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  1. G. Fayette Taylor, A. Rehbock; Rate of heat transfer from finned metal surfaces; naca-tn-331; Jan 1930

  2. A. M. Rothrock; Injection labs in a common-rail fuel injection system; naca-tn-332; Feb 1930

  3. E. P. Lesley; Test of an adjustable pitch model propeller at four blade settings; naca-tn-333; Feb 1930

  4. Oscar W. Schey, Ernest Johnson, Melvin N. Gough; Comparative performance obtained with XF7C-1 airplane using several different engine cowlings; naca-tn-334; Feb 1930

  5. H. J. McNicholas, F. Hedrick; The structure and properties of parachute cloths; naca-tn-335; Mar 1930

  6. Montgomery Knight, Carl J. Wenzinger; The effect of wing tip floating ailerons on the autorotation of a monoplane wing model; naca-tn-336; Mar 1930

  7. Richard V. Rhode; Pressure distribution on the tail surfaces of a PW-9 pursuit airplane in flight; naca-tn-337; Apr 1930

  8. A. G. Gelalles; Some effects of air and fuel oil temperatures on spray penetration and dispersion; naca-tn-338; May 1930

  9. Montgomery Knight, William C. Clay; Refrigerated wind tunnel tests on surface coatings for preventing ice formation; naca-tn-339; May 1930

  10. William H. Hernstein, Jr.; Full scale drag tests on various parts of Fairchild (FC-2W2) cabin monoplane; naca-tn-340; May 1930

  11. Robert M. Pinkerton; Calibration and lag of a Friez type cup anemometer; naca-tn-341; Jun 1930

  12. Horace Knerr; Identification of aircraft by Rockwell test; naca-tn-342; Jun 1930

  13. George Michael Smith; Strength in shear of the thin curved sheets of Alclad; naca-tn-343; Jun 1930

  14. J. A. Spanogle, H. H. Foster; Performance of a high-speed compression-ignition engine using multiple orifice fuel injection nozzles; naca-tn-344; Jun 1930

  15. William C. Geer, Merit Scott; The prevention of the ice hazard on airplanes; naca-tn-345; Jul 1930

  16. Richard V. Rhode, Eugene E. Lundquist; Pressure distribution over a Douglas wing tip on a biplane in flight; naca-tn-347; Aug 1930

  17. John H. Collins, Jr.; Alterations and tests of the - Farnboro - engine indicator; naca-tn-348; Sep 1930

  18. Kenneth F. Ridley; An investigation of airplane landing speeds; naca-tn-349; Sep 1930

  19. W. H. Mutchler, R. W. Buzzard; Methods for the identification of aircraft tubing of plain carbon steel and chromium-molybdenum steel; naca-tn-350; Oct 1930

  20. M. P. Miller; An accurate method of measuring the moments of inertia of airplanes; naca-tn-351; Oct 1930

  21. A. G. Gellales; Effect of orifice length-diameter ratio on spray characteristics; naca-tn-352; Oct 1930

  22. Robert M. Pinkerton; Analytical determination of the load on a trailing edge flap; naca-tn-353; Oct 1930

  23. John F. Parsons, Jarvis A. Wallen; An investigation of the phenomenon of separation in the air flow around simple quadric cylinders; naca-tn-354; Nov 1930

  24. A. M. Rothrock, D. W. Lee; Some characteristics of fuel sprays from open nozzles; naca-tn-356; Nov 1930

  25. Ralph W. Mossman, Russell G. Robinson; Bending tests of metal monocoque fuselage construction; naca-tn-357; Nov 1930

  26. Eastman N. Jacobs, Ira H. Abbott; Experiments with a model water tunnel; naca-tn-358; Dec 1930

  27. J. A. Spanogle, John H. Collins, Jr.; A balanced diaphragm type of maximum cylinder pressure indicator; naca-tn-359; Dec 1930

  28. Knight, Montgomery Noyes, Richard W; Span load distribution on two monoplanes wing models as affected by twist and sweepback; naca-tn-346; July 1930

  29. Gough, Melvin N; Effect of the angular position of the section of a ring cowling on the high speed of an XF7C-1 airplane; naca-tn-355; November 1930

  30. Wheatley, John B; Simplified aerodynamic analysis of the cyclogiro rotating wing system; naca-tn-467; August 1930

  31. Diehl, Walter S; Joint report on standardization tests on N.P.L. R.A.F 15 airfoil model; naca-report-309; 1930

  32. Brombacher, W G Cordero, F; Pressure element of constant logarithmic stiffness for temperature compensated altimeter; naca-report-310; 1930

  33. Smith, R H; Aerodynamic theory and test of strut forms. Part I; naca-report-311; 1930

  34. Weick, Fred E; Drag and cooling with various forms of cowling for a "whirlwind" radial air-cooled engine I; naca-report-313; 1930

  35. Weick, Fred E; Drag and cooling with various forms of cowling for a "Whirlwind" radial air-cooled engine II; naca-report-314; 1930

  36. Zahm, A F Louden, F A; Tables for pressure of air on coming to rest from various speeds; naca-report-316; 1930

  37. Knight, Montgomery Wenzinger, Carl J; Wind-tunnel tests on a series of wing models through a large angle of attack range. Part I : force tests; naca-report-317; 1930

  38. De France, S J (Bureau Of Aeronautics (Navy), Washington, DC) Burgess, C P; Speed and deceleration trials of U.S.S. Los Angeles; naca-report-318; 1930

  39. Brigg, L J Dryden, H L; Aerodynamic characteristics of twenty-four airfoils at high speeds; naca-report-319; 1930

  40. Dryden, H L Kuethe, A M; The measurement of fluctuations of air speed by the hot-wire anemometer; naca-report-320; 1930

  41. Joachim, William F Rothrock, A M; Fuel vapor pressures and the relation of vapor pressure to the preparation of fuel for combustion in fuel injection engines; naca-report-321; 1930

  42. Jacobs, Eastman N; Investigation of air flow in open-throat wind tunnels; naca-report-322; 1930

  43. Zahm, A F; Flow and force equations for a body revolving in a fluid; naca-report-323; 1930

  44. De France, S J; Flight tests on U.S.S. Los Angeles. Part I : full scale pressure distribution investigation; naca-report-324; 1930

  45. Burgess, C P; Flight tests on U.S.S. Los Angeles. Part II : stress and strength determination; naca-report-325; 1930

  46. Lesley, E P Reid, Elliott G; Tests of five metal model propellers with various pitch distributions in a free wind stream and in combination with model VE-7 fuselage; naca-report-326; 1930

  47. Schey, O W Gove, W D; The effect of supercharger capacity on engine and airplane performance; naca-report-327; 1930

  48. Thompson, F L; Water pressure distribution on a twin-float seaplane; naca-report-328; 1930

  49. Burgess, C P; The torsional strength of wings; naca-report-329; 1930

  50. Gelalles, A G Rothrock, A M; Experimental and analytical determination of the motion of hydraulically operated valve stems in oil engine injection systems; naca-report-330; 1930

  51. Louden, F A; Collection of wind-tunnel data on commonly used wing sections; naca-report-331; 1930

  52. Schey, Oscar W Biermann, Arnold E; The effect of cowling on cylinder temperatures and performance of a Wright J-5 engine; naca-report-332; 1930

  53. Thompson, F L; Full-scale turning characteristics of the U.S.S. Los Angeles; naca-report-333; 1930

  54. Trayer, George W March, H W; The torsion of members having sections common in aircraft construction; naca-report-334; 1930

  55. Smith, R H; Aerodynamic theory and tests of strut forms. Part II; naca-report-335; 1930

  56. Wood, Donald H; Tests of large airfoils in the propeller research tunnel, including two with corrugated surfaces; naca-report-336; 1930

  57. Higgins, George J; The prediction of airfoil characteristics; naca-report-312; 1930

  58. (Author(s) Not Available); Aerodynamic characteristics of airfoils VI : continuation of reports nos. 93, 124, 182, 244, and 286; naca-report-315; 1930

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