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  1. Bullivant, W Kenneth; Tests of the NACA 0025 and 0035 airfoils in the full-scale wind tunnel; naca-report-708; 1941

  2. Holt, Marshall (Aluminum Company of America); The effect of methods of testing on the ultimate loads supported by stiffened flat sheet panels under edge compression; naca-tn-811; June 1941

  3. Pepper, Perry A (New York University); Minimum induced drag in wing-fuselage interference; naca-tn-812; September 1941

  4. Turner, L I , Jr Bierman, David Boothy, W B; Cooling effects of an airplane equipped with an NACA cowling and a wing-duct cooling system; naca-tn-813; June 1941

  5. Bamber, Millard J; Effects of some present-day airplane design trends on requirements for lateral stability; naca-tn-814; June 1941

  6. Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr Bullock, Robert O; Cooling and performance tests of a Continental A-75 engine; naca-tn-816; July 1941

  7. Jones, Robert T; Correction of the lifting-line theory for the effect of the chord; naca-tn-817; 1941

  8. Mebs, R W (National Bureau of Standards) Mcadams, D J (National Bureau of Standards); The tensile elastic properties at low temperatures of 18:8 Cr-Ni steel as affected by heat treatment and slight plastic deformation; naca-tn-818; July 1941

  9. Paul, D A (Aluminum Company of America.) Howell, F M (Aluminum Company of America) Grieshaber, H E (Aluminum Company of America); Comparison of stress-strain curves obtained by single-thickness and pack methods; naca-tn-819; August 1941

  10. Corson, Blake W; The aerodynamics of a wind-tunnel fan; naca-tn-820; 1941

  11. Moore, R L (Aluminum Company of America); Some comparative tests of plain and alclad 24s-t sheet; naca-tn-821; August 1941

  12. Lesley, E P (Stanford University); Tandem air propellers - II; naca-tn-822; August 1941

  13. Hutton, J O (University of Maryland); Combined beam-column stresses of aluminum-alloy channel sections; naca-tn-824; September 1941

  14. Recant, Isadore G Wallace, Arthur R; Wind-tunnel investigation of effect of yaw on lateral-stability characteristics III : symmetrically tapered wing at various positions on circular fuselage with and without a vertical tail; naca-tn-825; September 1941

  15. Howell, F M (Aluminum Company of America); Variation of properties throughout cross section of two extruded shapes; naca-tn-826; September 1941

  16. Driggs, H I (Navy Department); Analytical determination of control system pulley-axis angles; naca-tn-827; September 1941

  17. Pearson, H A Garvin, J B; Velocity gained and altitude lost in recoveries from inclined flight paths; naca-tn-829; October 1941

  18. Peterson, John B (National Bureau of Standards); Damping characteristics of dashpots; naca-tn-830; 1941

  19. Rea, James Buchanan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); A method of determining the equilibrium performance and the stability of an engine equipped with an exhaust turbosupercharger; naca-tn-831; November 1941

  20. Pollard, R E (National Bureau of Standards) Reinhart, Fred M (National Bureau of Standards); Relief of residual stress in streamline tie rods by heat treatment; naca-tn-832; November 1941

  21. Knight, Montgomery (Georgia School of Technology) Hegner, Ralph A (Georgia School of Technology); Analysis of ground effect on the lifting airscrew; naca-tn-835; December 1941

  22. Olson, Roland E Lina, Lindsay J; Hydrodynamic tests of a 1/10-size model of the hull of the Latecoere 521 flying boat : NACA model 83; naca-tn-836; December 1941

  23. Jones, Robert; Notes on the stability and control of tailless airplanes; naca-tn-837; 1941

  24. Holt, Marshall (Aluminum Company of America); Tests on stiffened circular cylinders; naca-tn-800; March 1941

  25. Wenzinger, Carl J Bowen, John D; Tests of round and flat spoilers on a tapered wing in the NACA 19-foot pressure wind tunnel; naca-tn-801; March 1941

  26. Rhode, Richard V; Some effects of rainfall on flight of airplanes and on instrument indications; naca-tn-803; April 1941

  27. Roark, Raymond J (University of Wisconsin); Stresses and deflections in thin shells and curved plates due to concentrated and variously distributed loading; naca-tn-806; May 1941

  28. Donlan, Charles C; Spin tests of two models of a low-wing monoplane to investigate scale effect in the model test range; naca-tn-807; May 1941

  29. Lowry, John G; Wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23012 airfoil with several arrangements of slotted flaps with extended lips; naca-tn-808; 1941

  30. Imlay, Frederick H; The theoretical lateral motions of an automatically controlled airplane subjected to a yawing moment disturbance; naca-tn-809; June 1941

  31. Shortal, Joseph A Osterbout, Clayton J; Preliminary stability and control tests in the NACA free-flight wind tunnel and correlation with flight tests; naca-tn-810; June 1941

  32. Newell, Joseph S (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Reissner, Eric (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Shear lag in corrugated sheets used for the chord member of a box beam; naca-tn-791; 1941

  33. Stickley, G W (Aluminum Company of America); Effect of alternately high and low repeated stresses upon the fatigue strength of 25S-T aluminum alloy; naca-tn-792; 1941

  34. Templin, R L (Aluminum Company of America) Howell, F M (Aluminum Company of America) Hartmann, E C (Aluminum Company of America); The compressive yield strength of extruded shapes of 24st aluminum alloy; naca-tn-793; 1941

  35. Buck, Richard S (Pratt & Whitney Aircraft); Two-stage supercharging; naca-tn-794; February 1941

  36. Wasielewski, Eugene W King, J Austin; Effect of several supercharger control methods on engine performance; naca-tn-795; February 1941

  37. Ames, Milton B Sears, Richard I; Determination of control-surface characteristics from NACA plain-flap and tab data; naca-tn-796; 1941

  38. KATZOFF S Mutterperl, William; The end-plate effect of a horizontal-tail surface on vertical tail surface; naca-tn-797; February 1941

  39. Hill, H N (Aluminum Company of America); Compression tests of some 17S-T aluminum-alloy specimens of I cross section; naca-tn-798; March 1941

  40. Rodert, Lewis A; The effects of aerodynamic heating on ice formations on airplane propellers; naca-tn-799; March 1941

  41. Shufflebarger, C C; Tests of a gust-alleviating wing in the gust tunnel; naca-tn-802; April 1941

  42. Recant, Isidore G Wallace, Arthur R; Wind-tunnel investigation of the effect of vertical position of the wing on the side flow in the region of the vertical tail; naca-tn-804; April 1941

  43. Roop, Frederick C (National Bureau of Standards); Effect of aging on mechanical properties of aluminum-alloy rivets; naca-tn-805; April 1941

  44. Recant, I G; Plate method of ground representation for wind-tunnel determination of elevator effectiveness in landing; naca-tn-823; September 1941

  45. Kuhn, Paul; Ultimate stresses developed by 24S-T sheet in incomplete diagonal tension; naca-tn-833; December 1941

  46. Rothrock, A M Spencer, R C Miller, Cearcy D; A high-speed motion-picture study of normal combustion, knock and preignition in a spark-ignition engines; naca-report-704; 1941

  47. House, Rufus O Wallace, Arthur R; Wind-tunnel investigation of effect of interference on lateral-stability characteristics of four NACA 23012 wings, an elliptical and a circular fuselage and vertical fins; naca-report-705; 1941

  48. Wenzinger, Carl J Rogallo, Francis M; Wind-tunnel investigation of spoiler, deflector, and slot lateral-control devices on wings with full-span split and slotted flaps; naca-report-706; 1941

  49. Gracey, William; The additional-mass effect of plates as determined by experiments; naca-report-707; 1941

  50. Jones, Robert T Cohen, Doris; An analysis of the stability of an airplane with free controls; naca-report-709; 1941

  51. Spencer, R C; Preignition characteristics of several fuels under simulated engine conditions; naca-report-710; 1941

  52. Gilruth, R R White, M D; Analysis and prediction of longitudinal stability of airplanes; naca-report-711; 1941

  53. Stickle, George W Crigler, John L; Propeller analysis from experimental data; naca-report-712; 1941

  54. Rogallo, F M; Internal-flow systems for aircraft; naca-report-713; 1941

  55. Dutee, Francis J; An apparatus for measuring rates of discharge of a fuel-injection system; naca-report-714; 1941

  56. Gilruth, R R Turner, W N; Lateral control required for satisfactory flying qualities based on flight tests of numerous airplanes; naca-report-715; 1941

  57. Bailey, F J , Jr; A simplified theoretical method of determining the characteristics of a lifting rotor in forward flight; naca-report-716; 1941

  58. Waldron, C D; Flow coefficients of monosleeve valves; naca-report-717; 1941

  59. Harris, Thomas A Lowry, John G; Pressure distribution over NACA 23012 airfoil with a slotted and a split flap; naca-report-718; 1941

  60. Brevoort, M J Joyner, U T; The problem of cooling an air-cooled cylinder on an aircraft engine; naca-report-719; 1941

  61. Stickle, George W Naiman, Irven Crigler, John L; Pressure available for cooling with cowling flaps; naca-report-720; 1941

  62. Ames, Milton B Sears, Richard I; Determination of control-surface characteristics from NACA plain-flap and tab data; naca-report-721; 1941

  63. Jones, Robert T Cohen, Doris; A graphical method of determining pressure distribution in two-dimensional flow; naca-report-722; 1941

  64. Harris, Thomas A Recant, Isidore G; Wind-tunnel investigation of NACA 23012, 23021, and 23030 airfoils equipped with 40-percent-chord double slotted flaps; naca-report-723; 1941

  65. Roop, Frederick C; Effect of aging on mechanical properties of aluminum-alloy rivets; naca-report-724; 1941

  66. Stickle, George W Crigler, John L Naiman, Irven; Effect of body nose shape on the propulsive efficiency of a propeller; naca-report-725; 1941

  67. Biermann, Arnold E Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; The design of fins for air-cooled cylinders; naca-report-726; 1941

  68. Voss, Fred; Design of nozzles for the individual cylinder exhaust jet propulsion system; naca-report-765; April 1941

  69. Ames, Milton B; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics III : a small aerodynamic balance of various nose shapes used with a 30-percent-chord flap on an NACA 0009 airfoil; naca-wr-l-301; August 1941

  70. Eastman, Donald R; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics IV : a medium aerodynamic balance of various nose shapes used with a 30-percent-chord flap on an NACA 0009 airfoil; naca-wr-l-355; September 1941

  71. Sears, Richard I; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics I : effect of gap on the aerodynamic characteristics of an NACA 0009 airfoil with a 30-percent-chord plain flap; naca-wr-l-377; June 1941

  72. Hoggard, H Page, Jr; Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics II : a large aerodynamic balance of various nose shapes with a 30-percent-chord flap on an NACA 0009 airfoil; naca-wr-l-380; August 1941

  73. Garvin, J B; An analytical study of wing and tail loads associated with an elevator deflection; naca-wr-l-443; June 1941

  74. Turner, Thomas R; Wind-tunnel investigation of perforated split flaps for use as dive brakes on a rectangular NACA 23012 airfoil; naca-wr-l-445; July 1941

  75. Schuldenfrei, Marvin J; Wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23021 airfoil with two sizes of balanced split flaps; naca-wr-l-449; February 1941

  76. Olson, Roland E; Tank tests of a 1/5 full-size dynamically similar model of the Army OA-9 amphibian with motor-driven propellers : NACA model 117; naca-wr-l-475; December 1941

  77. Conway, Robert N; The selection of propellers for high thrust at low airspeed; naca-wr-l-483; October 1941

  78. Tifford, Arthur N; Internally finned honeycomb radiators; naca-wr-l-492; December 1941

  79. Mastrocola, Nicholas; Static characteristics of Hamilton Standard propellers having Clark Y and NACA 16 series blade sections; naca-wr-l-529; August 1941

  80. Gray, W H; Wind-tunnel tests of two Hamilton Standard propellers embodying Clark Y and NACA 16 series blade sections; naca-wr-l-530; August 1941

  81. Platt, Robert C; A flight investigation of the boundary-layer characteristics and profile drag of the NACA 35-215 laminar-flow airfoil at high Reynolds numbers; naca-wr-l-532; May 1941

  82. Lowry, John G; Power-off wind-tunnel tests of the 1/8-scale model of the Brewster F2A airplane; naca-wr-l-543; June 1941

  83. Krsek, Alois, Jr; Investigation of naphthalene as a possible aircraft fuel; naca-wr-e-168; August 1941

  84. Eckert, E., Weise, W.; The temperature of unheated bodies in a high-speed gas stream; naca-tm-1000; 1941

  85. Goett, Harry J., Pass, H. R.; Effect of propeller operation on the pitching moments of single-engine monoplanes; naca-wr-l-761; 1941

  86. Pierce, Harold B; Dynamic stress calculations for two airplanes in various gusts; naca-wr-l-484; September 1941

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