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  1. Fred E. Weick; Simplified propeller design for low-powered airplanes; naca-tn-212; Jan 1925

  2. Robertson Mathews; Discharge characteristics of a high speed fuel injection system; naca-tn-213; Feb 1925

  3. Shatswell Ober; Note on the Katzmayr effect on airfoil drag; naca-tn-214; Feb 1925

  4. Edward P. Warner; The calculation of wing float displacement in single-float seaplanes; naca-tn-215; Mar 1925

  5. Max M. Munk; The velocity distribution caused by an airplane at the points of a vertical plane containing the span; naca-tn-216; Mar 1925

  6. Max M. Munk; Note on the air forces on a wing caused by pitching; naca-tn-217; Mar 1925

  7. Edward P. Warner; The estimation of airplane performance from wind tunnel tests on conventional airplane models; naca-tn-218; May 1925

  8. George J. Higgins; The comparison of well-known and new wing sections tested in the variable density wind tunnel; naca-tn-219; May 1925

  9. Edward P. Warner; The drift of an aircraft guided towards it's destination by directional receiving of radio signals transmitted from the ground; naca-tn-220; Jun 1925

  10. Max M. Munk; Model tests on the economy and effectiveness of helicopter propellers; naca-tn-221; Jan 1925

  11. R. G. Freeman; Air flow investigation for location of angle of attack head on a JN4h airplane; naca-tn-222; Aug 1925

  12. Fred E. Weick; Propeller scale effect and body interference; naca-tn-225; Sep 1925

  13. Max M. Munk; Determination and classification of the aerodynamic properties of wing sections; naca-tn-227; Sep 1925

  14. Edward P. Warner; Wind tunnel tests of fuselages and windshields; naca-tn-226; Sep 1925

  15. Frank Rizzo; The Flettner rotor ship in the light of the Kutta-Joukowski theory and of experimental results; naca-tn-228; Oct 1925

  16. J. E. Reid, Otto E. Kirchner; An altitude chamber for the study and calibration of aeronautical instruments; naca-tn-229; Nov 1925

  17. E. E. Wilson; Aircraft engine design; naca-tn-211; Jan 1925

  18. Diehl, Walter S; The application of propeller test data to design and performance calculations; naca-report-186; 1925

  19. Randolph, D W Silsbee, F B; Flame speed and spark intensity; naca-report-187; 1925

  20. Newlin, J A Trayer, G W; The influence of the form of a wooden beam on its stiffness and strength III : stresses in wood members subjected to combined column and beam action; naca-report-188; 1925

  21. Sparrow, Stanwood W; Relation of fuel-air ratio to engine performance; naca-report-189; 1925

  22. Sparrow, Stanwood W; Correcting horsepower measurements to a standard temperature; naca-report-190; 1925

  23. Munk, Max M; Elements of the wing section theory and of the wing theory; naca-report-191; 1925

  24. Diehl, Walter S; Charts for graphical estimation of airplane performance; naca-report-192; 1925

  25. Norton, F H; Pressure distribution over the wings of an MB-3 airplane in flight; naca-report-193; 1925

  26. Crowley, J W , Jr; Investigation of slipstream velocity; naca-report-194; 1925

  27. Reid, Elliott G; Standardization tests of NACA no. 1 wind tunnel; naca-report-195; 1925

  28. Durand, William F Lesley, E P; Comparison of model propeller tests with airfoil theory; naca-report-196; 1925

  29. Munk, Max M; A new relation between the induced yawing moment and the rolling moment of an airfoil in straight motion; naca-report-197; 1925

  30. Beij, K Hilding; Astronomical methods in aerial navigation; naca-report-198; 1925

  31. Reid, Elliott G; Interference tests on NACA pitot tubes; naca-report-199; 1925

  32. Scarborough, James B; Some problems on the lift and rolling moment of airplane wings; naca-report-200; 1925

  33. Reid, Elliott G; The effects of shielding the tips of airfoils; naca-report-201; 1925

  34. Silsbee, F B; The sparking voltage of spark plugs; naca-report-202; 1925

  35. Doolittle, J H; Accelerations in flight; naca-report-203; 1925

  36. Burgess, C P; Forces on airships in gusts; naca-report-204; 1925

  37. Sparrow, Stanwood W; The effect of changes in compression ratio upon engine performance; naca-report-205; 1925

  38. Eaton, H N Buckingham, C T; Nonmetallic diaphragms for instruments; naca-report-206; 1925

  39. Briggs, L J Hull, G F Dryden, H L; Aerodynamic characteristics of airfoils at high speeds; naca-report-207; 1925

  40. Crowley, J W , Jr Freeman, R G; Determination of turning characteristics of an airship by means of a camera obscura; naca-report-208; 1925

  41. Crowley, J W , Jr Ronan, K M; Characteristics of a single float seaplane during take-off; naca-report-209; 1925

  42. Green, Maurice W; Determination of the lift and drag characteristics of an airplane in flight; naca-tn-223; August 1925

  43. Fairbanks, Karl J; Pressure distribution on the nose of an airship in circling flight; naca-tn-224; August 1925

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