-47B airplane; naca-wr-l-439; May 1943

  77. Hoggard, H Page; Wind tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics XI : various large overhang and internal-type aerodynamic balances for a straight- contour flap on the NACA 0015 airfoil; naca-wr-l-447; 1943

  78. Tetervin, Neal; Tests in the NACA two-dimensional low-turbulence tunnel of airfoil sections designed to have small pitching moments and high lift-drag ratios; naca-wr-l-452; September 1943

  79. Toll, Thomas A; Jet-boundary corrections for reflection-plane models in rectangular wind tunnels; naca-wr-l-458; May 1943

  80. Turner, Thomas R; Wind-tunnel investigation of effect of yaw on lateral-stability characteristics V : symmetrically tapered wing with a circular fuselage having a horizontal and a vertical tail; naca-wr-l-459; June 1943

  81. Gelbart, Abe; On a function-theory method for obtaining potential-flow patterns of a compressible fluid; naca-wr-l-460; July 1943

  82. Schuette, Evan H; Critical stresses for plates; naca-wr-l-466; October 1943

  83. Riebe, John M; Wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23012 airfoil with a 0.30-airfoil-chord double slotted flap; naca-wr-l-469; December 1943

  84. Moggio, Edwin M; The longitudinal shear strength required in double-angle columns of 24S-T aluminum alloy; naca-wr-l-472; May 1943

  85. Hastings, Charles E; NACA radio ground-speed system for aircraft; naca-wr-l-477; February 1943

  86. Draper, John W; Free-flight-tunnel investigation of the effect of the fuselage length and the aspect ratio and size of the vertical tail on lateral stability and control; naca-wr-l-487; April 1943

  87. Mendelsohn, Robert A; Wind-tunnel tests of a piston-type control booster on an airfoil and aileron model; naca-wr-l-494; November 1943

  88. Crate, Harold; A preliminary study of machine-countersunk flush rivets subjected to a combined static and alternating shear load; naca-wr-l-495; December 1943

  89. Mattson, Axel T; The effect of spinner-body gap on the pressures available for cooling in the NACA E-type cowling; naca-wr-l-497; March 1943

  90. Mckinney, Marion O , Jr; Flight tests of a glider model towed by twin parallel towlines; naca-wr-l-498; April 1943

  91. Levin, L Ross; Tests of 10-inch 24S-T aluminum-alloy shear panels with 1-1/2-inch holes I; naca-wr-l-500; June 1943

  92. Pitkin, Marvin; Effect of wing leading-edge slots on the spin and recovery characteristics of airplanes; naca-wr-l-504; April 1943

  93. Fischel, Jack; Wind-tunnel investigation of a full-span retractable flap in combination with full-span plain and internally balanced ailerons on a tapered wing; naca-wr-l-506; August 1943

  94. Benson, James M; Hydrodynamic-stability tests of a model of a flying boat and of a planing surface having a small downward projection (hook) on the planing bottom near the step; naca-wr-l-518; 1943

  95. Schuette, Evan H; Test data on the shear strength of joints assembled with round-head and brazier-head rivets; naca-wr-l-519; June 1943

  96. Seacord, Charles L , Jr; Effect of wing loading and altitude on lateral stability and control characteristics of an airplane as determined by tests of a model in the free-flight tunnel; naca-wr-l-522; June 1943

  97. Mckee, John W; Wind-tunnel investigation of a plain aileron with thickened and beveled trailing edges on a tapered low-drag wing; naca-wr-l-526; 1943

  98. Houbolt, John C; A preliminary study of the effect of compressive load on the fairness of a low-drag wing specimen with Z-section stiffeners; naca-wr-l-527; 1943

  99. Braslow, Albert L; Investigation of surface irregularities on an NACA 63(420)-416, a=1.0 airfoil section for the Glenn L. Martin Company design 195; naca-wr-l-534; October 1943

  100. Dow, Norris F; The analysis of strains indicated by multiple-strand resistance-type wire strain gages used as rosettes; naca-wr-l-536; 1943

  101. Ritchie, Virgil S; A simplified chart for determining Mach number and true airspeed from airspeed-indicator readings; naca-wr-l-473; March 1943

  102. Hoggard, H. Page, Jr.; Wind tunnel investigation of control surface characteristics XII : various cover-plate alinements on the NACA 0015 airfoil with a 30 percent chord flap and large sealed internal balance; naca-wr-l-511; 1943

  103. Sears, Richard I.; Wind-tunnel data on the aerodynamic characteristics of airplane control surfaces; naca-wr-l-663; 1943

  104. Purser, Paul E., Riebe, John M.; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics XV : various contour modifications of a 0.30-airfoil-chord plain flap on an NACA 66(215)-014 airfoil; naca-wr-l-668; 1943

  105. Gillis, Clarence L, Lockwood, Vernard E; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics XIII : various flap overhangs used with a 30-percent-chord flap in an NACA 66-009 airfoil; naca-wr-l-314; 1943

  106. Letko, W, Denaci, H G, Freed, C; Wind tunnel tests of ailerons at various speeds I : ailerons of 0.20 airfoil chord and true contour with 0.35 aileron-chord extreme blunt nose balance on the NACA 66,2-216 airfoil; naca-wr-l-431; 1943

  107. Denaci, H G, Bird, J D; Wind-tunnel tests of ailerons at various speeds II : ailerons of 0.20 airfoil chord and true contour with 0.60 aileron-chord sealed internal balance on the NACA 66,2-216 airfoil; naca-wr-l-432; 1943

  108. Vogeley, A W; Flight measurements of compressibility effects on a three-blade thin Clark Y propeller operating at constant advance-diameter ratio and blade angle; naca-wr-l-505; 1943

  109. Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory; Some Investigations of the General Instability of Stiffened Metal Cylinders V - Stiffened Metal Cylinders Subjected to Pure Bending; naca-tn-909; August 1943

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