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  1. Donald A. Hall; Technical preparation of the airplane - Spirit of St. Louis.; naca-tn-257; Jul 1927

  2. Elliott G. Reid, Thomas Carroll; A warning concerning the take-off with heavy load; naca-tn-258; Jul 1927

  3. E. H. Dix, Jr.; A L C L A D : new corrosion resistant aluminum product; naca-tn-259; Aug 1927

  4. Fred E. Weick; Study of open jet wind tunnel cones; naca-tn-260; Aug 1927

  5. M. F. Schoeffel; The installation and correction of compasses in airplanes; naca-tn-262; Aug 1927

  6. Roy G. Miller; A load factor formula; naca-tn-263; Aug 1927

  7. George J. Higgins; Tests of the N.P.L. airship models in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-tn-264; Sep 1927

  8. M. W. Green; Measurement of the moments of inertia of full scale airplanes; naca-tn-265; Jan 1927

  9. Elliott G. Reid; Airfoil lift with changing angle of attack; naca-tn-266; Sep 1927

  10. R. V. Rhode; Pressure distribution on wing ribs of the VE-7 and TS airplanes in flight; naca-tn-267; Oct 1927

  11. Max Scherberg, R. V. Rhode; Mass distribution and performance of free flight models; naca-tn-268; Oct 1927

  12. Richard M. Mock; The distribution of loads between the wings of a biplane having decalage; naca-tn-269; Nov 1927

  13. George J. Higgins; The characteristics of the N.A.C.A 97, Clark Y, and N.A.C.A. M6 airfoils with particular reference to the angle of attack; naca-tn-270; Dec 1927

  14. Frank Rizzo; Precision of wing sections and consequent aerodynamic effects; naca-tn-255; Jan 1927

  15. George J. Higgins; Wall interference in closed type wind tunnels; naca-tn-256; Mar 1927

  16. R. H. Smith; Method of correcting wind tunnel data for omitted parts of airplane models; naca-tn-254; Jan 1927

  17. Munk, Max M Miller, Elton W; The aerodynamic characteristics of seven frequently used wing sections at full Reynolds number; naca-report-233; 1927

  18. Diehl, Walter S; Three methods of calculating range and endurance of airplanes; naca-report-234; 1927

  19. Durand, W F; Interaction between air propellers and airplane structures; naca-report-235; 1927

  20. Diehl, Walter S; Tests on airplane fuselages, floats and hulls; naca-report-236; 1927

  21. Durand, W F; Tests on thirteen navy type model propellers; naca-report-237; 1927

  22. Diehl, Walter S; The effect of flight path inclination on airplane velocity; naca-report-238; 1927

  23. Paton, C R Kemper, Carlton; Power output and air requirements of a two-stroke cycle engine for aeronautical use; naca-report-239; 1927

  24. Brode, R B Randolph, D W Silsbee, F B; Electrical characteristics of spark generators for automotive ignition; naca-report-241; 1927

  25. Crowley, John W , Jr Ronan, K M; Characteristics of a twin-float seaplane during take-off; naca-report-242; 1927

  26. Gardiner, Arthur W; A preliminary study of fuel injection and compression ignition as applied to an aircraft engine cylinder; naca-report-243; 1927

  27. (Author(s) Not Available); Aerodynamic characteristics of airfoils IV : continuation of reports nos. 93, 124, and 182; naca-report-244; 1927

  28. Gregg, W R; Meteorological conditions along airways; naca-report-245; 1927

  29. Zahm, A F; Pressure of air on coming to rest from various speeds; naca-report-247; 1927

  30. Boyer, J A; The corrosion of magnesium and of the magnesium aluminum alloys containing manganese; naca-report-248; 1927

  31. Carroll, Thomas; A comparison of the take-off and landing characteristics of a number of service airplane; naca-report-249; 1927

  32. Ware, Marsden; Description of the NACA universal test engine and some test results; naca-report-250; 1927

  33. Warner, Edward P Short, Mac; Approximations for column effect in airplane wing spars; naca-report-251; 1927

  34. Gove, W D Green, M W; The direct measurement of engine power on an airplane in flight with a hub type dynamometer; naca-report-252; 1927

  35. Zahm, A F; Flow and drag formulas for simple quadrics; naca-report-253; 1927

  36. Fairbanks, A J; Distribution of pressure over model of the upper wing and aileron of a Fokker D-VII airplane; naca-report-254; 1927

  37. Briggs, L J Dryden, H L; Pressure distribution over airfoils at high speeds; naca-report-255; 1927

  38. Munk, Max M; The air forces on a systematic series of biplane and triplane cellule models; naca-report-256; 1927

  39. Brombacher, W G; Tables for calibrating altimeters and computing altitudes based on the standard atmosphere; naca-report-246; 1927

  40. Henrickson, H B (Bureau of Standards); Tension experiments on diaphragm metals; naca-tn-261; August 1927

  41. ; Nomenclature for aeronautics; naca-report-240; 1927

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