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  1. F. L. Thompson, P. H. Keister; Lift and drag characteristics of a cabin monoplane; naca-tn-362; Jan 1931

  2. Fred E. Weick; The behavior of conventional airplanes in situations thought to lead to most crashes; naca-tn-363; Feb 1931

  3. John Stack; Tests in the variable density wind tunnel to investigate the effects of scale and turbulence on airfoil characteristics; naca-tn-364; Feb 1931

  4. Kenneth E. Ward; Interference effects and drag of struts on a monoplane wing; naca-tn-365; Feb 1931

  5. John B. Wheatley; Torsion in box wings; naca-tn-366; Feb 1931

  6. Raymond F. Anderson; The aerodynamic characteristics of three tapered airfoils tested in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-tn-367; Feb 1931

  7. Melvin N. Gough; The variation in pressure in the cabin of an airplane in flight; naca-tn-368; Mar 1931

  8. A. G. Gelalles, E. E. March; Effect of orifice length-diameter ratio on the coefficient of discharge of fuel-injection nozzles; naca-tn-369; Mar 1931

  9. Richard V. Rhodes, Eugene E. Lundquist; Strength tests on paper cylinder in compression, bending and shear; naca-tn-370; Apr 1931

  10. J. A. Spanogle, G. H. Hemmeter; Development of an impinging-jet fuel-injection valve nozzle; naca-tn-372; Apr 1931

  11. Harold C. Gerrish, Fred Voss; Investigation of the discharge rate of a fuel-injection system; naca-tn-373; Apr 1931

  12. Richard V. Rhode, Eugene E. Lundquist; Preliminary study of applied load factors in bumpy air; naca-tn-374; Apr 1931

  13. Marvel P. Miller, Hartley A. Soule; Moments of inertia of several airplanes; naca-tn-375; May 1931

  14. A. M. Rothrock; Effect of high air velocities on the distribution and penetration of a fuel spray; naca-tn-376; May 1931

  15. Richard W. Noyes; An integrating manometer for use in wind tunnel pressure distribution measurements; naca-tn-377; May 1931

  16. E. C. Hartmann; Comparison of weights of 17ST and steel tubular structural members used in aircraft construction; naca-tn-378; May 1931

  17. Richard V. Rhode, Eugene E. Lungquist; The pressure distribution over a semicircular wing tip on an airplane in flight; naca-tn-379; May 1931

  18. Fayette C. Taylor; A suggested method for measuring turbulence; naca-tn-380; Jun 1931

  19. H. W. Russell, W. A. Welcker, Jr.; Endurance and other properties at low temperatures of some alloys for aircraft use; naca-tn-381; Jun 1931

  20. J. A. Spanogle, H. H. Foster; Basic requirements of fuel-injection nozzles for quiescent combustion chambers; naca-tn-382; Jun 1931

  21. Andrew E. Swickard; Metal-truss wing spars; naca-tn-383; Jul 1931

  22. A. M. Rothrock, E. T. Marsh; The effect of injection-valve opening pressure; naca-tn-384; Jul 1931

  23. Eastman N. Jacobs; Tests of six symmetrical airfoils in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-tn-385; Jul 1931

  24. Eugene E. Lundquist, Richard V. Rhode; The pressure distribution over a modified elliptical wing tip on a biplane in flight; naca-tn-387; Aug 1931

  25. A. M. Rothrock; The N.A.C.A. apparatus for studying the formation and combustion of fuel sprays and the results from preliminary tests; naca-tn-389; Sep 1931

  26. Oscar W. Schey, Alfred W. Young; A method for reducing the temperature of exhaust manifolds; naca-tn-390; Sep 1931

  27. Eastman N. Jacobs, Robert M. Pinkerton; Tests of N.A.C.A. airfoils in the variable-density wind tunnel Series 43 and 63; naca-tn-391; Sep 1931

  28. Eastman N. Jacobs, Robert M. Pinkerton; Tests of N.A.C.A. airfoils in the variable-density wind tunnel Series 45 and 65; naca-tn-392; Sep 1931

  29. Wm. D. Appel, R. K. Worner; An investigation of cotton for parachute cloth; naca-tn-393; Sep 1931

  30. Theodore Theodorsen, William C. Clay; The prevention of ice formation on gasoline tank vents; naca-tn-394; Oct 1931

  31. A. M. Rothrock, E. T. Marsh; Penetration and duration of fuel sprays from a pump injection system; naca-tn-395; Oct 1931

  32. J. A. Spanogle, C. S. Moore; Performance of a compression-ignition engine with a precombustion chamber having high-velocity air flow; naca-tn-396; Oct 1931

  33. Raymond F. Anderson; The aerodynamic characteristics of six commonly used Airfoils over a large range of positive and negative angles of attack; naca-tn-397; Nov 1931

  34. Hartley A. Soule; The effect of slots and flaps on the lift and drag of the McDonnell Airplanes determined in flight; naca-tn-398; Nov 1931

  35. A. M. Rothrock, C. D. Waldron; Some characteristics of fuel sprays at low-injection pressures; naca-tn-399; Nov 1931

  36. R. W. Buzzard, W. H. Mutchler; Advantages of oxide films as bases for aluminum pigmented surface coatings for aluminum alloys; naca-tn-400; Nov 1931

  37. Eastman N. Jacobs, Robert M. Pinkerton; Tests of N.A.C.A. airfoils in the variable density wind tunnel Series 44 and 64; naca-tn-401; Dec 1931

  38. J. A. Spanogle, E. G. Whitney; The effectiveness of a double-stem injection valve in controlling combustion in a compression-ignition engine; naca-tn-402; Dec 1931

  39. Kenneth E. Ward; The interference effects on an airfoil of a flat plate at mid-span position; naca-tn-403; Dec 1931

  40. Richard V. Rhode, Eugene E. Lundquist; The pressure distribution over a square wing tip on a biplane in flight; naca-tn-360; Jan 1931

  41. Stevens, F W; The gaseous explosive reaction at constant pressure : the reaction order and reaction rate; naca-report-337; 1931

  42. Weick, Fred E; The effect of reduction gearing on propeller-body interference as shown by full-scale wind-tunnel tests; naca-report-338; 1931

  43. Weick, Fred E; Full-scale wind-tunnel tests with a series of propellers of different diameters on a single fuselage; naca-report-339; 1931

  44. Weick, Fred E; Full-scale wind-tunnel tests on several metal propellers having different blade forms; naca-report-340; 1931

  45. Joachim, William F Hicks, Chester W Foster, Hampton H; The design and development of an automatic injection valve with an annular orifice of varying area; naca-report-341; 1931

  46. Dryden, H L Kuethe, A M; Effect of turbulence in wind-tunnel measurements; naca-report-342; 1931

  47. Heald, R H Strother, D H Monish, B H; Effect of variation of chord and span of ailerons on rolling and yawing moments at several angles of pitch; naca-report-343; 1931

  48. Trayer, George W; The design of plywood webs for airplane wing beams; naca-report-344; 1931

  49. Newlin, J A Trayer, George W; The design of airplane wing ribs; naca-report-345; 1931

  50. Thompson, F L; Water pressure distribution on a flying boat hull; naca-report-346; 1931

  51. Newlin, J A Trayer, George W; A method of calculating the ultimate strength of continuous beams; naca-report-347; 1931

  52. Whittemore, H L Brueggeman, W C; Strength of welded joints in tubular members for aircraft; naca-report-348; 1931

  53. Durand, W F; A proof of the theorem regarding the distribution of lift over the span for minimum induced drag; naca-report-349; 1931

  54. Weick, Fred E; Working charts for the selection of aluminum alloy propellers of a standard form to operate with various aircraft engines and bodies; naca-report-350; 1931

  55. Wood, Donald H; Full-scale wind-tunnel tests of a propeller with the diameter changed by cutting off the blade tips; naca-report-351; 1931

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  57. Jacobs, Eastman N Stack, John Pinkerton, Robert M; Airfoil pressure distribution investigation in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-report-353; 1931

  58. Markwardt, L J; Aircraft woods: their properties, selection, and characteristics; naca-report-354; 1931

  59. Schey, Oscar W Young, Alfred W; Comparative flight performance with an NACA Roots supercharger and a turbocentrifugal supercharger; naca-report-355; 1931

  60. Schuman, Louis Back, Goldie; Strength of rectangular flat plates under edge compression; naca-report-356; 1931

  61. Committee on Aircraft Accidents; Aircraft accidents : method of analysis; naca-report-357; 1931

  62. Brombacher, W G Melton, E R; Temperature coefficient of the modulus of rigidity of aircraft instrument diaphragm and spring materials; naca-report-358; 1931

  63. Peters, Melville F Summerville, Wayne L; An investigation of the effectiveness of ignition sparks; naca-report-359; 1931

  64. Jacobs, Eastman N Pinkerton, Robert M; Pressure distribution over a symmetrical airfoil section with trailing edge flap; naca-report-360; 1931

  65. Knight, Montgomery Harris, Thomas A; Experimental determination of jet boundary corrections for airfoil tests in four open wind tunnel jets of different shapes; naca-report-361; 1931

  66. Millikan, Clark B; An extended theory of thin airfoils and its application to the biplane problem; naca-report-362; 1931

  67. Rothrock, A M; Pressure fluctuations in a common-rail fuel injection system; naca-report-363; 1931

  68. Rhode, Richard; The pressure distribution over the wings and tail surfaces of a PW-9 pursuit airplane in flight; naca-report-364; 1931

  69. Ward, Kenneth E; The effect of small variations in profile of airfoils; naca-tn-361; 1931

  70. Pinkerton, Robert M; Effect of nose shape on the characteristics of symmetrical airfoils; naca-tn-386; August 1931

  71. Defoe, George L; A comparison of the aerodynamic characteristics of the normal and three reflexed airfoils in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-tn-388; August 1931

  72. Abbott, I H; Experiments with an airfoil model on which the boundary layers are controlled without the use of supplementary equipment; naca-tn-371; April 1931

  73. Wenzinger, Carl J Harris, Thomas A; The vertical wind tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics; naca-report-387; 1931

  74. Dryden, Hugh L; Reduction of turbulence in wind tunnels; naca-report-392; 1931

  75. Fuchs, Richard, Schmidt, Wilhelm; The steady spin; naca-tm-630; 1931

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