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  1. Herbert Wagner; Torsion and Buckling of Open Sections; naca-tm-807; October 1936

  2. Dawson, John R; Tank tests of three models of flying-boat hulls of the pointed-step type with different angles of dead rise - NACA model 35 series; naca-tn-551; 1936

  3. Weick, Fred E; Wind-tunnel tests of wing flaps suitable for direct control of glide-path angle; naca-tn-552; 1936

  4. Gough, Melvin N; Notes on the technique of landing airplanes equipped with wing flaps; naca-tn-553; 1936

  5. Kaplan, Carl; Circular motion of bodies of revolution; naca-tn-554; February 1936

  6. Schey, Oscar W Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; The performance of a DePalma Roots-type supercharger; naca-tn-558; March 1936

  7. Brevoort, Maurice J; Combustion-engine temperatures by the sodium line-reversal method; naca-tn-559; March 1936

  8. Sullivan, J E (Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department); A comparison of corrosion-resistant steel (18 percent chromium - 8 percent nickel) and aluminum alloy (24st); naca-tn-560; March 1936

  9. Parsons, John F; Full-scale wind-tunnel to determine a satisfactory location for a service Pitot-static tube on a low-wing monoplane; naca-tn-561; March 1936

  10. Kuhn, Paul; Remarks on the elastic axis of shell wings; naca-tn-562; April 1936

  11. Parkinson, J B; Tank tests of models of floats for single-float seaplanes First series.; naca-tn-563; April 1936

  12. Thompson, F L; Procedure for determining speed and climbing performance of airships; naca-tn-564; April 1936

  13. Gerrish, Harold C Ayer, Bruce E; Influence of fuel-oil temperature on the combustion in a prechamber compression-ignition engine; naca-tn-565; 1936

  14. Bell, Joe W; Tank tests of a model of the NC flying-boat hull - N.A.C.A. model 44; naca-tn-566; May 1936

  15. Gough, M N Beard, A P; Limitations of the pilot in applying forces to airplane controls; naca-tn-550; 1936

  16. Jacobs, Eastman N Pinkerton, Robert M; Tests of N.A.C.A. airfoils in the variable-density wind tunnel Series 230.; naca-tn-567; May 1936

  17. Wetmore, J W; Calculated effect of various types of flap on take-off over obstacles; naca-tn-568; May 1936

  18. Moore, Charles S Foster, Hampton H; Boosted performance of a compression-ignition engine with a displaced piston; naca-tn-569; May 1936

  19. Zimmerman, C H; Effect of changes in tail arrangement upon the spinning of a low-wing monoplane model; naca-tn-570; June 1936

  20. Pearson, H A; A method of estimating the aerodynamic effects of ordinary and split flaps of airfoils similar to the Clark Y; naca-tn-571; June 1936

  21. Schey, Oscar W Ellerbrock, Herman H , Jr; Performance of air-cooled engine cylinders using blower cooling; naca-tn-572; July 1936

  22. Womack, S H J (National Bureau of Standards) Peterson, J B (National Bureau of Standards); Carbon-monoxide indicators for aircraft; naca-tn-573; July 1936

  23. Allison, John M Ward, Kenneth E; Tank tests of models of flying boat hulls having longitudinal steps; naca-tn-574; July 1936

  24. Kirschbaum, H W; Estimation of moments of inertia of airplanes from design data; naca-tn-575; July 1936

  25. Allison, John M; Tanks test of a model of the hull of the Navy PB-1 flying boat - N.A.C.A. Model 52; naca-tn-576; August 1936

  26. Moore, Charles S Collins, John H , Jr; Friction of compression-ignition engines; naca-tn-577; August 1936

  27. Dearborn, C H Soule, H A; Full-scale wind-tunnel and flight tests of a Fairchild 22 airplane equipped with a Fowler flap; naca-tn-578; August 1936

  28. White, Roland J (California Institute of Technology) Martin, Victor J (California Institute of Technology); Charts for calculating the performance of airplanes having constant-speed propellers; naca-tn-579; September 1936

  29. Dawson, John R Truscott, Starr; A general tank test of a model of the hull of the British Singapore IIC flying boat; naca-tn-580; September 1936

  30. Wheatley, John B; A study of autogiro rotor-blade oscillations in the plane of the rotor disk; naca-tn-581; September 1936

  31. Wheatley, John B Bioletti, Carlton; Analysis and model tests of autogiro jump take-off; naca-tn-582; October 1936

  32. Gerrish, Harold C Voss, Fred; Mixture distribution in a single-row radial engine; naca-tn-583; October 1936

  33. Schey, Oscar W Pinkel, Benjamin; Effect of several factors on the cooling of a radial engine in flight; naca-tn-584; November 1936

  34. Brueggeman, Wm C (National Bureau of Standards); Mechanical properties of aluminum-alloy rivets; naca-tn-585; November 1936

  35. Donely, Philip; The forces and moments on airplane engine mounts; naca-tn-587; December 1936

  36. Kuhn, Paul; Analysis of 2-spar cantilever wings with special reference to torsion and load transference; naca-report-508; 1936

  37. Lundquist, Eugene E Burke, Walter F; General equations for the stress analysis of rings; naca-report-509; 1936

  38. Weick, Fred E Noyes, Richard W; Wind-tunnel research comparing lateral control devices particularly at high angles of attack XIII : auxiliary airfoils used as external ailerons; naca-report-510; 1936

  39. Schey, Oscar W Rollin, Vern G; The effect of baffles on the temperature distribution and heat-transfer coefficients of finned cylinders; naca-report-511; 1936

  40. Rothrock, A M Cohn, Mildred; Some factors affecting combustion in an internal-combustion engine; naca-report-512; 1936

  41. Brevoort, M J Joyner, U T; Experimental investigation of the Robinson-type cup anemometer; naca-report-513; 1936

  42. Gough, Melvin N; The measurement of the field of view from airplane cockpits; naca-report-514; 1936

  43. Wheatley, John B Hood, Manley J; Full-scale wind-tunnel tests of a PCA-2 autogiro rotor; naca-report-515; 1936

  44. Kaplan, Carl; Potential flow about elongated bodies of revolution; naca-report-516; 1936

  45. Soule, H A Mcavoy, W H; Flight investigation of lateral control devices for use with full-span flaps; naca-report-517; 1936

  46. Biermann, David Herrnstein, William H , Jr; The drag of airplane wheels, wheel fairings, and landing gears II : nonretractable and partly retractable landing gears; naca-report-518; 1936

  47. Bamber, M J Zimmerman, C H; Spinning characteristics of wings I : rectangular Clark Y monoplane wing; naca-report-519; 1936

  48. Lee, Dana W; A comparison of fuel sprays from several types of injection nozzles; naca-report-520; 1936

  49. Zimmerman, Charles H; An analysis of longitudinal stability in power-off flight with charts for use in design; naca-report-521; 1936

  50. Herrnstein, William H , Jr Biermann, David; The drag of airplane wheels, wheel fairings, and landing gears - III; naca-report-522; 1936

  51. Wheatley, John B; The influence of wing setting on the wing load and rotor speed of a PCA-2 autogiro as determined in flight; naca-report-523; 1936

  52. Schubauer, G B; A turbulence indicator utilizing the diffusion of heat; naca-report-524; 1936

  53. Rothrock, A M Waldron, C D; Some effects of injection advance angle, engine-jacket temperature, and speed on combustion in a compression-ignition engine; naca-report-525; 1936

  54. Stowell, E Z Deming, A F; Noise from two-blade propellers; naca-report-526; 1936

  55. Schubauer, G B; Air flow in a separating laminar boundary layer; naca-report-527; 1936

  56. Harris, Thomas A; Reduction of hinge moments of airplane control surfaces by tabs; naca-report-528; 1936

  57. Scudder, N F Seidman, Oscar; A flight investigation of the spinning of the F4B-2 biplane with various loads and tail surfaces; naca-report-529; 1936

  58. Jacobs, Eastman N Clay, William C; Characteristics of the NACA 23012 airfoil from tests in the full-scale and variable-density tunnels; naca-report-530; 1936

  59. Fiock, Ernest F King, H Kendall; The effect of water vapor on flame velocity in equivalent carbon monoxide and oxygen mixtures; naca-report-531; 1936

  60. Fiock, Ernest F Roeder, Carl H; The soap-bubble method of studying the combustion of mixtures of carbon monoxide and oxygen; naca-report-532; 1936

  61. Rothrock, A M Marsh, E T; Distribution and regularity of injection from a multicylinder fuel-injection pump; naca-report-533; 1936

  62. Platt, Robert C; Aerodynamic characteristics of a wing with Fowler flaps including flap loads, downwash, and calculated effect on take-off; naca-report-534; 1936

  63. Gerrish, Harold C Foster, H; Hydrogen as an auxiliary fuel in compression-ignition engines; naca-report-535; 1936

  64. Wheatley, John B Bioletti, Carlton; Wind-tunnel tests of a 10-foot-diameter gyroplane rotor; naca-report-536; 1936

  65. Jacobs, Eastman N Pinkerton, Robert M; Tests in the variable-density wind tunnel of related airfoils having the maximum camber unusually far forward; naca-report-537; 1936

  66. Brombacher, W G; Altitude-pressure tables based on the United States standard atmosphere; naca-report-538; 1936

  67. Wallace, Rudolf; Investigation of full-scale split trailing-edge wing flaps with various chords and hinge locations; naca-report-539; 1936

  68. Jacobs, Eastman N Ward, Kenneth E; Interference of wing and fuselage from tests of 209 combinations in the NACA variable-density tunnel; naca-report-540; 1936

  69. Platt, Robert C; Aerodynamic characteristics of wings with cambered external airfoil flaps, including lateral control, with a full-span flap; naca-report-541; 1936

  70. Kussner, H. G.; Status of wing flutter; naca-tm-782; 1936

  71. Liebers, F.; Analysis of the three lowest bending frequencies of a rotating propeller; naca-tm-783; 1936

  72. Wagner, H., Pretschner, W.; Torsion and buckling of open sections; naca-tm-784; 1936

  73. Heck, O. S., Ebner, H.; Methods and formulas for calculating the strength of plate and shell constructions as used in airplane design; naca-tm-785; 1936

  74. Noth, H., Polte, W.; The formation of ice on airplanes; naca-tm-786; 1936

  75. Kramer, M.; The 5- by 7-meter wind tunnel of the DVL; naca-tm-788; 1936

  76. Forthmann. E.; Turbulent jet expansion; naca-tm-789; 1936

  77. Holfelder, Otto.; Ignition and flame development in the case of diesel fuel injection; naca-tm-790; 1936

  78. Schmidbauer, Hans.; Behavior of turbulent boundary layers on curved convex walls; naca-tm-791; 1936

  79. Tollmien, W.; General instability criterion of laminar velocity distributions; naca-tm-792; 1936

  80. Huber, Maximilian T.; Bending of beams of thin sections; naca-tm-793; 1936

  81. Dufaure De Lajarte, A.; Chief characteristics and advantages of tailless airplanes; naca-tm-794; 1936

  82. Gruson, M. F.; Similitude in hydrodynamic tests involving planing; naca-tm-795; 1936

  83. Stuper, J.; Contribution to the problem of airfoils spanning a free jet; naca-tm-796; 1936

  84. Wentzel, W.; Ignition process in Diesel engines; naca-tm-797; 1936

  85. Winter, H.; Flow phenomena on plates and airfoils of short span; naca-tm-798; 1936

  86. Ferrari, C.; The transport of vorticity through fluids in turbulent motion : in the light of the Prandtl and Taylor theories; naca-tm-799; 1936

  87. Borkmann, K.; Charts for checking the stability of compression members in trusses; naca-tm-800; 1936

  88. McAvoy, W. H.; Piloting technique for recovery from spins; naca-tn-555; 1936

  89. Hartman, Edwin P.; Considerations of the take-off problem; naca-tn-557; 1936

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