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  1. Robert T. Jones; The unsteady lift of a finite wing; naca-tn-682; January 1939

  2. Reynolds, Blake (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Schecter, Harry (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Taylor, E S (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); The charging process in a high-speed, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine; naca-tn-675; February 1939

  3. Troller, TH (Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute, Akron, Ohio) Rokaus, F (Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute, Akron, Ohio); Pressure-distribution measurements on a tapered wing with a full-span split flap in curved flight; naca-tn-683; 1939

  4. Ramberg, Walter (National Bureau of Standards) MCPHERSON ALBERT E (National Bureau of Standards) Levy, Sam (National Bureau of Standards); Experimental study of deformation and of effective width in axially loaded sheet-stringer panels; naca-tn-684; February 1939

  5. Kuethe, Arnold (Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute, Akron, Ohio); Circulation measurements about the tip of an airfoil during flight through a gust; naca-tn-685; February 1939

  6. Lundquist, Eugene E; Local instability of symmetrical rectangular tubes under axial compression; naca-tn-686; February 1939

  7. Kuhn, Paul; Loads imposed on intermediate frames of stiffened shells; naca-tn-687; February 1939

  8. Schey, Oscar W Clark, J Denny; Comparative performance of engines using a carburetor, manifold injection, and cylinder injection; naca-tn-688; February 1939

  9. Lesley, E P (Daniel Guggenheim Aero. Lab., Stanford, Univ); Tandem air propellers; naca-tn-689; February 1939

  10. Wenzinger, Carl J Rogallo, Francis M; Resume of air-load data on slats and flaps; naca-tn-690; March 1939

  11. Kuhn, Paul; Some elementary principles of shell stress analysis with notes on the use of the shear center; naca-tn-691; March 1939

  12. Diehl, Walter S (Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department); Some fundamental considerations in regard to the use of power in landing an airplane; naca-tn-692; March 1939

  13. Goett, Harry J Bicknell, Joseph; Comparison of profile-drag and boundary-layer measurements obtained in flight and in the full-scale wind tunnel; naca-tn-693; March 1939

  14. Fishbein, Meyer (Stanford University); Physical properties of synthetic resin materials; naca-tn-694; March 1939

  15. Moore, R L (Aluminum Company of America, New Kensington, Penn) Paul, D A (Aluminum Company of America, New Kensington, Penn); Torsional stability of aluminum alloy seamless tubing; naca-tn-696; March 1939

  16. Coleman, Robert; The frequency of torsional vibration of a tapered beam; naca-tn-697; March 1939

  17. Lesley, E P (Daniel Guggenheim Aero. Lab., Stanford University); Propeller tests to determine the effect of number of blades at two typical solidities; naca-tn-698; April 1939

  18. House, R O; Tests of an N.A.C.A. 23012 Airfoil with a slotted deflector flap; naca-tn-699; April 1939

  19. Weiss, Herbert K; Theory of automatic control of airplanes; naca-tn-700; April 1939

  20. Waldron, C D; Intermittent-flow coefficients of a poppet valve; naca-tn-701; April 1939

  21. Bamber, M J; Wind-tunnel tests of several forms of fixed wing slot in combination with a slotted flap on an N.A.C.A. 23012 airfoil; naca-tn-702; April 1939

  22. Bamber, M J House, R O; Wind-tunnel investigation of effect of yaw on lateral-stability characteristics I : four N.A.C.A. 23012 wings of various plan forms with and without dihedral; naca-tn-703; April 1939

  23. Kuhn, Paul; Some notes on the numerical solution of shear-lag and mathematically related problems; naca-tn-704; May 1939

  24. Recant, Isidore G; Wind-tunnel investigation of ground effect on wings with flaps; naca-tn-705; May 1939

  25. Donely, Philip; An experimental investigation of the normal acceleration of an airplane model in a gust; naca-tn-706; May 1939

  26. Moore, Charles S Foster, Hampton H; Compression-ignition engine performance with undoped and doped fuel oils and alcohol mixtures; naca-tn-707; August 1939

  27. Hill, H N (Aluminum Company of America); A semi-graphical method for analyzing strains measured on three or four gage lines intersecting at 45 degrees; naca-tn-709; May 1939

  28. Selden, Robert F; A comparison of ignition characteristics of diesel fuels as determined in engines and in a constant-volume bomb; naca-tn-710; June 1939

  29. Seidman, Oscar Donlan, Charles J; An approximate spin design criterion for monoplanes; naca-tn-711; June 1939

  30. Rodert, Lewis A; A preliminary study of the prevention of ice on aircraft by the use of engine-exhaust heat; naca-tn-712; June 1939

  31. Anderson, Raymond F; A comparison of several tapered wings designed to avoid tip stalling; naca-tn-713; June 1939

  32. Wetmore, J W; Flight tests of retractable ailerons on a highly tapered wing; naca-tn-714; June 1939

  33. Harris, Thomas A; Wind-tunnel investigation of an N.A.C.A. 23012 airfoil with two arrangements of a wide-chord slotted flap; naca-tn-715; June 1939

  34. Parkinson, John B Olson, Roland E House, Rufus O; Hydrodynamic and aerodynamic tests of a family of models of seaplane floats with varying angles of dead rise - N.A.C.A. Models 57-A, 57-B, and 57-C; naca-tn-716; July 1939

  35. Lundquist, Eugene E; A method of estimating the critical buckling load for structural members; naca-tn-717; July 1939

  36. Axilrod, Benjamin M (National Bureau of Standards) Kline, Gordon M (National Bureau of Standards); Resistance of transparent plastics to impact; naca-tn-718; July 1939

  37. House, Rufus O; The effects of partial-span slotted flaps on the aerodynamic characteristics of a rectangular and a tapered N.A.C.A. 23012 wing; naca-tn-719; July 1939

  38. Stickle, George W; Flight tests of N.A.C.A. nose-slot cowlings on the BFC-1 airplane; naca-tn-720; August 1939

  39. Ramberg, Walter (National Bureau of Standards) Mcpherson, Albert E (National Bureau of Standards) Levy, Sam (National Bureau of Standards); Compressive tests of a monocoque box; naca-tn-721; August 1939

  40. Lundquist, Eugene E; Local instability of centrally loaded columns of channel section and Z-section; naca-tn-722; August 1939

  41. Rothrick, A M Selden, R; Adhesion of ice in its relation to the de-icing of airplanes; naca-tn-723; August 1939

  42. Hood, Manley J; The effects of surface waviness and of rib stitching on wing drag; naca-tn-724; August 1939

  43. Bell, Joe W Olson, Roland E; Tank tests to determine the effects of the chine flare of a flying-boat hull N.A.C.A. Model Series 62 and 69; naca-tn-725; August 1939

  44. Gottlieb, R (University of Maryland) Thompson, T M (University of Maryland) Witt, E C (University of Maryland); Combined beam-column stresses of aluminum-alloy channel sections; naca-tn-726; September 1939

  45. Rodert, Lewis A; A flight investigation of the distribution of ice-inhibiting fluids on a propeller blade; naca-tn-727; September 1939

  46. Duschik, Frank; Wind-tunnel investigation of an N.A.C.A. 23021 airfoil with two arrangements of a 40-percent-chord slotted flap; naca-tn-728; September 1939

  47. Kline, Gordon M (National Bureau of Standards) Schiefer, Herbert F (National Bureau of Standards); An instrument for estimating tautness of doped fabrics on aircraft; naca-tn-729; September 1939

  48. Bamber, M J House, R G; Wind-tunnel investigation of effect of yawing on lateral-stability characteristics II : rectangular N.A.C.A. 23012 wing with a circular fuselage; naca-tn-730; September 1939

  49. Donely, Philip Shufflebarger, C C; Tests in the gust tunnel of a model of the XBM-1 airplane; naca-tn-731; October 1939

  50. Sherman, Albert; A simple method of obtaining span load distributors; naca-tn-732; October 1939

  51. Nile, Alfred S (Stanford University); Experimental study of torsional column failure; naca-tn-733; October 1939

  52. Street, William G Ames, Milton B; Pressure-distribution investigation of an N.A.C.A. 0009 airfoil with a 50-percent-chord plain flap and three tabs; naca-tn-734; November 1939

  53. Troller, TH (Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute) Rokus, F (Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute); Pressure-distribution measurements on a tapered wing with a partial-span split flap in curved flight; naca-tn-735; November 1939

  54. Mutchler, Willard (National Bureau of Standards) Galvin, W G (National Bureau of Standards); Tidewater and weather-exposure tests on metals used in aircraft; naca-tn-736; November 1939

  55. Weller, R Bussey, J K; Photoelastic analysis of three-dimensional stress systems using scattered light; naca-tn-737; November 1939

  56. Kuhn, Paul; A recurrence formula for shear-lag problems; naca-tn-739; December 1939

  57. Dumont, C (Aluminum Company of America); Stress concentration around an open circular hole in a plate subjected to bending normal to the plane of the plate; naca-tn-740; December 1939

  58. Bailey, F J , Jr Gustafon, F B; Observations in flight of the region of stalled flow over the blades of an autogiro rotor; naca-tn-741; December 1939

  59. Rokus, Frank G (Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute); Pressure-distribution measurements on a rectangular wing with a partial-span split flap in curved flight; naca-tn-742; December 1939

  60. Stowell, Elbridge Z Lundquist, Eugene E; Local instability of columns with I-, Z-, channel, and rectangular-tube sections; naca-tn-743; December 1939

  61. Wenzinger, Carl J Harris , Thomas A; Wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23012 airfoil with various arrangements of slotted flaps; naca-report-664; 1939

  62. Schey, Oscar W Pinkel, Benjamin Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; Correction of temperatures of air-cooled engine cylinders for variation in engine and cooling conditions; naca-report-645; 1939

  63. Stack, John Lindsey, W F Littell, Robert E; The compressibility burble and the effect of compressibility on pressures and forces acting on a airfoil; naca-report-646; 1939

  64. Goett, Harry J Bullivant, W Kenneth; Tests of NACA 0009, 0012, and 0018 airfoils in the full-scale tunnel; naca-report-647; 1939

  65. Silverstein, Abe Katzoff, S; Design charts for predicting downwash angles and wake characteristics behind plain and flapped wings; naca-report-648; 1939

  66. Aitchison, C S Tuckerman, L B; The pack method for compressive tests of thin specimens of materials used in thin-wall structures; naca-report-649; 1939

  67. Biermann, David Hartman, Edwin P; The aerodynamic characteristics of six full-scale propellers having different airfoil sections; naca-report-650; 1939

  68. Silverstein, Abe Katzoff, S Bullivant, W Kenneth; Downwash and wake behind plain and flapped airfoils; naca-report-651; 1939

  69. Schubauer, G B; Air flow in the boundary layer of an elliptic cylinder; naca-report-652; 1939

  70. Lee, Dana W; A study of air flow in an engine cylinder; naca-report-653; 1939

  71. Rockfeller, W C; General airplane performance; naca-report-654; 1939

  72. Rothrock, A M Biermann, Arnold E; The knocking characteristics of fuels in relation to maximum permissible performance of aircraft engines; naca-report-655; 1939

  73. Osgood, William R Holt, Marshall; The column strength of two extruded aluminum-alloy h-sections; naca-report-656; 1939

  74. Rothrock, A M Spencer, R C; The influence of directed air flow on combustion in spark-ignition engine; naca-report-657; 1939

  75. Biermann, David HARTMAN EDWIN P; Tests of two full-scale propellers with different pitch distributions, at blade angles up to 60 degrees; naca-report-658; 1939

  76. Kies, J A Quick, G W; Effect of service stress on impact resistance, x-ray diffraction patterns, and microstructure of 25s aluminum alloy; naca-report-659; 1939

  77. Goett, Harry J; Experimental investigation of the momentum method for determining profile drag; naca-report-660; 1939

  78. Abbott, Ira H Greenberg, Harry; Tests in the variable-density wind tunnel of the NACA 23012 airfoil with plain and split flaps; naca-report-661; 1939

  79. Stickle, George W; Design of NACA cowlings for radial air-cooled engines; naca-report-662; 1939

  80. Mutchler, Willard; The effect of continuous weathering on light metal alloys used in aircraft; naca-report-663; 1939

  81. Person, Henry A Anderson, Raymond F; Calculation of the aerodynamic characteristics of tapered wings with partial-span flaps; naca-report-665; 1939

  82. Johnson, Daniel P; Aircraft rate-of-climb indicators; naca-report-666; 1939

  83. Bicknell, Joseph; Determination of the profile drag of an airplane wing in flight at high Reynolds numbers; naca-report-667; 1939

  84. Wenzinger, Carl J Harris, Thomas A; Wind-tunnel investigation of NACA 23012, 23021, and 23030 airfoils with various sizes of split flap; naca-report-668; 1939

  85. Jacobs, Eastman N Abbott, Ira H; Airfoil section data obtained in the NACA variable-density tunnel as affected by support interference and other corrections; naca-report-669; 1939

  86. Mcadam, D J Mebs, R W; Tensile elastic properties of 18:8 chromium-nickel steel as affected by plastic deformation; naca-report-670; 1939

  87. Kaplan, Carl; A theoretical study of the moment on a body in a compressible fluid; naca-report-671; 1939

  88. Seidman, Oscar Neihouse, A I; Free-spinning wind-tunnel tests of a low-wing monoplane with systematic changes in wings and tails IV : effect of center-of-gravity location; naca-report-672; 1939

  89. Silverstein, Abe Joyner, Upshur T; Experimental verification of the theory of oscillating airfoils; naca-report-673; 1939

  90. Brevoort, M J Joyner, U T; Cooling on the front of an air-cooled engine cylinder in a conventional engine cowling; naca-report-674; 1939

  91. Goett, Harry J Reeder, J P; Effects of elevator nose shape, gap, balance, and tabs on the aerodynamic characteristics of a horizontal tail surface; naca-report-675; 1939

  92. Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr Biermann, Arnold E; Surface heat-transfer coefficients of finned cylinders; naca-report-676; 1939

  93. Wenzinger, Carl J Harris, Thomas A; Wind-tunnel investigation of NACA 23012 airfoil with various arrangements of slotted flaps; naca-report-677; 1939

  94. Sherman, Albert; Interference of tail surfaces and wing and fuselage from tests of 17 combinations in the NACA variable-density tunnel; naca-report-678; 1939

  95. Wenzinger, Carl J Gauvain, Willikam E; Wind-tunnel investigation of an NACA 23012 airfoil with a slotted flap and three types of auxiliary flap; naca-report-679; 1939

  96. Mchugh, James G Derring, Eldridge H; The effect of nacelle-propeller diameter ratio on body interference and on propeller and cooling characteristics; naca-report-680; 1939

  97. Sherman, Albert; Preliminary report on the characteristics of the NACA 4400R series airfoils; naca-wr-l-451; March 1939

  98. Turner, L I , Jr; Ground-cooling and flight tests of an airplane equipped with a nose-blower engine cowling; naca-wr-l-478; October 1939

  99. Mchugh, James G; Tests of several model nacelle-propeller arrangements in front of a wing; naca-wr-l-510; September 1939

  100. Pearson, Henry A; Acceleration, stress, and deflection measurements on the XB-15 bomber in gusty air; naca-wr-l-540; June 1939

  101. Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; Heat-transfer tests of a steel cylinder barrel with aluminum fins; naca-wr-e-194; August 1939

  102. G. Sissingh; Contribution to the Aerodynamics of Rotating-Wing Aircraft; naca-tm-921; December 1939

  103. Losch, F., Kramer, K. N., Bock, G., Nikodemus, R.; Calculation of the induced efficiency of heavily loaded propellers having infinite number of blades; naca-tm-884; 1939

  104. Findeisen, W.; Meteorological-physical limitations of icing in the atmosphere; naca-tm-885; 1939

  105. Gebelein, H.; Theory of two-dimensional potential flow about arbitrary wing sections; naca-tm-886; 1939

  106. Cicala, P.; Comparison of theory with experiment in the phenomenon of wing flutter; naca-tm-887; 1939

  107. Ritz, L.; Ice formation on wings; naca-tm-888; 1939

  108. Kuchemann, D.; Investigation of the lift distribution over the separate wings of a biplane; naca-tm-889; 1939

  109. Ruden, P.; Experiments on a slotted wing; naca-tm-890; 1939

  110. Schmidt, Fritz A. F.; Theoretical and experimental study of ignition lag and engine knock; naca-tm-891; 1939

  111. Cremona, C.; Investigations and tests in the towing basin at Guidonia; naca-tm-892; 1939

  112. Winter, H.; Contribution to the theory of the heated duct radiator; naca-tm-893; 1939

  113. Vohrer, Eugen.; The way to increased airplane engine power; naca-tm-894; 1939

  114. Ragazzi, Paolo.; The power of aircraft engines at altitude; naca-tm-895; 1939

  115. Gothert, B.; The drag of airplane radiators with special reference to air heating :comparison of theory and experiment; naca-tm-896; 1939

  116. Langweiler, Heinz.; The hydrodynamic theory of detonation; naca-tm-899; 1939

  117. Schmidt, Rudolf.; The effect of the masses of the controls on the longitudinal stability with free elevator. Part I; naca-tm-900; 1939

  118. Ferri, Antonio.; Investigations and experiments in the Guidonia wind tunnel; naca-tm-901; 1939

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  120. Mayer, Edwin.; Effect of transition in cross-sectional shape on the development of the velocity and pressure distribution of turbulent flow in pipes; naca-tm-903; 1939

  121. Barbre, R.; Stability of rectangular plates with longitudinal or transverse stiffeners under uniform compression; naca-tm-904; 1939

  122. Penzig, F.; Temperature-indicating paints; naca-tm-905; 1939

  123. Hoerner, Sighard.; Forces and moments on a yawed airfoil; naca-tm-906; 1939

  124. Hohenemser, K.; Dynamic stability of a helicopter with hinged rotor blades; naca-tm-907; 1939

  125. Zeman, J.; Two-stroke-cycle engines with unsymmetrical control diagram : supercharged engines; naca-tm-908; 1939

  126. Betz, Albert.; The theory of contra-vanes applied to the propeller; naca-tm-909; 1939

  127. Weinhart, H.; Knocking in the Otto-cycle engine; naca-tm-911; 1939

  128. Muller, J.; Increase of the specific load under tension, compression, and buckling of welded steel tubes in airplane construction by suitable treatment of structural steel and by proper design; naca-tm-912; 1939

  129. Kiel, Georg.; Measurement of the true dynamic and static pressures in flight; naca-tm-913; 1939

  130. Zinner, Karl.; Engine knock and combustion chamber form; naca-tm-914; 1939

  131. Schapitz, E., Feller, H., Koller, H.; Experimental and analytical investigation of a monocoque wing model loaded in bending; naca-tm-915; 1939

  132. Peschard, Marcel.; Activation of hydrocarbons and the octane number; naca-tm-916; 1939

  133. Walchner, O.; The effect of compressibility on the pressure reading of a Prandtl pitot tube at subsonic flow velocity; naca-tm-917; 1939

  134. Truscott, Starr.; The enlarged N.A.C.A. tank, and some of its work; naca-tm-918; 1939

  135. ; Report on ice formation on aircraft; naca-tm-919; 1939

  136. Franke, A., Weinig, F.; The effect of the slipstream on an airplane wing; naca-tm-920; 1939

  137. Pittoni, Mario.; The Breda wind tunnel; naca-tm-922; 1939

  138. Wenger, Hermann.; Measurement of the air-flow velocity in the cylinder of an airplane engine; naca-tm-923; 1939

  139. Allen, H. Julian; A Simplified Method for the Calculation of Airfoil Pressure Distribution; naca-tn-708; 1939

  140. Bader, W.; Measurements on a low-wing model in the rotating jet and comparison with flight measurements; naca-tm-910; 1939

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