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  1. Dawson, John R; Tank tests of two models of flying-boat hulls to determine the effect of ventilating the step; naca-tn-594; February 1937

  2. Buckwalter, John C (Stanford University) Reed, Warren D (Stanford University) Niles, Alfred S (Stanford University); Bending tests of circular cylinders of corrugated aluminum-alloy sheet; naca-tn-595; March 1937

  3. Dearborn, C H Soule, H A; Full-scale wind-tunnel and flight test of a Fairchild 22 airplane equipped with a Zap flap and Zap ailerons; naca-tn-596; March 1937

  4. Soule, Hartley A; Notes on the calculation of the minimum horizontal tail surface for airplanes equipped with wing flaps; naca-tn-597; April 1937

  5. Gauvain, William E; Wind-tunnel tests of a Clark Y wing with 'Maxwell' leading-edge slots; naca-tn-598; April 1937

  6. Pearson, H A; Charts expressing the time, velocity, and altitude relations for an airplane diving in a standard atmosphere; naca-tn-599; April 1937

  7. Lee, Dana W Marsh, E T; Discharge characteristics of a double injection-valve single-pump injection system; naca-tn-600; May 1937

  8. Dumont, C (Aluminum Company of America, Aluminum Research Labs., New Kensington, Penn) Hill, H N (Aluminum Company of America, Aluminum Research Labs., Kensington, Penn); The lateral instability of deep rectangular beams; naca-tn-601; May 1937

  9. Biermann, Arnold E; Heat transfer from cylinders having closely spaced fins; naca-tn-602; May 1937

  10. Rothrock, A M Spencer, R C; A preliminary study of flame propagation in a spark-ignition engine; naca-tn-603; June 1937

  11. Pearson, H A; Empirical corrections to the span load distribution at the tip; naca-tn-606; August 1937

  12. Pekelsma, Robert E (Department of Aeronautical Engineering, University of Michigan); The behavior of thin-will monocoque cylinders under torsional vibration; naca-tn-607; August 1937

  13. Diehl, W S (Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department); Considerations affecting the additional weight required in mass balance of ailerons; naca-tn-609; August 1937

  14. Earle, Sherod L Dutee, Francis J; Effect of air-entry angle on performance of a 2-stroke-cycle compression-ignition engine; naca-tn-610; August 1937

  15. Klemin, Alexander (New York University); Motion of the two-control airplane in rectilinear flight after initial disturbances with introduction of controls following an exponential law; naca-tn-615; September 1937

  16. Bamber, M J House, R O; Spinning characteristics of wings IV : changes in stagger of rectangular Clark Y cellules; naca-tn-625; December 1937

  17. Wenzinger, Carl J; Pressure distribution over a Clark Y-H airfoil section with a split flap; naca-tn-627; December 1937

  18. Kuhn, Paul; Strain measurements on small duralumin box beams in bending; naca-tn-588; 1937

  19. Pearson, H A; Theoretical span loading and moments of tapered wings produced by aileron deflection; naca-tn-589; 1937

  20. Ward, Kenneth E; Hydrodynamic tests in the N.A.C.A. tank of a model of the hull of the Short Calcutta flying boat; naca-tn-590; 1937

  21. Parsons, John F Silverstein, Abe; Full scale span load distribution on a tapered wing with split flaps of various spans; naca-tn-591; February 1937

  22. Biermann, David; A study of the factors affecting the range of airplanes; naca-tn-592; February 1937

  23. Wildhack, W A; Pressure drop in tubing in aircraft instrument installations; naca-tn-593; 1937

  24. Reed, Warren D Clay, William C; Full-scale wind-tunnel and flight tests of a Fairchild 22 airplane equipped with external-airfoil flaps; naca-tn-604; July 1937

  25. Seidman, Oscar Neihouse, A I; Free-spinning wind-tunnel tests of a low-wing monoplane with systemic changes in wings and tails; naca-tn-608; August 1937

  26. Draper, C S (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge , Mass); The sonic altimeter for aircraft; naca-tn-611; August 1937

  27. Bamber, M J House, R O; Spinning characteristics of wings III : rectangular and tapered; naca-tn-612; September 1937

  28. Clauser, Milton (California Institute of Technology) Clauser, Francis (California Institute of Technology); The effect of curvature on the transition from laminar to turbulent boundary layer; naca-tn-613; September 1937

  29. Abbott, Ira H; Fuselage-drag tests in the variable-density wind tunnel: streamline bodies of revolution, fineness ratio of 5; naca-tn-614; September 1937

  30. Thompson, F L; The measurement of air speed in airplanes; naca-tn-616; 1937

  31. Lundquist, Eugene E; Stability of structural members under axial load; naca-tn-617; 1937

  32. Holt, M (Aluminum Research Laboratories) Hartman, E C (Aluminum Research Laboratories); Increasing the strength of aluminum-alloy columns by prestressing; naca-tn-618; 1937

  33. Moore, Charles S Collins, John H; Compression-ignition engine performance at altitudes and at various air pressures and temperatures; naca-tn-619; November 1937

  34. Brevoort, Maurice J; Energy loss, velocity distribution, and temperature distribution for a baffled cylinder model; naca-tn-620; October 1937

  35. Rollin, Vern G Ellerbrock, Herman H; Pressure drop across finned cylinders enclosed in a jacket; naca-tn-621; November 1937

  36. Soule, H A Hootman, James A; Flight tests of an airplane showing dependence of the maximum lift coefficient on the test conditions; naca-tn-622; November 1937

  37. Mcavoy, William H; Maximum forces applied by pilots to wheel-type controls; naca-tn-623; November 1937

  38. Sontag, Harcourt (National Bureau of Standards) Johnson, Daniel P (National Bureau of Standards); Performance characteristics of venturi tubes used in aircraft for operating air-driven gyroscopic instruments; naca-tn-624; November 1937

  39. Knight, Montgomery (Georgia School of Technology) Hefner, Ralph A (Georgia School of Technology); Static thrust analysis of the lifting airscrew; naca-tn-626; December 1937

  40. Kline, G M (National Bureau of Standards); Plastics as structural materials for aircraft; naca-tn-628; December 1937

  41. Stowell, E Z; A sound pressure-level meter without amplification; naca-tn-629; December 1937

  42. Seidman, Oscar Neihouse, A I; Free spinning wind-tunnel tests of a low-wing monoplane with systematic wings and tails; naca-tn-630; December 1937

  43. Garrick, I E; Potential flow about arbitrary biplane wing sections; naca-report-542; 1937

  44. Parkinson, John B Dawson, John R; Tank tests of NACA model 40 series of hulls for small flying boats and amphibians; naca-report-543; 1937

  45. Cohn, Mildred Spencer, Robert C; Combustion in a bomb with a fuel-injection system; naca-report-544; 1937

  46. Rothrock, A M Waldron, C D; Effects of air-fuel spray and flame formation in a compression-ignition engine; naca-report-545; 1937

  47. Schubauer, G B Dryden, H L; The effect of turbulence on the drag of flat plates; naca-report-546; 1937

  48. Silverstein, Abe White, James A; Wind-tunnel interference with particular reference to off-center positions of the wing and to the downwash at the tail; naca-report-547; 1937

  49. Shortal, Joseph A; Effect of tip shape and dihedral on lateral-stability characteristics; naca-report-548; 1937

  50. Wenzinger, Carl J; Wind-tunnel investigation of the aerodynamic balancing of upper-surface ailerons and split flaps; naca-report-549; 1937

  51. Schey, Oscar W Rollin, Vern G; Cooling characteristics of a 2-row radial engine; naca-report-550; 1937

  52. Peterson, John B Smith, Clyde W; Aircraft compass characteristics; naca-report-551; 1937

  53. Wheatley, John B Bioletti, Carlton; Wind-tunnel tests of 10-foot-diameter autogiro rotors; naca-report-552; 1937

  54. Fiock, Ernst F Roeder, Carl H; Some effects of argon and helium upon explosions of carbon monoxide and oxygen; naca-report-553; 1937

  55. Wenzinger, Carl J; Wind-tunnel investigation of ordinary and split flaps on airfoils of different profile; naca-report-554; 1937

  56. Brevoort, M J Rollin, Vern G; Air flow around finned cylinders; naca-report-555; 1937

  57. Marvin, Charles F , Jr Wharton, Armistead Roeder, Carl H; Further studies of flame movement and pressure development in an engine cylinder; naca-report-556; 1937

  58. Zimmerman, C H; Preliminary tests in the NACA free-spinning wind tunnel; naca-report-557; 1937

  59. Platt, Robert C; Turbulence factors of NACA wind tunnels as determined by sphere tests; naca-report-558; 1937

  60. Scudder, N F; The forces and moments acting on parts of the XN2Y-1 airplane during spins; naca-report-559; 1937

  61. Jones, Robert T; A simplified application of the method of operators to the calculation of disturbed motions of an airplane; naca-report-560; 1937

  62. Rothrock, A M Waldron, C D; Effect of nozzle design on fuel spray and flame formation in a high-speed compression-ignition engine; naca-report-561; 1937

  63. Dryden, Hugh L; Air flow in the boundary layer near a plate; naca-report-562; 1937

  64. Pinkerton, Robert M; Calculated and measured pressure distributions over the midspan section of the NACA 4412 airfoil; naca-report-563; 1937

  65. Windler, Ray; Tests of a wing-nacelle-propeller combination at several pitch settings up to 42 degrees; naca-report-564; 1937

  66. Lee, Dana W; Measurements of fuel distribution within sprays for fuel-injection engines; naca-report-565; 1937

  67. Silverstein, Abe Gulick, B G; Ground-handling forces on a 1/40-scale model of the U. S. Airship "Akron."; naca-report-566; 1937

  68. Garrick, I E; Propulsion of a flapping and oscillating airfoil; naca-report-567; 1937

  69. Foster, H H; The quiescent-chamber type compression-ignition engine; naca-report-568; 1937

  70. Robinson, Russell G Herrnstein, William H , Jr; Wing-nacelle-propeller interference for wings of various spans force and pressure-distribution tests; naca-report-569; 1937

  71. Weick, Fred E Jones, Robert T; The effect of lateral controls in producing motion of an airplane as computed from wind-tunnel data; naca-report-570; 1937

  72. Wenzinger, Carl J Harris, Thomas A; Pressure distribution over a rectangular airfoil with a partial-span split flap; naca-report-571; 1937

  73. Anderson, Raymond F; Determination of the characteristics of tapered wings; naca-report-572; 1937

  74. Platt, Robert C Abbott, Ira H; Aerodynamic characteristics of NACA 23012 and 23021 airfoils with 20-percent-chord external-airfoil flaps of NACA 23012 section; naca-report-573; 1937

  75. Wenzinger, Carl J; Pressure distribution over an airfoil section with a flap and tab; naca-report-574; 1937

  76. Sherman, Albert; Interference of wing and fuselage from tests of 28 combinations in the NACA variable-density tunnel; naca-report-575; 1937

  77. (Author(s) Not Available); Aircraft accidents.method of analysis; naca-report-576; 1937

  78. Soule, Hartley A; Flight measurements of the dynamic longitudinal stability of several airplanes and a correlation of the measurements with pilots' observations of handling characteristics; naca-report-578; 1937

  79. Wetmore, J W; The rolling friction of several airplane wheels and tires and the effect of rolling friction on take-off; naca-report-583; 1937

  80. Brueggeman, W C; Strength of welded aircraft joints; naca-report-584; 1937

  81. Pearson, H A; Span load distribution for tapered wings with partial-span flaps; naca-report-585; 1937

  82. Jacobs, Eastman N Sherman, Albert; Airfoil section characteristics as affected by variations of the Reynolds number; naca-report-586; 1937

  83. Schey, Oscar W Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; Blower cooling of finned cylinders; naca-report-587; 1937

  84. Rothrock, A M Waldron, C D; Fuel spray and flame formation in a compression-ignition engine employing air flow; naca-report-588; 1937

  85. Zimmerman, Charles H; An analysis of lateral stability in power-off flight with charts for use in design; naca-report-589; 1937

  86. Pearson, H A; Pressure-distribution measurements on O-2H airplane in flight; naca-report-590; 1937

  87. Wheatley, John B; An analytical and experimental study of the effect of periodic blade twist on the thrust, torque, and flapping motion of an autogiro rotor; naca-report-591; 1937

  88. Theodorsen, Theodore Brevoort, M J Stickle, George W; Full-scale tests of NACA cowlings; naca-report-592; 1937

  89. Theodorsen, Theodore Brevoort, M J Stickle, George W; Cooling of airplane engines at low air speeds; naca-report-593; 1937

  90. Theodorsen, Theodore Stickle, George W Brevoort, M J; Characteristics of six propellers including the high-speed range; naca-report-594; 1937

  91. Theodorsen, Theodore Brevoort, M J Stickle, George W Gough, M N; Full-scale tests of a new type NACA nose-slot cowling; naca-report-595; 1937

  92. Brevoort, M J Stickle, George W Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; Cooling tests of a single-row radial engine with several NACA cowlings; naca-report-596; 1937

  93. Lesley, E P Worley, George F Moy, Stanley; Air propellers in yaw; naca-report-597; 1937

  94. Mock, W C , Jr; Alternating-current equipment for the measurement of fluctuations of air speed in turbulent flow; naca-report-598; 1937

  95. Rhode, Ricahrd V Pearson, Henry A; Flight tests of the drag and torque of the propeller in terminal-velocity dives; naca-report-599; 1937

  96. Wheatley, John B; An analysis of the factors that determine the periodic twist of an autogiro rotor blade, with a comparison of predicted and measured results; naca-report-600; 1937

  97. Stang, Ambrose H Ramberg, Walter Back, Goldie; Torsion tests of tubes; naca-report-601; 1937

  98. Shortal, Joseph A; Wind-tunnel and flight tests of slot-lip ailerons; naca-report-602; 1937

  99. Platt, Robert C Shortal, Joseph A; Wind-tunnel investigation of wings with ordinary ailerons and full-span external-airfoil flaps; naca-report-603; 1937

  100. Mchugh, James G; Pressure-distribution measurements at large angles of pitch on fins of different span-chord ratio on a 1/40-scale model of the U. S. Airship "Akron."; naca-report-604; 1937

  101. Weick, Fred E Jones, Robert T; Resume and analysis of NACA lateral control research; naca-report-605; 1937

  102. Peterson, John B Womack, S H J; Electrical thermometers for aircraft; naca-report-606; 1937

  103. Bamber, M J House, R O; Spinning characteristics of the XN2Y-1 airplane obtained from the spinning balance and compared with results from the spinning tunnel and from flight tests; naca-report-607; 1937

  104. Kuhn, Paul; Stress analysis of beams with shear deformation of the flanges; naca-report-608; 1937

  105. Silverstein, Abe Katzoff, S; Experimental investigation of wind-tunnel interference on the downwash behind an airfoil; naca-report-609; 1937

  106. Jacobs, Eastman N Pinkerton, Robert M Greenberg, Harry; Tests of related forward-camber airfoils in the variable-density wind tunnel; naca-report-610; 1937

  107. Wenzinger, Carl J; Wind-tunnel investigation of tapered wings with ordinary ailerons and partial-span split flaps; naca-report-611; 1937

  108. Sherman, Albert; Wing-fuselage interference comparison of conventional and airfoil-type-fuselage combinations; naca-wr-l-509; March 1937

  109. Deming, A. F.; Noise from propellers with symmetrical sections at zero blade angle; naca-tn-605; 1937

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