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  1. H. Von Sanden; Significance of the expression C(sub L)(exp 3)/C(sub D)(exp 2); naca-tn-173; January, 1924

  2. Heinrich Kann; Airplanes in horizontal curvilinear flight; naca-tn-174; January, 1924

  3. Wilhelm Molthan; Tests on a model of the D.F.W. airplane T-29 of the Deutsche Flugzeug derke (German airplane works); naca-tn-175; January, 1924

  4. E. Salkowski; Curvilinear flight of airplanes; naca-tn-176; January, 1924

  5. Max M. Munk; Note on the relative effect of the dihedral and the sweep back of airplane wings; naca-tn-177; January, 1924

  6. C. Wieselsberger; Triplane tests; naca-tn-178; February, 1924

  7. H. Hamburger; Practical method for balancing airplane moments; naca-tn-179; February, 1924

  8. Robertson Mathews, Arthur W. Gardiner; Increasing the compression pressure in an engine by using a long intake pipe; naca-tn-180; February, 1924

  9. H. Von Sanden; Interference of multiplane wings having elliptical lift distribution; naca-tn-181; February, 1924

  10. L. Prandtl; Induced drag of multiplanes; naca-tn-182; February, 1924

  11. W. S. Diehl; Static stability of seaplane floats and hulls; naca-tn-183; March, 1924

  12. Max M. Munk; Note on vortices on their relation to the lift of airfoils; naca-tn-184; March, 1924

  13. Robertson Matthews, Arthur W. Gardiner; The influence of inlet air temperature and jacket water temperature on initiating combustion in a high speed compression ignition engine; naca-tn-185; March, 1924

  14. A. Proll; Testing airplane fabrics; naca-tn-186; April, 1924

  15. Max M. Munk; The induction factor used for computing the rolling moment due to the ailerons; naca-tn-187; April, 1924

  16. R. Fuchs, L. Hopf; Longitudinal oscillation of an airplane Part I : problem and method; naca-tn-188; April, 1924

  17. N. S. Otey; Torsional strength of nickel steel and duralumin tubing as affected by the ratio of diameter to gage thickness; naca-tn-189; April, 1924

  18. Max M. Munk, Edward P. Warner; Comparing the performance of geometrically similar airplanes; naca-tn-190; April, 1924

  19. W. L. Lepage, J. T. Nichols; The effect of wind tunnel turbulence upon the forces measured on models; naca-tn-191; May, 1924

  20. Max M. Munk; Note on the pressure distribution over the hull of elongated airships with circular cross section; naca-tn-192; May, 1924

  21. Paul B. King, Thomas Carroll; High altitude flying; naca-tn-193; May, 1924

  22. C. P. Burgess; A method of determining the dimensions and horsepower of an airship for any given performance; naca-tn-194; May, 1924

  23. Max M. Munk; On the distribution of lift along the span of an airfoil with displaced ailerons; naca-tn-195; June, 1924

  24. Max M. Munk; Remarks on the pressure distribution over the surface of an ellipsoid, moving translationally through a perfect fluid; naca-tn-196; June, 1924

  25. Max M. Munk; Some tables of the factor of apparent additional mass; naca-tn-197; July, 1924

  26. F. W. Caldwell, N. S. Clay; Micarta propellers I : materials; naca-tn-198; August, 1924

  27. F. W. Caldwell, N. S. Clay; Micarta Propellers II : method of construction; naca-tn-199; August, 1924

  28. F. W. Caldwell, N. S. Clay; Micarta propellers III : general description of the design; naca-tn-200; August, 1924

  29. F. W. Caldwell, N. S. Clay; Micarta propellers IV : technical methods of design; naca-tn-201; Sep 1924

  30. Toussaint, Kerneis, Girault; Experimental investigation of the effect of an oscillating airstream (Katzmayr effect) on the characteristics of airfoils; naca-tn-202; Sep 1924

  31. John E. Younger; A short method of calculating torsional stresses in an airplane fuselage; naca-tn-203; Sep 1924

  32. Frank Rizzo; A study of static stability of airships; naca-tn-204; Sep 1924

  33. Val Cronstedt; The logarithmic polar curve-it's theory and application to the predetermination of airplane performance; naca-tn-205; Oct 1924

  34. Charles Ward Hall; Structural weight of aircraft as affected by the system of design; naca-tn-206; Nov 1924

  35. Max M. Munk; The simplifying assumptions, reducing the strict application of classical hydrodynamics to practical aeronautical computations; naca-tn-207; Nov 1924

  36. John G. Lee; Tests on duralumin columns for aircraft construction; naca-tn-208; Nov 1924

  37. Elliott G. Reid; Tests of rotating cylinders; naca-tn-209; Dec 1924

  38. R. N. DuBois; The testing of aviation engines; naca-tn-210; Dec 1924

  39. Buckingham, Edgar; Jet propulsion for airplanes; naca-report-159; 1924

  40. Weaver, E R Pickering, S F; An airship slide rule; naca-report-160; 1924

  41. Bacon, David L; The distribution of lift over wing tips and ailerons; naca-report-161; 1924

  42. Norton, F H Brown, W G; Complete study of longitudinal oscillation of a VE-7 airplane; naca-report-162; 1924

  43. Norton, F H Carroll, T; The vertical, longitudinal, and lateral accelerations experienced by an S. E. 5a airplane while maneuvering; naca-report-163; 1924

  44. Bateman, H; The inertial coefficients of an airship in a frictionless fluid; naca-report-164; 1924

  45. Hersey, M D; Diaphragms for aeronautic instruments; naca-report-165; 1924

  46. Zahm, A F; The aerodynamic plane table; naca-report-166; 1924

  47. Norton, F H; The measurement of the damping in roll on a JN4h in flight; naca-report-167; 1924

  48. Diehl, Walter S; The general efficiency curve for air propellers; naca-report-168; 1924

  49. Hoot, H I; The effect of airfoil thickness and plan form on lateral control; naca-report-169; 1924

  50. Norton, F H; A study of longitudinal dynamic stability in flight; naca-report-170; 1924

  51. Diehl, Walter S; Engine performance and the determination of absolute ceiling; naca-report-171; 1924

  52. Wilson, Edwin B; Dynamic stability as affected by the longitudinal moment of inertia; naca-report-172; 1924

  53. Diehl, Walter S; Reliable formulae for estimating airplane performance and the effects of changes in weight, wing area, or power; naca-report-173; 1924

  54. Norton, F H; The small angular oscillations of airplanes in steady flight; naca-report-174; 1924

  55. Munk, Max M; Analysis of W. F. Durand's and E. P. Lesley's propeller tests; naca-report-175; 1924

  56. Stevens, F W; A constant pressure bomb; naca-report-176; 1924

  57. Lesley, E P Woods, B M; The effect of slipstream obstructions on air propellers; naca-report-177; 1924

  58. Diehl, Walter S; Relative efficiency of direct and geared drive propellers; naca-report-178; 1924

  59. Silsbee, F B; The effect of electrode temperature on the sparking voltage of short spark gaps; naca-report-179; 1924

  60. Newlin, J A Trayer, G W; The influence of the form of a wooden beam on its stiffness and strength I : deflection of beams with special reference to shear deformations; naca-report-180; 1924

  61. Newlin, J A Trayer, G W; The influence of the form of a wooden beam on its stiffness and strength II : form factors of beams subjected to transverse loading only; naca-report-181; 1924

  62. (Author(s) Not Available); Aerodynamic characteristics of airfoils III : continuation of reports nos. 93 and 124; naca-report-182; 1924

  63. Munk, Max M; The analysis of free flight propeller tests and its application to design; naca-report-183; 1924

  64. Munk, Max M; The aerodynamic forces on airship hulls; naca-report-184; 1924

  65. Bacon, D L Reid, E G; The resistance of spheres in wind tunnels and in air; naca-report-185; 1924

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