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  1. Theodorsen, T Garrick, I E; General potential theory of arbitrary wing section; naca-report-452; 1934

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  12. (Author(s) Not Available); Hazards to aircraft due to electrical phenomena; naca-tn-494; March 1934

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  15. Dearborn, C H; Full-scale drag tests of landing lamps; naca-tn-497; May 1934

  16. Wenzinger, Carl J; Wind-tunnel measurements of air loads on split flaps; naca-tn-498; May 1934

  17. Shortal, J A; Effect of retractable-spoiler location on rolling- and yawing-moment coefficients; naca-tn-499; July 1934

  18. Kuhn, Paul; The torsional stiffness of thin duralumin shells subjected to large torques; naca-tn-500; July 1934

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  30. Truscott, Starr; The wave suppressor used in the N.A.C.A. tank; naca-tn-513; December 1934

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  74. Lutz, O.; The processes in spring-loaded injection valves of solid injection oil engines; naca-tm-758; 1934

  75. Kosin, R.; The effect of weight and drag on the sinking speed and lift/drag ratio of gliders; naca-tm-759; 1934

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