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  1. Montgomery Knight; Wind tunnel standardization disk drag; naca-tn-253; Dec 1926

  2. R. A. Castleman; The resistance to the steady motion of small spheres in fluids; naca-tn-231; Feb 1926

  3. Stevens Bromley, William H. Robison, Jr.; Lateral failure of spars; naca-tn-232; Mar 1926

  4. W. F. Joachim; An investigation of the characteristics of steel diaphragms for automatic fuel-injection valves; naca-tn-234; Apr 1926

  5. Fred E. Weick; Propeller design I : practical application of the blade element theory; naca-tn-235; May 1926

  6. Fred E. Weick; Propeller design: extension of test data on a family of model propellers by means of the modified blade element theory II; naca-tn-236; May 1926

  7. Fred E. Weick; Propeller design - a simple system based on model propeller test data III; naca-tn-237; May 1926

  8. Fred E. Weick; Propeller design IV : a simple method for determining the strength of propellers; naca-tn-238; Jun 1926

  9. E. E. Wilson; Steam power plants in aircraft; naca-tn-239; Jun 1926

  10. George J. Higgins; The NACA CYH airfoil section; naca-tn-240; Jun 1926

  11. W. F. Joachin, Harold W. Case; Tests of several bearing materials lubricated by gasoline; naca-tn-241; Jul 1926

  12. George J. Higgins; The characteristics of the NACA M-12 airfoil section; naca-tn-243; Aug 1926

  13. Fred E. Weick; Navy propeller section characteristics as used in propeller design; naca-tn-244; Aug 1926

  14. E. P. Lesley; Report on tests of metal model propellers in combination with a model VE-7 airplane; naca-tn-245; Aug 1926

  15. E. P. Lesley; Test of a model propeller with symmetrical blade sections; naca-tn-246; Sep 1926

  16. C. H. Havill; The drag of airships; naca-tn-247; Jan 1926

  17. Clinton H. Havill; The drag of airships : drag of bare hulls II; naca-tn-248; Oct 1926

  18. Eastman N. Jacobs; Effect of protruding gasoline tanks upon the characteristics of an airfoil; naca-tn-249; Oct 1926

  19. Paul E. Hemke; Influence of the orifice on measured pressures; naca-tn-250; Nov 1926

  20. T. Carroll, R. E. Mixon; The effect of tube length upon the recorded pressures from a pair of static orifices in a wing panel; naca-tn-251; Nov 1926

  21. James M. Shoemaker; Resistance of a fifteen-centimeter disk; naca-tn-252; Dec 1926

  22. Max M. Munk; The spacing of orifices for the measure of pressure distributions; naca-tn-230; Jan 1926

  23. Kemper, Carlton; Improving the performance of a compression ignition engine by directing flow of inlet air; naca-tn-242; July 1926

  24. Tuckerman, L B; Inertia factors of ellipsoids for use in airship design; naca-report-210; 1926

  25. Tuckerman, L B; Water model tests for semirigid airships; naca-report-211; 1926

  26. Zahm, A F; Stability equations for airship hulls; naca-report-212; 1926

  27. Ames, Joseph S; A resume of the advances in theoretical aeronautics made by Max M. Munk; naca-report-213; 1926

  28. Warner, Edward P; Wing spar stress charts and wing truss proportions; naca-report-214; 1926

  29. Zahm, A F Smith, R H Louden, F A; Air forces, moments and damping on model of fleet airship Shenandoah; naca-report-215; 1926

  30. Diehl, Walter S Lesley, E P; The reduction of airplane flight test data to standard atmosphere conditions; naca-report-216; 1926

  31. Munk, Max M; Preliminary wing model tests in the variable density wind tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics; naca-report-217; 1926

  32. Diehl, Walter S; Standard atmosphere - tables and data; naca-report-218; 1926

  33. Taylor, D W; Some aspects of the comparison of model and full-scale tests; naca-report-219; 1926

  34. Durand, W F Lesley, E P; Comparison of tests on air propellers in flight with wind tunnel model tests on similar forms; naca-report-220; 1926

  35. Munk, Max M Miller, Elton W; Model tests with a systematic series of 27 wing sections at full Reynolds number; naca-report-221; 1926

  36. Miller, Harold E Beardsley, Edward G; Spray penetration with a simple fuel injection nozzle; naca-report-222; 1926

  37. Crowley, J W , Jr Defrance, S J; Pressure distribution on the C-7 airship; naca-report-223; 1926

  38. Joachim, W F; An investigation of the coefficient of discharge of liquids through small round orifices; naca-report-224; 1926

  39. Munk, Max M (Bureau Of Aeronautics (Navy), Washington, DC) Diehl, Walter S; The air forces on a model of the sperry messenger airplane without propeller; naca-report-225; 1926

  40. Crowley, J W Ronan, K M; Characteristics of a boat type seaplane during take-off; naca-report-226; 1926

  41. Diehl, Walter S; A study of the effect of a diving start on airplane speed; naca-report-228; 1926

  42. Reid, Elliott G; Pressure distribution over thick tapered airfoils, NACA 81, USA 27c modified and USA 35; naca-report-229; 1926

  43. Ware, Marsden; Description and laboratory tests of a Roots type aircraft engine supercharger; naca-report-230; 1926

  44. Dryden, H L Heald, R H; Investigation of turbulence in wind tunnels by a study of the flow about cylinders; naca-report-231; 1926

  45. Sparrow, Stanwood W; Fuels for high-compression engines; naca-report-232; 1926

  46. Munk, Max M Miller, Elton W; The variable density wind tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics; naca-report-227; 1926

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