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  1. Eastman N. Jacobs, Kenneth E. Ward; Tests of N.A.C.A. airfoils in the variable-density wind tunnel Series; naca-tn-404; Jan 1932

  2. Edward S. Taylor; Valve timing of engines having intake pressures higher than exhaust; naca-tn-405; Feb 1932

  3. Oscar W. Schey, Alfred W. Young; The use of large valve overlap in scavenging a supercharged spark-ignition engine using fuel injection; naca-tn-406; Apr 1932

  4. A. M. Rothrock, D. W. Lee; Effect of the reservoir volume on the discharge pressures in the injection system of; naca-tn-407; Feb 1932

  5. A. M. Rothrock; Preliminary tests on the vaporization of fuel sprays; naca-tn-408; Feb 1932

  6. H. B. Hendrickson, D. H. Strother; Effect of aging on taut rubber diaphragms; naca-tn-409; Feb 1932

  7. Dana W. Lee; Experiments on the distribution of fuel in fuel sprays; naca-tn-410; Mar 1932

  8. John C. Redmond; Rapid chemical test for the identification of chromium-molybdenum steel; naca-tn-411; Mar 1932

  9. Raymond F. Anderson; The aerodynamic characteristics of airfoils at negative angles of attack; naca-tn-412; Mar 1932

  10. Eugene E. Lundquist; The compressive strength of duralumin columns of equal angle section; naca-tn-413; Mar 1932

  11. J. A. Spanogle, C. S. Moore; Considerations of air flow in combustion chambers of high-speed compression-ignition engines; naca-tn-414; Apr 1932

  12. Fred E. Weick, Carl J. Wenzinger; Preliminary investigation of rolling moments obtained with spoilers on both slotted and plain wings; naca-tn-415; Apr 1932

  13. Eastman N. Jacobs; Characteristics of two sharp-nosed airfoils having reduced spinning tendencies; naca-tn-416; Apr 1932

  14. Fred E. Weick, Robert Sanders; Wind-tunnel tests of a Hall high-life wing; naca-tn-417; May 1932

  15. J. A. Spanogle; Compression-ignition engine tests of several fuels; naca-tn-418; May 1932

  16. Ray Windler; The effect of propellers and nacelles on the landing speeds of tractor monoplanes; naca-tn-420; May 1932

  17. N. F. Scudder, M. P. Miller; The nature of air flow about the tail of an airplane in a spin; naca-tn-421; May 1932

  18. Fred E. Weick, Thomas E. Harris; The aerodynamic characteristics of a model wing having a split flap deflected downward and moved to the rear; naca-tn-422; May 1932

  19. Dana W. Lee, Robert C. Spencer; Preliminary photomicrographic studies of fuel sprays; naca-tn-424; Jul 1932

  20. Melvin N. Gough, Ernest Johnson; Methods of visually determining the air flow around airplanes; naca-tn-425; Jul 1932

  21. Oscar W. Schey, Herman H. R. Ellerbrock; Comparative performance of a Powerplus vane-type supercharger and an N.A.C.A. Roots-type supercharger; naca-tn-426; Jul 1932

  22. Eugene E. Lundquist; Strength tests on thin-walled duralumin cylinders in torsion; naca-tn-427; Aug 1932

  23. Kenneth E. Ward; Characteristics of an airfoil as affected by fabric sag; naca-tn-428; Aug 1932

  24. Oscar W. Schey, Arnold E. Biermann; Heat dissipation from a finned cylinder at different fin-plane/air-stream angles; naca-tn-429; Aug 1932

  25. A. M. Rothrock, C. D. Waldron; Effect of engine operating conditions on the vaporization of safety fuels; naca-tn-430; Aug 1932

  26. Eastman N. Jacobs, James M. Shoemaker; Tests on thrust augmenters for jet propulsion; naca-tn-431; Sep 1932

  27. Ray Windler; Drag tests of 4/9-scale model engine nacelles with various cowlings; naca-tn-432; Oct 1932

  28. Freeman, Hugh B; Comparison of full-scale propellers having R.A.F.-6 and Clark Y airfoil sections; naca-report-378; 1932

  29. Weick, Fred E Wenzinger, Carl J; Effect of length of Handley Page tip slots on the lateral-stability factor, damping in roll; naca-tn-423; July 1932

  30. Weick, Fred E Platt, Robert C; Wind-tunnel tests of the Fowler variable-area wing; naca-tn-419; May 1932

  31. Rhode, Richard V; The pressure distribution over a standard and a modified Navy elliptical wing tip on a biplane in flight; naca-tn-433; October 1932

  32. Gerrish, Harold C Voss, Fred; Influence of several factors on ignition lag in a compression-ignition engine; naca-tn-434; November 1932

  33. Moore, C S Collins, J H , Jr; The effect of clearance distribution on the performance of a compression-ignition engine; naca-tn-435; November 1932

  34. Moore, C S Collins, J H; The effect of connecting-passage diameter on the performance of a compression-ignition engine with a precombustion chamber; naca-tn-436; November 1932

  35. Rhode, Richard V; The pressure distribution over a long elliptical wing tip on a biplane in flight; naca-tn-437; December 1932

  36. Stevens, F W (Bureau of Standards); The gaseous explosive reaction at constant pressure : further data on the effect of inert gases; naca-tn-438; December 1932

  37. Samuels, L T (Weather Bureau); Meteorological conditions during the formation of ice on aircraft; naca-tn-439; December 1932

  38. Soule, Hartley A; Flight tests to determine the effect of a fixed auxiliary airfoil on the lift and drag of a parasol monoplane; naca-tn-440; December 1932

  39. Briggs, L J Dryden, H L; Aerodynamic characteristics of circular-arc airfoils at high speeds; naca-report-365; 1932

  40. Peck, William C; Dynamic and flight tests on rubber-cord and oleo-rubber-disk landing gears for an F6C-4 airplane; naca-report-366; 1932

  41. Wenzinger, Carl J; Pressure distribution over a thick, tapered and twisted monoplane wing model-NACA 81-J; naca-report-367; 1932

  42. Diehl, Walter S; A new chart for estimating the absolute ceiling of an airplane; naca-report-368; 1932

  43. Dearborn, C H Kirschbaum, H W; Maneuverability investigation of the F6C-3 airplane with special flight instruments; naca-report-369; 1932

  44. Monish, B H; Effect of variation of chord and span of ailerons on hinge moments at several angles of pitch; naca-report-370; 1932

  45. (Author(s) Not Available); Present status of aircraft instruments; naca-report-371; 1932

  46. Stevens, F W; The gaseous explosive reaction : the effect of pressure on the rate of propagation of the reaction zone and upon the rate of molecular transformation; naca-report-372; 1932

  47. Gelalles, A G; Coefficients of discharge of fuel-injection nozzles for compression-ignition engines; naca-report-373; 1932

  48. Darnell, T H; The automotive ignition coil; naca-report-374; 1932

  49. Wood, Donald H; Full-scale tests of metal propellers at high tip speeds; naca-report-375; 1932

  50. Diehl, Walter S; Some approximate equations for the standard atmosphere; naca-report-376; 1932

  51. Soule, Hartley A Scudder, Nathan F; A method of flight measurement of spins; naca-report-377; 1932

  52. Knight, Montgomery Wenzinger, Carl J; Rolling moments due to rolling and yaw for four wing models in rotation; naca-report-379; 1932

  53. Rhode, Richard V Lundquist, Eugene E; Pressure distribution over the fuselage of a PW-9 pursuit airplane in flight; naca-report-380; 1932

  54. Peck, William C Beard, Albert P; Static, drop, and flight tests on Musselman type airwheels; naca-report-381; 1932

  55. Trayer, George W March, H W; Elastic instability of members having sections common in aircraft construction; naca-report-382; 1932

  56. Theodorsen, Theodore; On the theory of wing sections with particular reference to the lift distribution; naca-report-383; 1932

  57. Schey, Oscar W; The comparative performance of superchargers; naca-report-384; 1932

  58. Bamber, Millard J; Wind-tunnel tests on airfoil boundary layer control using a backward-opening slot; naca-report-385; 1932

  59. Dearborn, C H Kirschbaum, H W; Maneuverability investigation of an F6C-4 fighting airplane; naca-report-386; 1932

  60. Theodorsen, Theodore; Investigation of the diaphragm-type pressure cell; naca-report-388; 1932

  61. Freeman, Hugh B; The effect of small angles of yaw and pitch on the characteristics of airplane propellers; naca-report-389; 1932

  62. Schey, Oscar W Biermann, Arnold E; The effect of valve timing upon the performance of a supercharged engine at altitude and an unsupercharged engine at sea level; naca-report-390; 1932

  63. Jacobs, Eastman N; The aerodynamic characteristics of eight very thick airfoils from tests in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-report-391; 1932

  64. Knight, Montgomery Noyes, Richard W; Span-load distribution as a factor in stability in roll; naca-report-393; 1932

  65. Abbott, Ira H; Airship model tests in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-report-394; 1932

  66. Theodorsen, Theodore; A new principle of sound frequency analysis; naca-report-395; 1932

  67. Rothrock, A M; Hydraulics of fuel-injection pumps for compression-ignition engines; naca-report-396; 1932

  68. Thompson, F L Kirschbaum, H W; The drag characteristics of several airships determined by deceleration tests; naca-report-397; 1932

  69. Houseman, M R Keulegan, G H; Investigation of damping liquids for aircraft instruments : II; naca-report-398; 1932

  70. Marvin, Charles F , Jr Best, Robert D; Flame movement and pressure development in an engine cylinder; naca-report-399; 1932

  71. Wenzinger, Carl J Shortal, Joseph A; The aerodynamic characteristics of a slotted Clark y wing as affected by the auxiliary airfoil position; naca-report-400; 1932

  72. Wood, Donald H; Tests of nacelle-propeller combinations in various positions with reference to wings II : thick wing - various radial-engine cowlings - tractor propeller; naca-report-436; May 12, 1932

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