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  1. Fred E. Weick; Full scale drag tests on various parts of Sperry Messenger airplane; naca-tn-271; Jan 1928

  2. A. M. Heim; Special propeller protractor; naca-tn-272; Jan 1928

  3. Thomas Carroll; The effect on performance of a cutaway center section; naca-tn-273; Jan 1928

  4. Fred E. Weick; The effect of the Sperry Messenger fuselage on the air flow at the propeller plane; naca-tn-274; Jan 1928

  5. Fred E. Weick; Determination of propeller deflection by means of static load tests on models; naca-tn-275; Jan 1928

  6. Clinton H. Havill; Helium tables; naca-tn-276; Jan 1928

  7. R. V. Rhode; Pressure distribution on wing ribs of the VE-7 and TS airplanes in flight Part II: pull-ups; naca-tn-277; Jan 1928

  8. A. F. Zahm; An automatic speed control for wind tunnels; naca-tn-278; Feb 1928

  9. George L. DeFoe; Resistance of streamline wires; naca-tn-279; Mar 1928

  10. Donald H. Wood; Drag of exposed fittings and surface irregularities on airplane fuselages; naca-tn-280; Mar 1928

  11. Fred E. Weick; A comparison of propeller and centrifugal fans for circulating the air in a wind tunnel; naca-tn-281; Mar 1928

  12. Henry S. Rawdon; Corrosion embrittlement of duralumin I : practical aspects of the problem; naca-tn-282; Apr 1928

  13. Henry S. Rawdon; Corrosion embrittlement of duralumin II : accelerated corrosion tests and the behavior of high-strength aluminum alloys of different compositions; naca-tn-283; Apr 1928

  14. Henry S. Rawdon; Corrosion embrittlement of duralumin III : effect of the previous treatment of sheet material on the susceptibility to this type of corrosion; naca-tn-284; Apr 1928

  15. Henry S. Rawdon; Corrosion embrittlement of duralumin IV : the use of protective coatings; naca-tn-285; Apr 1928

  16. Thomas Carroll; A dangerous seaplane landing condition; naca-tn-287; May 1928

  17. H. C. Richardson; The reaction on a float bottom when making contact with water at high speeds; naca-tn-288; May 1928

  18. James M. Shoemaker; Preliminary biplane tests in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-tn-289; Jun 1928

  19. W. B. Miller; Welding of high chromium steels; naca-tn-290; Jun 1928

  20. T. R. Truax; Gluing practice at aircraft manufacturing plants; naca-tn-291; Jul 1928

  21. Fred E. Weick; The drag of a J-5 radial air-cooled engine; naca-tn-292; Jul 1928

  22. Carroll, Thomas Mcavoy, Wm H; The formation of ice upon exposed parts of an airplane in flight; naca-tn-293; July 1928

  23. Carl J. Wenzinger, Thomas A. Harris; Wind tunnel force tests in wing systems through large angles of attack; naca-tn-294; Aug 1928

  24. Paul V. Dronin, Earl I. Ramsden, George J. Higgins; The effect of tip shields on a horizontal tail surface; naca-tn-295; Aug 1928

  25. G. W. Trayer; Bearing strength of wood under steel aircraft bolts and washers and other factors influencing fitting design; naca-tn-296; Oct 1928

  26. Montgomery Knight, Millard J. Bamber; Preliminary report on the flat-top lift curve as a factor in control at low speed; naca-tn-297; Sep 1928

  27. Chester W. Hicks, Charles S. Moore; The determination of several spray characteristics of a high-speed oil engine injection system with an oscilloscope; naca-tn-298; Sep 1928

  28. Thomas Carroll, Wm. H. McAvoy; The variation in pressures in the cockpit fan airplane in flight; naca-tn-300; Nov 1928

  29. Fred E. Weick; Drag and cooling with various forms of cowling for a Whirlwind engine in a cabin fuselage; naca-tn-301; Nov 1928

  30. Reid, E G Bamber, M J; Preliminary investigation on boundary layer control by means of suction and pressure with the U.S.A. 27 airfoil; naca-tn-286; May 1928

  31. Gough, Melvin N; The effect of fillets between wings and fuselage on the drag and propulsive efficiency of an airplane; naca-tn-299; October 1928

  32. Crowley, J W , Jr; Pressure distribution over a wing and tail rib of a VE-7 and of a TS airplane in flight; naca-report-257; 1928

  33. Beardsley, E G; Some factors affecting the reproducibility of penetration and the cut-off of oil sprays for fuel-injection engines; naca-report-258; 1928

  34. Jacobs, Eastman N; Characteristics of propeller sections tested in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-report-259; 1928

  35. Higgins, George J Jacobs, Eastman N; The effect of a flap and ailerons on the N.A.C.A. M-6 airfoil section; naca-report-260; 1928

  36. Smith, R H; Resistance and cooling power of various radiators; naca-report-261; 1928

  37. Sparrow, S W Thorne, M A; Friction of aviation engines; naca-report-262; 1928

  38. Gardiner, Arthur W Reid, Elliott G; Preliminary flight tests of the N.A.C.A. Roots type aircraft engine supercharger; naca-report-263; 1928

  39. Bear, R M; Differential pressures on a Pitot-Venturi and a Pitot-static nozzle over 360 degrees pitch and yaw; naca-report-264; 1928

  40. Reid, Elliott G; A full-scale investigation of ground effect; naca-report-265; 1928

  41. Smith, R H; Air force and moment for N-20 wing with certain cut-outs; naca-report-266; 1928

  42. Hemke, Paul E; Drag of wings with end plates; naca-report-267; 1928

  43. Joachim, W F Beardsley, E G; Factors in the design of centrifugal type injection valves for oil engines; naca-report-268; 1928

  44. Shoemaker, James M; Air force tests of sperry messenger model with six sets of wings; naca-report-269; 1928

  45. Hemke, Paul E; The measurement of pressure through tubes in pressure distribution tests; naca-report-270; 1928

  46. Fairbanks, A J; Pressure distribution tests on PW-9 wing models showing effects of biplane interference; naca-report-271; 1928

  47. Gardiner, Arthur W Whedon, William E; The relative performance obtained with several methods of control of an overcompressed engine using gasoline; naca-report-272; 1928

  48. Knight, Montgomery; Wind tunnel tests on autorotation and the "flat spin."; naca-report-273; 1928

  49. Beardsley, Edward G; The N.A.C.A. photographic apparatus for studying fuel sprays from oil engine injection valves and test results from several researches; naca-report-274; 1928

  50. Higgins, George J; The effect of the walls in closed type wind tunnels; naca-report-275; 1928

  51. Marvin, Charles F , Jr; Combustion time in the engine cylinder and its effect on engine performance; naca-report-276; 1928

  52. Gardiner, Arthur W Schey, Oscar W; The comparative performance of an aviation engine at normal and high inlet air temperatures; naca-report-277; 1928

  53. Smith, R H; Lift, drag, and elevator hinge moments of Handley Page control surfaces; naca-report-278; 1928

  54. Higgins, George J (Bureau Of Aeronautics (Navy), Washington, DC) Defoe, George L Diehl, W S; Tests on models of three British airplanes in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-report-279; 1928

  55. Stevens, F W; The gaseous explosive reaction : the effect of inert gases; naca-report-280; 1928

  56. Joachim, W F Beardsley, Edward G; The effects of fuel and cylinder gas densities on the characteristics of fuel sprays for oil engines; naca-report-281; 1928

  57. Joachim, William F Kemper, Carlton; Performance of several combustion chambers designed for aircraft oil engines; naca-report-282; 1928

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