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  1. Miller, Cearcy D; A study by high-speed photography of combustion and knock in a spark-ignition engine; naca-report-727; 1942

  2. Kaplan, Carl; On the use of residue theory for treating the subsonic flow of a compressible fluid; naca-report-728; 1942

  3. Bell, E Barton; Test of single-stage axial-flow fan; naca-report-729; 1942

  4. Robinson, Russell G Delano, James B; An investigation of the drag of windshields in the 8-foot high-speed wind tunnel; naca-report-730; 1942

  5. Jones, Robert T Cohen, Doris; Determination of optimum plan forms for control surfaces; naca-report-731; 1942

  6. Harris, Thomas A Lowry, John G; Pressure distribution over an NACA 23012 airfoil with a fixed slot and a slotted flap; naca-report-732; 1942

  7. Lundquist, Eugene E Stowell, Elbridge Z; Critical compressive stress for flat rectangular plates supported along all edges and elastically restrained against rotation along the unloaded edges; naca-report-733; 1942

  8. Lundquist, Eugene E Stowell, Elbridge Z; Critical compressive stress for outstanding flanges; naca-report-734; 1942

  9. Lundquist, Eugene E Stowell, Elbridge Z; Restraint provided a flat rectangular plate by a sturdy stiffener along an edge of the plate; naca-report-735; 1942

  10. Theodorsen, Theodore Garrick, I E; Nonstationary flow about a wing-aileron-tab combination including aerodynamic balance; naca-report-736; 1942

  11. Levy, Samuel; Bending of rectangular plates with large deflections; naca-report-737; 1942

  12. Katzoff, S Sweberg, Harold H; Ground effect on downwash angles and wake location; naca-report-738; 1942

  13. Kuhn, Paul Chiarito, Patrick T; Shear lag in box beams methods of analysis and experimental investigations; naca-report-739; 1942

  14. Levy, Samuel; Square plate with clamped edges under normal pressure producing large deflections; naca-report-740; 1942

  15. Theodorsen, Theodore Garrick, I E; Flutter calculations in three degrees of freedom; naca-report-741; 1942

  16. Rogallo, F M Spano, Bartholomew S; Wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23012 airfoil with 30 percent-chord venetian-blind flaps; naca-report-742; 1942

  17. Harris, Thomas A Recant, Isidore G; Investigation in the 7- by 10-foot wind tunnel of ducts for cooling radiators within an airplane wing; naca-report-743; 1942

  18. Mcpherson, Albert E Ramberg, Walter Levy, Samuel; Normal-pressure tests of circular plates with clamped edges; naca-report-744; 1942

  19. Robinson, Russell G Becker, John V; High-speed tests of conventional radial-engine cowlings; naca-report-745; 1942

  20. Silverstein, Abe Wilson, Herbert A , Jr; Drag and propulsive characteristics of air-cooled engine-nacelle installations for large airplane; naca-report-746; 1942

  21. Biermann, David Hartman, Edwin P; Wind-tunnel tests of four- and six-blade single- and dual-rotating tractor propellers; naca-report-747; 1942

  22. Ramberg, Walter Mcpherson, Albert E Levy, Samuel; Normal-pressure tests of rectangular plates; naca-report-748; 1942

  23. Biermann, David Conway, Robert N; Propeller charts for the determination of the rotational speed for the maximum ratio of the propulsive efficiency to the specific fuel consumption; naca-report-749; 1942

  24. Becker, John V LEONARD LLOYD H; High-speed tests of a model twin-engine low-wing transport airplane; naca-report-750; 1942

  25. Diehl, Walter S; The mean aerodynamic chord and the aerodynamic center of a tapered wing; naca-report-751; 1942

  26. Mccullough, George B; A method for determining the rate of heat transfer from a wing or streamline body; naca-report-830; December 1942

  27. Schweitzer, P H (The Pennsylvania State College) Deluca, Frank, Jr (The Pennsylvania State College); The tracer gas method of determining the charging efficiency of two-stroke-cycle diesel engines; naca-tn-838; 1942

  28. Forbes, J E (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Taylor, E S (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Rise in temperature of the charge in its passage through the inlet valve and port of an air-cooled aircraft engine cylinder; naca-tn-839; 1942

  29. Atchison, C S (National Bureau of Standards) Miller, James A (National Bureau of Standards); Tensile and pack compressive tests of some sheets of aluminum alloy, 1025 carbon steel, and chromium-nickel steel; naca-tn-840; February 1942

  30. Weller, R (State College of Washington) Hiddlehurst, D J (State College of Washington) Steiner, R (State College of Washington); The photoviscous properties of fluids; naca-tn-841; February 1942

  31. Mutchler, Willard (National Bureau of Standards) Galvin, W G (National Bureau of Standards); Tidewater and weather-exposure tests on metals used in aircraft II.; naca-tn-842; February 1942

  32. Hartmann, E C (Aluminum Company of America) Sharp, W H (Aluminum Company of America); A summary of results of various investigations of the mechanical properties of aluminum alloys at low temperatures; naca-tn-843; May 1942

  33. Klemperer, W B (Southern California Soaring Association, Inc); Investigation of the forces acting on gliders in automobile-pulley-winch and airplane towed flight; naca-tn-844; March 1942

  34. Lundquist, Eugene E Schwartz, Edward B; A study of general instability of box beams with truss-type ribs; naca-tn-866; November 1942

  35. Moore, R L (Aluminum Company of America) Holt, Marshall (Aluminum Company of America); Beam and torsion tests of aluminum-alloy 615-T tubing; naca-tn-867; October 1942

  36. Clark, Donald S (California Institute of Technology); The influence of impact velocity on the tensile characteristics of some aircraft metals and alloys; naca-tn-868; October 1942

  37. HARTMANN E C (Aluminum Company of America) Stickley, G W (Aluminum Company of America); Summary of results of tests made by aluminum research laboratories of spot-welded joints and structural elements; naca-tn-869; November 1942

  38. Ruffner, Benjamin F (Oregon State College, Corvallis, Oreg); Stress analysis of monocoque fuselage bulkheads by the photoelastic method; naca-tn-870; December 1942

  39. Niles, Alfred S (Stanford University, California) Viscovich, Steven J (Stanford University, California); Stability of elastically supported columns; naca-tn-871; March 23, 1942

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  41. Mcpherson, Albert E (National Bureau of Standards) Ramberg, Walter (National Bureau of Standards) Levy, Samuel (National Bureau of Standards); Bending tests of a monocoque box; naca-tn-873; 1942

  42. Von Hippel, Arthur R (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Dietz, A G H (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Curing of resin-wood combinations by high-frequency heating; naca-tn-874; December 1942

  43. Klemperer, W B (Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc); A rosette strain computer; naca-tn-875; December 1942

  44. Wildhack, W A (National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C) Goerke, V H (National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C); The limiting useful deflections of corrugated metal diaphragms; naca-tn-876; December 1942

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  46. Katzoff, S Sweberg, Harold H; Ground effect on downwash angles and wake location; naca-tn-845; May 1942

  47. Levy, Samuel (National Bureau of Standards); Square plate with clamped edges under normal pressure producing large deflections; naca-tn-847; 1942

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  49. Ramberg, Walter (National Bureau of Standards) Mcpherson, Albert E (National Bureau of Standards) Levy, Samuel (National Bureau of Standards); Normal-pressure tests of rectangular plates; naca-tn-849; June 1942

  50. Workman, E J (University of New Mexico) Holzer, R E (University of New Mexico); A preliminary investigation of the electrical structure of thunderstorms; naca-tn-850; July 1942

  51. Lundquist, Eugene E Stowell, Elbridge Z; Strength tests of thin-walled elliptic duralumin cylinders in pure bending and in combined pure bending and torsion; naca-tn-851; June 1942

  52. Dolan, Thomas J (University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois); Effects of range of stress and of special notches on fatigue properties of aluminum alloys suitable for airplane propellers; naca-tn-852; June 1942

  53. Levy, Samuel (National Bureau of Standards) Greenman, Samuel (National Bureau of Standards); Bending with large deflection of a clamped rectangular plate with length-width ratio of 1.5 under normal pressure; naca-tn-853; April 14, 1942

  54. Cohen, Doris; A method for determining the camber and twist of a surface to support a given distribution of lift; naca-tn-855; August 1942

  55. Ramberg, Walter Levy, Samuel Mcpherson, Albert E; Effect of rivet and spot-weld spacing on the strength of axially loaded sheet-stringer panels; naca-tn-856; August 1942

  56. STRICKLEY G W (Aluminum Company of America); Improvement of fatigue life of an aluminum alloy by overstressing; naca-tn-857; August 1942

  57. Truscott, Starr Dawson, John R; A comparison of the results from general tank tests of 1/6- and 1/12-full-size models of the British Singapore IIC flying boat; naca-tn-858; August 1942

  58. Dunn, Louis G (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif); On the distribution of stress in a thin plate elastically supported along two edges at loads beyond the stability limit; naca-tn-859; October 1942

  59. Lundquist, Eugene E Schwartz, Edward B; The critical compression load for a universal testing machine when the specimen is loaded through knife edges; naca-tn-860; September 1942

  60. Munger, Maurice Wilsted, H D Mulcahy, B A; The effect of valve cooling upon maximum permissible engine output as limited by knock; naca-tn-861; September 1942

  61. Moore, R L (Aluminum Company of America); An investigation of the effectiveness of stiffeners on shear-resistant plate-girder webs; naca-tn-862; September 1942

  62. Hootman, J A Jones, A R; Results of landing tests of various airplanes; naca-tn-863; September 1942

  63. Workman, E J (University of New Mexico) Helzer, R E (University of New Mexico) Pelsor, G T (University of New Mexico); The electrical structure of thunderstorms; naca-tn-864; November 1942

  64. Hartmann, E C (Aluminum Company of America) Stickley, G W (Aluminum Company of America); The direct-stress fatigue strength of 17S-T aluminum alloy throughout the range from 1/2 to 500,000,000 cycles of stress; naca-tn-865; September 1942

  65. Templin, R L (Aluminum Company of America) Fogwell, J W (Aluminum Company of America); Design of tools for press-countersinking or dimpling 0.040-inch-thick-24S-T sheet; naca-tn-854; August 1942

  66. Smith, Norman F; Aerodynamic tests of an M-31 bomb in the 8-foot high-speed tunnel; naca-wr-l-132; August 25, 1942

  67. Sears, Richard I; Wind tunnel investigation of control surface characteristics IX : some analytical considerations and experimental test results for an internally balanced flap; naca-wr-l-339; July 1942

  68. Hoggard, H Page, Jr; Wind tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics X : a 30-percent-chord plain flap with straight contour on the NACA 0015 airfoil; naca-wr-l-366; September 1942

  69. Ashworth, C Dixon; Tests in the 19-foot pressure tunnel of a 1/2.75-scale model of the F4U-1 airplane with several balanced elevators, full-span flaps, and droppable gas tank; naca-wr-l-440; October 1942

  70. Schuette, Evan H; Strength tests of thin-wall truncated cones of circular section; naca-wr-l-442; December 1942

  71. Phillips, William H; A flight investigation of short-period longitudinal oscillations of an airplane with free elevator; naca-wr-l-444; May 1942

  72. Runckel, Jack F; The effect of pitch on force and moment characteristics of full-scale propellers of five solidities; naca-wr-l-446; June 1942

  73. Hoggard, H Page, Jr; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics VII : a medium aerodynamic balance of two nose shapes used with a 30-percent-chord flap on an NACA 0015 airfoil; naca-wr-l-448; July 1942

  74. Underwood, W J; Notes on the effects of trailing-edge shapes of low-drag airfoils on profile drag and the trim and balance of control surfaces; naca-wr-l-450; March 1942

  75. Walker, Walter G; Summary of V-G records taken on transport airplanes from 1932 to 1942; naca-wr-l-453; July 1942

  76. Liddell, Robert B; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics VI : a 30-percent-chord plain flap on the NACA 0015 airfoil; naca-wr-l-454; June 1942

  77. Silverstein, Abe; Tests of propeller-speed cooling blowers; naca-wr-l-455; July 1942

  78. Wright, Ray M; Investigation of drag and pressure distribution of windshields at high speeds; naca-wr-l-462; 1942

  79. Mattson, Axel T; Tests of a large spherical turret and a modified turret on a typical bomber fuselage; naca-wr-l-463; October 1942

  80. Fehlner, Leo F; A study of the effect of adverse yawing moment on lateral maneuverability at a high lift coefficient; naca-wr-l-465; September 1942

  81. Lowry, John G; Adjustment of stick force by a nonlinear aileron-stick linkage; naca-wr-l-467; November 1942

  82. Olson, Roland E; The longitudinal stability of flying boats as determined by tests of models in the NACA tank II : effect of variations in form of hull on longitudinal stability; naca-wr-l-468; November 1942

  83. Pearson, H A; Condensation trails : where they occur and what can be done about them; naca-wr-l-474; September 1942

  84. Benson, James M; The porpoising characteristics of a planing surface representing the forebody of a flying-boat hull; naca-wr-l-479; May 1942

  85. Lowry, John G; Wind-tunnel investigation of a plain aileron and a balanced aileron on a tapered wing with full-span duplex flaps; naca-wr-l-481; July 1942

  86. Baals, Donald D; High-speed tests of a ducted body with various air-outlet openings; naca-wr-l-486; May 1942

  87. Knopf, George S; A method for the design of cooling systems for aircraft power-plant installations; naca-wr-l-491; March 1942

  88. Kuhn, Paul; The influence of bulkhead spacing on bending stresses due to torsion; naca-wr-l-501; May 1942

  89. Fedziuk, Henry A; High-speed wind-tunnel tests of gun openings in the nose of the fuselage of a 1/4-scale model; naca-wr-l-502; July 1942

  90. Wallace, Arthur R; Wind tunnel investigation of effect of yaw on lateral-stability characteristics IV : symmetrically tapered wing with a circular fuselage having a wedge-shaped rear and a vertical tail; naca-wr-l-520; March 1942

  91. Gottlieb, Robert; Test data on the shear strength of machine countersunk-riveted joints assembled by an NACA flush-riveting procedure; naca-wr-l-523; December 1942

  92. Glodeck, Edward; Performance characteristics of mixed-flow impeller and vaned diffuser with several modifications; naca-wr-e-197; July 1942

  93. King, J Austin; Performance of two-stage turbosupercharger using mixed-flow impellers; naca-wr-e-203; October 1942

  94. Multhopp, R.; Aerodynamics of the fuselage; naca-tm-1036; 1942

  95. Keune, F.; Two-dimensional potential flow past an ordinary thick wing profile; naca-tm-1023; 1942

  96. Semenov, N. N.; Thermal theory of combustion and explosion; naca-tm-1024; 1942

  97. Sokolik, A. S.; Self-ignition and combustion of gases; naca-tm-1025; 1942

  98. Bleeker, W.; The formation of ice on aircraft; naca-tm-1027; 1942

  99. Robitzsch, M.; The icing of aircraft; naca-tm-1028; 1942

  100. Mohr, Ernst; The navier-stokes stress principle for viscous fluids; naca-tm-1029; 1942

  101. Hantzsche, W., Wendt, H.; The compressible potential flow past elliptic symmetrical cylinders at zero angle of attack and with no circulation; naca-tm-1030; 1942

  102. Blumrich, S.; Contribution to the design of plywood shells; naca-tm-1031; 1942

  103. Fuchs, D.; Wind-tunnel investigations of diving brakes; naca-tm-1033; 1942

  104. Ackeret, J., Keller, D. C.; Aerodynamic heat-power engine operating on a closed cycle; naca-tm-1034; 1942

  105. Steiglitz, A.; Control of torsional vibrations by pendulum masses; naca-tm-1035; 1942

  106. Gillis, Clarence L; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics VIII : a large aerodynamic balance of two nose shapes used with a 30-percent-chord flap on an NACA 0015 airfoil; naca-wr-l-378; July 1942

  107. Seidman, Oscar; Influence of loading condition on piloting technique for spin recovery for pursuit airplanes; naca-wr-l-461; June 1942

  108. N. N. Semenov; Thermal Theory of Combustion and Explosion III. Theory of Normal Flame Propagation; naca-tm-1026; 1942

  109. Jones, Robert T., Ames, Milton B., Jr.; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics V : the use of a beveled trailing edge to reduce the hinge moment of a control surface; naca-wr-l-464; 1942

  110. Recant, Isidore G., Swanson, Robert S.; Determination of the stability and control characteristics of airplanes from tests of powered models; naca-wr-l-710; 1942

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