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  1. Dawson, John R; A general tank test of NACA model 11-C flying-boat hull, including the effect of changing the plan form of the step; naca-tn-538; August 1935

  2. Zimmerman, C H; Aerodynamic characteristics of several airfoils of low aspect ratio; naca-tn-539; August 1935

  3. Burke, Walter F; A deflection formula for single-span beams of constant section subjected to combined axial and transverse loads; naca-tn-540; September 1935

  4. Allison, John M; The effect of the angle of afterbody on the water performance of a flying-boat hull model; naca-tn-541; September 1935

  5. Kuhn, Paul; The initial torsional stiffness of shells with interior webs; naca-tn-542; September 1935

  6. Stack, John; The compressibility bubble; naca-tn-543; October 1935

  7. Von Doenhoff, Albert E; An application of the von Karman-Millikan laminar boundary-layer theory and comparison with experiment; naca-tn-544; October 1935

  8. Parkinson, J B; Tank tests of a model of a flying-boat hull having a longitudinally concave planing bottom; naca-tn-545; November 1935

  9. Weick, Fred E Shortal, Joseph A; Development of the NACA slot-lip aileron; naca-tn-547; November 1935

  10. Soule, H A; Flight tests of a balanced split flap with particular reference to rapid operation; naca-tn-548; December 1935

  11. Defrance, S J; Drag of prestone and oil radiators on the YO-31A airplane; naca-tn-549; December 1935

  12. Theodorsen, Theodore; General theory of aerodynamic instability and the mechanism of flutter; naca-report-496; 1935

  13. Taylor, E S (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass); The importance of auto-ignition lag in knocking; naca-tn-452; March 1935

  14. Theodorsen, T; Propeller vibrations and the effect of the centrifugal force; naca-tn-516; February 1935

  15. Bamber, M J Zimmerman, C H; The aerodynamic forces and moments on a spinning model of the F4B-2 airplane as measured by the spinning balance; naca-tn-517; February 1935

  16. Moore, C S Foster, H H; Performance tests of a single-cylinder compression-ignition engine with a displacer piston; naca-tn-518; February 1935

  17. Stowell, E Z Deming, A F; Vortex noise from rotating cylindrical rods; naca-tn-519; February 1935

  18. Datwyler, G; Calculations of the effect of wing twist on the air forces acting on a monoplane wing; naca-tn-520; 1935

  19. Parsons, John F; Full-scale force and pressure-distribution tests on a tapered U.S.A. 45 airfoil; naca-tn-521; March 1935

  20. Dawson, John R; Tank tests of a model of a flying-boat hull with a fluted bottom; naca-tn-522; March 1935

  21. Lundquiest, Eugene E; Strength tests of thin-walled duralumin cylinders in combined transverse shear and bending; naca-tn-523; April 1935

  22. Noyes, Richard W; Wind-tunnel tests of a wing with a trailing-edge auxiliary airfoil used as a flap; naca-tn-524; 1935

  23. Hartman, Edwin P; The aerodynamic drag of flying-boat hull model as measured in the NACA 20-foot wind tunnel I.; naca-tn-525; April 1935

  24. Bamber, M J; Spinning characteristics of wings II : rectangular Clark Y biplane cellule: 25 percent stagger; 0 degree decalage; gap/chord 1.0; naca-tn-526; April 1935

  25. Lundquist, Eugene E Burke, Walter F; Strength tests of thin-walled duralumin cylinders of elliptic section; naca-tn-527; May 1935

  26. Wheatley, John B Windler, Ray; Wind-tunnel tests of a cyclogiro rotor; naca-tn-528; May 1935

  27. Schwartz, A Murray (Stanford University) Bogert, Reid (Stanford University); Analysis of a strut with a single elastic support in the span, with applications to the design of airplane jury-strut systems; naca-tn-529; May 1935

  28. Kuhn, Paul; Bending stresses due to torsion in cantilever box beams; naca-tn-530; June 1935

  29. Parkinson, J B; Tank tests of model 11-G flying-boat hull; naca-tn-531; June 1935

  30. Sontag, Harcourt (National Bureau of Standards) Borlik, E L (National Bureau of Standards); Method of testing oxygen regulators; naca-tn-532; June 1935

  31. Taylor, E S (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); The thermodynamics of combustion in the Otto cycle engine; naca-tn-533; June 1935

  32. James, Benjamin Wylie (Stanford University); Principal effects of axial load on moment-distribution analysis of rigid structures; naca-tn-534; July 1935

  33. Bell, Joe W; The effect of depth of step on the water performance of a flying-boat hull model; naca-tn-535; July 1935

  34. Desmond, G L (Aerodynamical Laboratory, U.S.N) Mccrary, J A (Aerodynamical Laboratory, U.S.N); The 6-foot-4-inch wind tunnel at the Washington Navy Yard; naca-tn-536; August 1935

  35. Scudder, N F Kirschbaum, H W; A preliminary determination of normal accelerations on racing airplanes; naca-tn-537; August 1935

  36. Wheatley, John B; Wing pressure distribution and rotor-blade motion of an autogiro as determined in flight; naca-report-475; 1935

  37. Gerrish, Harold C Tessmann, Arthur M; Relation of hydrogen and methane to carbon monoxide in exhaust gases from internal-combustion engines; naca-report-476; 1935

  38. Rothrock, A M Marsh, E T; Effect of viscosity on fuel leakage between lapped plungers and sleeves and on the discharge from a pump-injection system; naca-report-477; 1935

  39. Theodorsen, Theodore Silverstein, Abe; Experimental verification of the theory of wind-tunnel boundary interference; naca-report-478; 1935

  40. Donnell, L H; Stability of thin-walled tubes under torsion; naca-report-479; 1935

  41. Sherman, Albert; The aerodynamic effects of wing cut-outs; naca-report-480; 1935

  42. Hartman, Edwin P; Working charts for the determination of propeller thrust at various air speeds; naca-report-481; 1935

  43. White, James A Hood, Manley J; Wing-fuselage interference, tail buffeting, and air flow about the tail of a low-wing monoplane; naca-report-482; 1935

  44. Rothrock, A M Spencer, R C; Effect of moderate air flow on the distribution of fuel sprays after injection cut-0ff; naca-report-483; 1935

  45. Scudder, N F; A flight investigation of the effect of mass distribution and control setting on the spinning of the XN2Y-1 airplane; naca-report-484; 1935

  46. Herrnstein, William H Biermann, David; The drag of airplane wheels, wheel fairings, and landing gears - I; naca-report-485; 1935

  47. Marvin, Charles F , Jr Caldwell, Frank R Steele, Sydney; Infrared radiation from explosions in a spark-ignition engine; naca-report-486; 1935

  48. Wheatley, John B; An aerodynamic analysis of the autogiro rotor with a comparison between calculated and experimental results; naca-report-487; 1935

  49. Biermann, Arnold, E Pinkel, Benjamin; Heat transfer from finned metal cylinders in an air stream; naca-report-488; 1935

  50. Thompson, F L Peck, W C Beard, A P; Air conditions close to the ground and the effect on airplane landings; naca-report-489; 1935

  51. Theodorsen, Theodore Gelalles, A G; Vibration response of airplane structures; naca-report-491; 1935

  52. Stack, John Von Doenhoff, Albert E; Tests of 16 related airfoils at high speed; naca-report-492; 1935

  53. Draper, C S; The physical effects of detonation in a closed cylindrical chamber; naca-report-493; 1935

  54. Weick, Fred E Soule, Hartley A Gough, Melvin N; A flight investigation of the lateral control characteristics of short wide ailerons and various spoilers with different amounts of wing dihedral; naca-report-494; 1935

  55. Spanogle, J A Whitney, E G; A description and test results of a spark-ignition and a compression-ignition 2-stroke-cycle engine; naca-report-495; 1935

  56. Dryden, Hugh L; Computation of the two-dimensional flow in a laminar boundary layer; naca-report-497; 1935

  57. Clay, William C; Improved airplane windshields to provide vision in stormy weather; naca-report-498; 1935

  58. Weick, Fred E Wenzinger, Carl J; Wind-tunnel research comparing lateral control devices, particularly at high angles of attack XII : upper-surface ailerons on wings with split flaps; naca-report-499; 1935

  59. Mutchler, Willard; The weathering of aluminum alloy sheet materials used in aircraft; naca-report-490; 1935

  60. Rhode, Richard V; The influence of tip shape on the wing load distribution as determined by flight tests; naca-report-500; 1935

  61. Diehl, Walter S; Relative loading on biplane wings of unequal chords; naca-report-501; 1935

  62. Silverstein, Abe; Scale effect on Clark Y airfoil characteristics from NACA full-scale wind-tunnel tests; naca-report-502; 1935

  63. Truscott, Starr; The effect of spray strips on the take-off performance of a model of a flying-boat hull; naca-report-503; 1935

  64. Mchugh, James G; Tests of nacelle-propeller combinations in various positions with reference to wings IV : thick wing - various radial-engine cowlings - tandem propellers; naca-report-505; 1935

  65. Valentine, E Floyd; Tests of nacelle-propeller combinations in various positions with reference to wings V : Clark Y biplane cellule - NACA cowled nacelle - tractor propeller; naca-report-506; 1935

  66. Wood, Donald H Bioletti, Carlton; Tests of nacelle-propeller combinations in various positions with reference to wings VI : wings and nacelles with pusher propeller; naca-report-507; 1935

  67. Oskar Schrenk; Experiments with suction-type wings; naca-tm-773; August 1935

  68. Georgii, W.; Gliding in convection currents; naca-tm-761; 1935

  69. Lippisch, A.; Effect of aerodynamic design on glider performance; naca-tm-762; 1935

  70. Doetsch, Hans.; The heat transfer of cooling fins on moving air; naca-tm-763; 1935

  71. Muttray, H.; The aerodynamic aspect of wing-fuselage fillets; naca-tm-764; 1935

  72. Leglise, Pierre.; The 1934 contest for the Deutsch de la Meurthe trophy; naca-tm-765; 1935

  73. Malmer, Ivar.; The aeronautical laboratory of the Stockholm Technical Institute; naca-tm-766; 1935

  74. Betz, A.; Modification of wing-section shape to assure a predetermined change in pressure distribution; naca-tm-767; 1935

  75. Muttray, H.; The interdependence of profile drag and lift with Joukowski type and related airfoils; naca-tm-768; 1935

  76. Cicala, Placido.; The bending of beams with thin tension flanges; naca-tm-769; 1935

  77. Eula, Antonio.; Hydrodynamic tests of models of seaplane floats; naca-tm-770; 1935

  78. Le Sueur, Maurice.; Ground effect on the take-off and landing of airplanes; naca-tm-771; 1935

  79. ; The Denis-Gruson six-component wind-tunnel balance; naca-tm-772; 1935

  80. Wagner, H., Ballerstedt, W.; Tension fields in originally curved, thin sheets during shearing stresses; naca-tm-774; 1935

  81. Kiel, G.; Total-head meter with small sensitivity to yaw; naca-tm-775; 1935

  82. Venediger, Herbert J.; A discussion of the several types of two-stroke-cycle engines; naca-tm-776; 1935

  83. Hoerner, S.; Tests of spheres with reference to Reynolds number, turbulence, and surface roughness; naca-tm-777; 1935

  84. Lippisch, A.; Method for the determination of the spanwise lift distribution; naca-tm-778; 1935

  85. Muller, J.; Weldability of high-tensile steels from experience in airplane construction, with special reference to welding crack susceptibility; naca-tm-779; 1935

  86. Shenstone, B. S., Scott-Hall, S.; Glider development in Germany :a technical survey of progress in design in Germany since 1922; naca-tm-780; 1935

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