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  1. E. P. Lesley, E. G. Reid; A new method for the prediction of airplane performance; naca-tn-302; Feb 1929

  2. C. S. Fliedner; Condensed data on the aircraft engines of the world; naca-tn-303; Apr 1929

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  4. Henry S. Rawdon; Corrosion embrittlement of duralumin VI : the effect of corrosion accompanied by stress on the tensile properties of sheet duralumin; naca-tn-305;

  5. Orrin E. Ross; Curves showing column strength of steel and duralumin tubing; naca-tn-306; May 1929

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  7. Eastman N. Jacobs; Pressure distribution on a slotted R.A.F. 31 airfoil in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-tn-308; Jun 1929

  8. Donald B. Brooks; Correcting engine tests for humidity; naca-tn-309; Jun 1929

  9. Montgomery Knight, Richard Noyes; Wind tunnel pressure distribution tests on a series of biplane wing models; naca-tn-310; Jul 1929

  10. Thomas Carroll, Smith J. Defrance; The use of wheel brakes on airplanes; naca-tn-311; Jul 1929

  11. Eastman N. Jacobs; Sphere drag tests in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-tn-312; Aug 1929

  12. Thomas Carroll, William H. McAvoy; The formation of ice upon airplanes in flight; naca-tn-313; Aug 1929

  13. Thomas Carroll, William H. McAvoy; Spiral tendency in blind flying; naca-tn-314; Aug 1929

  14. Mayo D. Hersey; Viscosity of diesel engine fuel oil under pressure; naca-tn-315; Sep 1929

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  16. Fred E. Weick; Tests of four racing type airfoils in the twenty-foot propeller research tunnel; naca-tn-317; Sep 1929

  17. Fred E. Weick; Full scale investigation of the drag of a wing radiator; naca-tn-318; Sep 1929

  18. Shatswell Ober; Some experiments on autorotation of an airfoil; naca-tn-319; Sep 1929

  19. Th. Von Karman; The impact on seaplane floats during landing; naca-tn-321; Oct 1929

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  22. Millard J. Bamber; Wind tunnel tests on an airfoil equipped with a split flap and a slot; naca-tn-324; Oct 1929

  23. Montgomery Knight, Richard W. Noyes; Wind tunnel pressure distribution tests on a series of biplane wing models Part II : effects of changes in decalage, dihedral, sweepback and overhang; naca-tn-325; Oct 1929

  24. Carl J. Wenzinger, Oscar Loeser; Wind tunnel pressure distribution tests on an airfoil with trailing edge flap; naca-tn-326; Oct 1929

  25. Shatswell Ober; Some studies on the aerodynamic effect of the gap between airplane wings and fuselages; naca-tn-327; Nov 1929

  26. Oscar W. Schey; The effect of fuel consumption on cylinder temperatures and performance of a cowled Wright J-5 engine; naca-tn-328; Nov 1929

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  33. (Author(s) Not Available); Aerodynamic characteristics of airfoils V : continuation of reports nos. 93, 124, 182, and 244; naca-report-286; 1929

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  37. Thompson, F L; Water-pressure distribution on seaplane float; naca-report-290; 1929

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  47. Weick, Fred E; Full scale tests of wood propellers on a VE-7 airplane in the propeller research tunnel; naca-report-301; 1929

  48. Weick, Fred E; Full scale tests on a thin metal propeller at various tip speeds; naca-report-302; 1929

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  51. Stevens, F W; The gaseous explosive reaction : a study of the kinetics of composite fuels; naca-report-305; 1929

  52. Weick, Fred E; Full-scale wind-tunnel tests of a series of metal propellers on a VE-7 airplane; naca-report-306; 1929

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  55. (Author(s) Not Available); Aircraft accidents.method of analysis; naca-report-308; 1929

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