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  1. Jones, Robert T; The unsteady lift of a wing of finite aspect ratio; naca-report-681; 1940

  2. Neihouse, A I; The aileron as an aid to recovery from the spin; naca-tn-776; September 1940

  3. Coleman, Robert P; Damping formulas and experimental values of damping in flutter models; naca-tn-751; February 1940

  4. Recant, I G; Wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23030 airfoil with various arrangements of slotted flaps; naca-tn-755; March 1940

  5. Rogowski, A R (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Bouchard, C L (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Fayatte Taylor, C (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); The effects of piston-head shape, cylinder-head shape, and exhaust restriction, on the performance of a piston-ported two-stroke cylinder; naca-tn-756; March 1940

  6. Pearson, Henry A; A study of unsymmetrical-loading conditions; naca-tn-757; April 1940

  7. Donely, Philip Pierce, Harold B Pepoon, Philip W; Measurements and analysis of the motion of a Canard airplane model in gusts; naca-tn-758; April 1940

  8. Howard, Walter B , Jr; A full-scale investigation of the effect of several factors on the shimmy of cantering wheels; naca-tn-760; April 1940

  9. Ames, Milton B , Jr Sears, Richard I; Pressure-distribution investigation of an NACA 0009 airfoil with an 80-percent-chord plain flap and three tabs; naca-tn-761; May 1940

  10. Ames, Milton B , Jr; Wind-tunnel investigation of two airfoils with 25-percent-chord Gwinn and plain flaps; naca-tn-763; May 1940

  11. Bailey, F J , Jr; Flight investigation of control-stick vibration of the YG-1B autogiro; naca-tn-764; June 1940

  12. Pinkel, Benjamin Mangniello, Eugene J; A method of measuring piston temperatures; naca-tn-765; June 1940

  13. Lee, Dana W; The effects of engine speed and mixture temperature on the knocking characteristics of several fuels; naca-tn-767; July 1940

  14. Rothrock, A M Biermann, Arnold E; Correlation of knocking characteristics of fuels in an engine having a hemispherical combustion chamber; naca-tn-768; July 1940

  15. Seidman, Oscar Mcavoy, William H; Spin tests of a low-lying monoplane in flight and in the free-spinning wind tunnel; naca-tn-769; July 1940

  16. Dumont, C (Aluminum Company of America) Hill, H N (Aluminum Company of America); The lateral stability of equal-flanged aluminum-alloy I-beams subjected to pure bending; naca-tn-770; August 1940

  17. Gerrish, Harold C Voss, Fred; Analysis of cylinder-pressure-indicator diagrams showing effects of mixture strength and spark timing; naca-tn-772; August 1940

  18. Hill, H N (Aluminum Company of America); Chart for critical compressive stress of flat rectangular plates; naca-tn-773; August 1940

  19. Hasting, Charles E; Ionization in the knock zone of an internal-combustion engine; naca-tn-774; September 1940

  20. Gracey, William; Measured moments of inertia of 32 airplanes; naca-tn-780; October 1940

  21. Swanson, Robert S Harris, Thomas A; Wind tunnel tests of an NACA 23021 airfoil equipped with a slotted extensible and a plain extensible flap; naca-tn-782; November 1940

  22. Jones, Alun R Rodert, Lewis A; A flight investigation of exhaust-heat de-icing; naca-tn-783; November 1940

  23. Winter, George (Cornell University); Stress distribution in and equivalent width of flanges of wide, thin-wall steel beams; naca-tn-784; 1940

  24. Hoggard, H Page, Jr; Wind tunnel investigation of fuselage stability in yaw with various arrangements of fins; naca-tn-785; November 1940

  25. Upscon, Ralph H (Stout Skycraft Corporation); Structural tests of a stainless steel wing panel by hydrostatic loading; naca-tn-786; November 1940

  26. Ku, P M (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Factors affecting heat transfer in the internal-combustion engine; naca-tn-787; December 1940

  27. Harmon, Hubert N; Drag determination of the forward component of a tricycle landing gear; naca-tn-788; December 1940

  28. Aitchison, C S (National Bureau of Standards); Extension of pack method for compressive tests; naca-tn-789; December 1940

  29. Paul, D A (Aluminum Company of America) Moore, R L (Aluminum Company of America); Cyclic stress-strain studies of metals in torsion; naca-tn-790; December 1940

  30. De Forest, A V (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Leaderman, H (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); The development of electrical strain gages; naca-tn-744; 1940

  31. Donely, Philip Shufflebarger, C C; Tests of a gust-alleviating flap in the gust tunnel; naca-tn-745; 1940

  32. Burgess, C P (Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department); The frequencies of cantilever wings in beam and torsional vibrations; naca-tn-746; 1940

  33. London, Albert (National Bureau of Standards); Principles, practices, and progress of noise reduction in airplanes; naca-tn-748; 1940

  34. Ward, Kenneth E; A new method of studying the flow of the water along the bottom of a model of a flying-boat hull; naca-tn-749; February 1940

  35. Reissner, Hans (Armour Institute of Technology); A generalized vortex theory of the screw propeller and its application; naca-tn-750; February 1940

  36. Klenperer, W B (The Soaring Society of America, Inc); Measurement of the forces acting on gliders in towed flight; naca-tn-753; February 1940

  37. Rodert, Lewis A; An investigation of the prevention of ice on the airplane windshield; naca-tn-754; March 1940

  38. Joyner, Upshur T; Mathematical analysis of aircraft intercooler design; naca-tn-781; October 1940

  39. Fiock, Ernest F Marvin, Charles F , Jr Caldwell, Frank R Roeder, Carl H; Flame speeds and energy considerations for explosions in a spherical bomb; naca-report-682; 1940

  40. Pinkel, Benjamin Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; Correlation of cooling data from an air-cooled cylinder and several multicylinder engines; naca-report-683; 1940

  41. Hartman, Erwin P Biermann, David; Static thrust and power characteristics of six full-scale propellers; naca-report-684; 1940

  42. Theodorsen, Theodore Garrick, I E; Mechanism of flutter.a theoretical and experimental investigation of the flutter problem; naca-report-685; 1940

  43. Kantrowitz, Arthur; Stability of castering wheels for aircraft landing gears; naca-report-686; 1940

  44. Stickle, George W Naiman, Irven Crigler, John L; Effect of exit-slot position and opening on the available cooling pressure for NACA nose-slot cowlings; naca-report-687; 1940

  45. Silverstein, Abe Katzoff, S; Aerodynamic characteristics of horizontal tail surfaces; naca-report-688; 1940

  46. Wenzinger, Carl J Harris, Thomas A; Preliminary wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23012 airfoil with various arrangements of venetian-blind flaps; naca-report-689; 1940

  47. Katzoff, S; Longitudinal stability and control with special reference to slipstream effects; naca-report-690; 1940

  48. Seidman, Oscar Neihouse, A I; Free-spinning wind-tunnel tests of a low-wing monoplane with systematic changes in wings and tails V : effect of airplane relative density; naca-report-691; 1940

  49. Donely, Philip; Effective gust structure at low altitudes as determined from the reactions of an airplane; naca-report-692; 1940

  50. Imlay, Frederick H; A theoretical study of lateral stability with an automatic pilot; naca-report-693; 1940

  51. Diehl, Walter S; The application of basic data on planing surfaces to the design of flying-boat hulls; naca-report-694; 1940

  52. Wetmore, J W Turner, L I , Jr; Determination of ground effect from tests of a glider in towed flight; naca-report-695; 1940

  53. Mcadam, D J Mebs, R W; Tensile elastic properties of typical stainless steels and nonferrous metals as affected by plastic deformation and by heat treatment; naca-report-696; 1940

  54. Kuhn, Paul; Investigations on the incompletely developed plane diagonal-tension field; naca-report-697; 1940

  55. Manganiello, Eugene J; Piston temperatures in an air-cooled engine for various operating conditions; naca-report-698; 1940

  56. Taylor, E S Leary, W A Diver, J R; Effect of fuel-air ratio, inlet temperature, and exhaust pressure on detonation; naca-report-699; 1940

  57. Soule, H A; Preliminary investigation of the flying qualities of airplanes; naca-report-700; 1940

  58. Brueggeman, W C Roop, Frederick C; Mechanical properties of flush-riveted joints; naca-report-701; 1940

  59. Olson, R E Allison, J M; The calculated effect of various hydrodynamic and aerodynamic factors on the take-off of a large flying boat; naca-report-702; 1940

  60. Soule, H A Anderson, R F; Design charts relating to the stalling of tapered wings; naca-report-703; 1940

  61. Purser, Paul E; Wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23012 airfoil with two sizes of balanced split flap; naca-wr-l-441; November 1940

  62. Baals, Donald D; Wind tunnel tests of a submerged-engine fuselage design; naca-wr-l-485; October 1940

  63. Von Doenhoff, Albert E; Investigation of the boundary layer about a symmetrical airfoil in a wind tunnel of low turbulence; naca-wr-l-507; August 1940

  64. Draley, Eugene C; High-speed drag tests of several fuselage shapes in combination with a wing; naca-wr-l-542; August 1940

  65. Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; Heat-transfer tests of two steel cylinder barrels with aluminum fins manufactured by factory production method; naca-wr-e-195; August 1940

  66. Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; Heat transfer tests of a steel cylinder barrel with aluminum fins with improved bonding between steel barrel and aluminum base; naca-wr-e-196; July 1940

  67. Mann, Alvin H; Heat-transfer tests of a steel cylinder barrel with aluminum fins of optimum proportions; naca-wr-e-204; November 1940

  68. Ames, Milton B., Sears, Richard I.; Pressure-distribution investigation on an NACA 0009 airfoil with a 30-percent-chord plain flap and three tabs; naca-tn-759; 1940

  69. Lee, Dana W.; A study of the air movement in two aircraft-engine cylinders; naca-tn-766; 1940

  70. Pass, H. R.; Analysis of wind-tunnel data on directional stability and control; naca-tn-775; 1940

  71. Thompson, F. L., Gilruth, R. R.; Notes on the stalling of vertical tail surfaces and on fin design; naca-tn-778; 1940

  72. Schrenk, O.; A Simple approximation method for obtaining the spanwise lift distribution; naca-tm-948; 1940

  73. Dearborn, C. H., Silverstein, Abe.; Drag Analysis of Single-Engine Military Airplanes Tested in the NACA Full-Scale Wind Tunnel; naca-wr-l-489; 1940

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