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  1. Pinkerton, Robert M Greenberg, Harry; Aerodynamic characteristics of a large number of airfoils tested in the variable-density wind tunnel; naca-report-628; 1938

  2. Pinkel, Benjamin; Heat-transfer processes in air-cooled engine cylinders; naca-report-612; 1938

  3. Pinkerton, Robert M; The variation with Reynolds number of pressure distribution over an airfoil section; naca-report-613; 1938

  4. Wenzinger, Carl J; Pressure distribution over an NACA 23012 airfoil with an NACA 23012 external-airfoil flap; naca-report-614; 1938

  5. Osgood, William R; Column strength of tubes elastically restrained against rotation at the ends; naca-report-615; 1938

  6. Gerrish, Harold C Voss, Fred; Interrelation of exhaust-gas constituents; naca-report-616; 1938

  7. Selden, Robert F; Auto-ignition and combustion of diesel fuel in a constant-volume bomb; naca-report-617; 1938

  8. Silverstein, Abe Katzoff, S Hootman, James A; Comparative flight and full-scale wind-tunnel measurements of the maximum lift of an airplane; naca-report-618; 1938

  9. Lindsey, W F; Drag of cylinders of simple shapes; naca-report-619; 1938

  10. Wenzinger, Carl J Anderson, Walter B; Pressure distribution over airfoils with Fowler flaps; naca-report-620; 1938

  11. Kaplan, Carl; Compressible flow about symmetrical Joukowski profiles; naca-report-621; 1938

  12. Rothrock, A M Spencer, R C; A photographic study of combustion and knock in a spark-ignition engine; naca-report-622; 1938

  13. Bailey, F J , Jr; A study of the torque equilibrium of an autogiro rotor; naca-report-623; 1938

  14. Kaplan, Carl; Two-dimensional subsonic compressible flow past elliptic cylinders; naca-report-624; 1938

  15. Diehl, Walter S; A discussion of certain problems connected with the design of hulls of flying boats and the use of general test data; naca-report-625; 1938

  16. Wetmore, J W; The transition phase in the take-off of an airplane; naca-report-626; 1938

  17. Anderson, Raymond F; The experimental and calculated characteristics of 22 tapered wings; naca-report-627; 1938

  18. Garrick, I E; On some reciprocal relations in the theory of nonstationary flows; naca-report-629; 1938

  19. Soule, H A Gracey, W; A flight comparison of conventional ailerons on a rectangular wing and of conventional and floating wing-tip ailerons on a tapered wing; naca-report-630; 1938

  20. Eastman N. Jacobs, R. V. Rhode; Airfoil Section Characteristics as Applied to the Prediction of Air Forces and Their Distribution on Wings; naca-report-631; 1938

  21. Osgood, William R; The crinkling strength and the bending strength of round aircraft tubing; naca-report-632; 1938

  22. Wenzinger, Carl J Delano, James B; Pressure distribution over an NACA 23012 airfoil with a slotted and a plain flap; naca-report-633; 1938

  23. Allen, H Julian; Calculation of the chordwise load distribution over airfoil sections with plain, split, or serially hinged trailing-edge flaps; naca-report-634; 1938

  24. Pearson, Henry A Jones, Robert T; Theoretical stability and control characteristics of wings with various amounts of taper and twist; naca-report-635; 1938

  25. Kuhn, Paul; Approximate stress analysis of multistringer beams with shear deformation of the flanges; naca-report-636; 1938

  26. Silverstein, Abe Becker, John V; Determination of boundary-layer transition on three symmetrical airfoils in the NACA full-scale wind tunnel; naca-report-637; 1938

  27. Jones, Robert T; The influence of lateral stability on disturbed motions of an airplane with special reference to the motions produced by gusts; naca-report-638; 1938

  28. Biermann, David Hartman, Edwin P; The effect of compressibility on eight full-scale propellers operating in the take-off and climbing range; naca-report-639; 1938

  29. Hartman, Edwin P Biermann, David; The aerodynamic characteristics of full-scale propellers having 2, 3, and 4 blades of Clark y and R.A.F. 6 airfoil sections; naca-report-640; 1938

  30. Hartman, Edwin P Biermann, David; The negative thrust and torque of several full-scale propellers and their application to various flight problems; naca-report-641; 1938

  31. Biermann, David Hartman, Edwin P; Tests of five full-scale propellers in the presence of a radial and a liquid-cooled engine nacelle, including tests of two spinners; naca-report-642; 1938

  32. Hartman, Edwin P Biermann, David; The aerodynamic characteristics of four full-scale propellers having different plan forms; naca-report-643; 1938

  33. Hartman, Edwin P Biermann, David; The torsional and bending deflection of full-scale aluminum-alloy propeller blades under normal operating conditions; naca-report-644; 1938

  34. Highley, Frank H; Wind-tunnel tests of carburetor-intake rams; naca-tn-631; 1938

  35. Soule, H A Gracey, W; Improvement of aileron effectiveness by the prevention of air leakage through the hinge gap as determined in flight; naca-tn-632; 1938

  36. Bamber, M J House, R O; Spinning characteristics of wings V : N.A.C.A. 0009, 23018, and 6718 monoplane wings; naca-tn-633; 1938

  37. Tozier, Robert E; The N.A.C.A. optical engine indicator; naca-tn-634; 1938

  38. Allison, John M; Tank tests of a model of one hull of the Savoia S-55-X flying boat -N.A.C.A. Model 46; naca-tn-635; February 1938

  39. Imlay, Frederick H; The estimation of the rate of change of yawing moment with sideslip; naca-tn-636; February 1938

  40. (Author(s) Not Available); Preliminary fatigue studies on aluminum alloy aircraft engines; naca-tn-637; February 1938

  41. Allison, John; Tank tests of Model 36 flying boat hull; naca-tn-638; March 1938

  42. Von Doenhoff, Albert E; A preliminary investigation of boundary-layer transition along a flat plate with adverse pressure gradient; naca-tn-639; March 1938

  43. Sherman, Albert; Interference of wing and fuselage from tests of the 18 combinations in the N.A.C.A. variable-density tunnel - combination with split flaps; naca-tn-640; March 1938

  44. Sherman, Albert; Interference of wing and fuselage from tests of 17 combinations in the NACA variable-density tunnel combination with special junctures; naca-tn-641; March 1938

  45. Sherman, Albert; Interference of wing and fuselage from tests of eight combinations in the NACA variable-density tunnelcombinations with tapered fillets and straight-side junctures; naca-tn-642; March 1938

  46. Diehl, Walter S; A study of flying-boat take-off; naca-tn-643; April 1938

  47. Donely, Philip Pearson, Henry A; Flight and wind-tunnel tests of an XBM-1 dive bomber; naca-tn-644; April 1938

  48. Soule, Hartley A GOUGH MELVIN N; Some aspects of the stalling of modern low-lying monoplanes; naca-tn-645; April 1938

  49. Hartman, Edwin P; Wind-tunnel tests of a 2-engine airplane model as a preliminary study of flight conditions arising on the failure of the engine; naca-tn-646; April 1938

  50. Rothbrock, A M Biermann, Arnold E; Engine performance and knock rating of fuels for high-output aircraft engines; naca-tn-647; April 1938

  51. Truscott, Starr Parkinson, J B; The increase in frictional resistance caused by various types of rivet heads as determined by tests of planing surfaces; naca-tn-648; May 1938

  52. Brevoort, Maurice J; The effect of air-passage length on the optimum fin spacing for maximum cooling; naca-tn-649; May 1938

  53. Wenzinger, Carl J; Wind-tunnel tests of a Clark Y wing having split flaps with gaps; naca-tn-650; May 1938

  54. Biermann, Arnold E; Effect of spark-timing regularity on the knock of engine performance; naca-tn-651; May 1938

  55. Lundquist, Eugene E Kroll, W D; Tables of stiffness and carry-over factor for structural members under axial load; naca-tn-652; June 1938

  56. Soule, H A Hootman, James A; A flight investigation of the reduction of aileron operating force by means of fixed tabs and differential linkage, with notes on linkage design; naca-tn-653; June 1938

  57. Schey, Oscar W Clark, J Denny; Fuel consumption of a carburetor engine at various speeds and torques; naca-tn-654; June 1938

  58. Brevoort, M J; Principles involved in the cooling of a finned and baffled cylinder; naca-tn-655; June 1938

  59. Parkinson, J B; Tank tests to show the effect rivet heads on the water performance of a seaplane-float; naca-tn-657; July 1938

  60. Lundquist, Eugene E; Generalized analysis of experimental observations in problems of elastic stability; naca-tn-658; July 1938

  61. Wenzinger, Carl J Bamber, Millard J; Wind-tunnel of three lateral-control devices in combination with a full-span slotted flap on an NACA 23012 airfoil; naca-tn-659; August 1938

  62. Bleakney, William M; Fatigue testing of wing beam by the resonance method; naca-tn-660; August 1938

  63. Wenzinger, Carl J Ames, Milton B , Jr; Wind-tunnel investigation of rectangular and tapered NACA 23012 wings with plain ailerons and full-span split flaps; naca-tn-661; August 1938

  64. Brombacher, W G Trent, W C; Gyroscopic instruments for instrument flying; naca-tn-662; September 1938

  65. House, R O; The effects of partial-span plain flaps on the aerodynamic characteristics of a rectangular and a tapered Clark Y wing; naca-tn-663; September 1938

  66. Seidman, Oscar NEIHOUSE A I; Free-spinning wind-tunnel tests of a low-wing monoplane with systematic changes in wings and tails III : mass distributed along the wings; naca-tn-664; September 1938

  67. Stack, John Lindsey, W F; Tests of N-85, N-86 and N-87 airfoil sections in the 11-inch high speed wind tunnel; naca-tn-665; September 1938

  68. Klemin, Alexander Pepper, Perry A Wittner, Howard A; Longitudinal stability in relation to the use of an automatic pilot; naca-tn-666; September 1938

  69. Jones, Robert T; Operational treatment of the nonuniform-lift theory in airplane dynamics; naca-tn-667; October 1938

  70. Truscott, Starr Parkinson, J B Ebert, John W , Jr Valentine, E Floyd; Hydrodynamic and aerodynamic tests of models of flying-boat hulls designed flow aerodynamic drag - NACA models 74, 74-A, and 75; naca-tn-668; October 1938

  71. Robinson, Russell G; The drag of inflatable rubber de-icers; naca-tn-669; October 1938

  72. Thopmson, F L; NACA stall-warning indicator; naca-tn-670; October 1938

  73. Von Doenhoff, Albert E; A method of rapidly estimating the position of the laminar separation point; naca-tn-671; October 1938

  74. Abbott, Ira H Sherman, Albert; Flow observations with tufts and lampblack of the stalling of four typical airfoil sections in the NACA variable-density tunnel; naca-tn-672; October 1938

  75. Stickle, George W Joyner, Upshur T; The pressure available for ground cooling in front of the cowling of air-cooled airplane engines; naca-tn-673; November 1938

  76. Rogowski, A R (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Bouchard, C L (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Scavenging a piston-ported two-stroke cylinder; naca-tn-674; November 1938

  77. Marsh, Edred T; Discharge characteristics of a simulated unit injection system; naca-tn-676; November 1938

  78. Benson, William M (Stanford University); Tests of a contra-propeller for aircraft; naca-tn-677; November 1938

  79. Dawson, John R Hartman, Edwin P; Hydrodynamic and aerodynamic tests of four models of outboard floats : (N.A.C.A. models 51-A, 51-B, 51-C, and 51-D); naca-tn-678; December 1938

  80. Deming, A F; Noise from propellers with symmetrical sections at zero blade angle, II; naca-tn-679; December 1938

  81. House, R O; The aerodynamic drag of five models of side floats N.A.C.A. Models 51-E, 51-F, 51-G, 51-H, 51-J; naca-tn-680; December 1938

  82. Dawson, John R; A general tank test of a model of the hull of the P3M-1 flying boat including a special working chart for the determination of hull performance; naca-tn-681; December 1938

  83. Moore, Charles S Collins, John H , Jr; Prechamber compression-ignition engine performance; naca-report-577; 1938

  84. Jones, Robert T; A study of the two-control operation of an airplane; naca-report-579; 1938

  85. Selden, Robert F Spencer, Robert C; Heat transfer to fuel sprays injected into heated gases; naca-report-580; 1938

  86. Dryden, Hugh L Schubauer, G B Mock, W C , Jr Skramstad, H K; Measurements of intensity and scale of wind-tunnel turbulence and their relation to the critical Reynolds number of spheres; naca-report-581; 1938

  87. Lundquist, Eugene E Fligg, Claude M; A theory for primary failure of straight centrally loaded columns; naca-report-582; 1938

  88. Wilson, Herbert A , Jr; Aerodynamic characteristics of a 4-engine monoplane showing effects of enclosing the engines in the wing and comparisons of tractor- and pusher-propeller arrangements; naca-wr-l-456; April 1938

  89. Parkinson, J B HOUSE R O; Hydrodynamic and aerodynamic tests of models of floats for single-float seaplanes NACA models 41-D, 41-E, 61-A, 73, and 73-A; naca-tn-656; July 1938

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