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  1. Max M. Munk; The determination of the angles of attack of zero lift and of zero moment,; naca-tn-122; January, 1923

  2. John A. C. Warner; An optical altitude indicator for night landing; naca-tn-123; January, 1923

  3. Max M. Munk, Gunther Cairo; Downwash of airplane wings; naca-tn-124; January, 1923

  4. K. Kutzbach; Results of experimental flights at high altitudes with Daimler, Benz and; naca-tn-125; January, 1923

  5. Werner Heisenberg; Absolute dimensions of Karman vortex motion; naca-tn-126; January, 1923

  6. H. Dietsius; The air propeller, its strength and correct shape; naca-tn-127; February, 1923

  7. Max M. Munk, Wilhelm Molthan; Tests on an airplane model, AEG D I of the Allgemeine Elektricitats Gesellschft, A-G, airplane construction section conducted at the Gottingen Model Testing Laboratory for Aerodynamics; naca-tn-128; February, 1923

  8. L. B. Tuckerman; Notes on aerodynamic forces on airship hulls; naca-tn-129; March, 1923

  9. David L. Bacon; Model supports and their effects on the results of wind tunnel tests; naca-tn-130; February, 1923

  10. W. Achenbach; Variation in the number of revolutions of air propellers; naca-tn-131; March, 1923

  11. E. Everling; The increase in dimensions of airplanes - weight, area, and loading of wings; naca-tn-132; March, 1923

  12. A. Riedler; Disturbing effect of free hydrogen on fuel combustion in internal combustion engines; naca-tn-133; March, 1923

  13. William Knight, L. Prandtl, von Karman, G. Costanzi, W. Margoulis, R. Verduzio, R. Katzmayr, E. B. Wolff, A. F. Zahm; Standardization and aerodynamics; naca-tn-134; March, 1923

  14. W. G. Brown; Measuring an airplane's true speed in flight testing; naca-tn-135; April, 1923

  15. P. Meyer, April, 1923; Is there any available source of heat energy lighter than gasoline?; naca-tn-136;

  16. A. Proell; Experiments with fabrics for covering airplane wings; naca-tn-137; April, 1923

  17. Richard Baumann; Determination of the value of wood for structural purposes; naca-tn-138; April, 1923

  18. L. Ballenstedt; Influence of ribs on strength of spars; naca-tn-139; May, 1923

  19. W. Watters Pagon; General theory of stresses in rigid airship, ZR-1; naca-tn-140; May, 1923

  20. C. Wiesselsberger; Experiments with a built-in or fuselage radiator; naca-tn-141; May, 1923

  21. K. Kutzbach; Adaptation of aeronautical engines to high altitude flying; naca-tn-142; May, 1923

  22. O. Blumenthal; Calculations for a single-strut biplane with reference to the tensions in the wing bracing; naca-tn-143; June, 1923

  23. W. S. Diehl; Notes on the design of ailerons; naca-tn-144; June, 1923

  24. Kurt Bennewitz; Aeronautical instruments; naca-tn-145; June, 1923

  25. Edward P. Warner; The faring of airfoil contours; naca-tn-146; June, 1923

  26. V. Heidelberg, A. Hoelzel; Speed measurements made by Division A of the airplane director; naca-tn-147; July, 1923

  27. K. Kutzbach; The flexible mounting of an airplane engine; naca-tn-148; July, 1923

  28. Robertson Matthews; Influences in the selection of a cycle for small high speed engines running on solid or airless injection with compression ignition; naca-tn-149; July, 1923

  29. H. J. E. Reid; Notes on the N.A.C.A. control force recorder; naca-tn-150; July, 1923

  30. T. A. Schwamb, C. S. Smith; Tests on built-up airplane struts having initial tension in outside fibers; naca-tn-151; August, 1923

  31. George Koenig; Thrust and power required in climbing; naca-tn-152; August, 1923

  32. Student; Flight characteristics; naca-tn-153; August, 1923

  33. K. M. Ronan; An instrument for recording the position of airplane control surfaces; naca-tn-154; August, 1923

  34. (Author(s) Not Available); Regulations governing the issuance of certificates of airworthiness of aircraft in France; naca-tn-155; August, 1923

  35. H. J. E. Reid; The N.A.C.A. recording tachometer and angle of attack recorder; naca-tn-156; August, 1923

  36. W. F. Joachim; An impulse electric motor for driving recording instruments; naca-tn-157; September, 1923

  37. Max M. Munks; Analysis of Dr. Schaffran's propeller model tests; naca-tn-158; September, 1923

  38. Robertson Matthews, A. W. Gardiner; The time lag and interval of discharge with a spring actuated fuel injection pump; naca-tn-159; September, 1923

  39. P. Eydam; Fittings and other structural parts of airplanes; naca-tn-160; October, 1923

  40. James M. Shoemaker, John G. Lee; Preliminary study of the damping factor in roll; naca-tn-161; October, 1923

  41. Stanwood S. Sparrow; The arithmetic of distribution in multi-cylinder engines; naca-tn-162; October, 1923

  42. Adolph Rohrbach, Edwin Lupberger; Graphic method for calculating the speed and climbing ability of airplanes; naca-tn-163; October, 1923

  43. Max M. Munk; General theory of windmills; naca-tn-164; October, 1923

  44. H. F. Rettew, G. Thumin; Tests on riveted joints in sheet duralumin; naca-tn-165; November, 1923

  45. H. Blasius; Determination of climbing ability; naca-tn-166; February, 1923

  46. Edward P. Warner; Wind tunnel tests of five strut sections in yaw; naca-tn-167; November, 1923

  47. A. Proll; Experiments with fabrics for covering airplane wings, to determine effect of method of installation; naca-tn-168; December, 1923

  48. C. Weiselsberger; Air resistance measurements on actual airplane parts; naca-tn-169; November, 1923

  49. Max M. Munk; Reduction in efficiency of propellers due to slipstream; naca-tn-170; December, 1923

  50. Viktor Lewe; Compressive Strength of Tapered Airplane Struts; naca-tn-171; December, 1923

  51. James B. Ford; The Nichols wing cutting equipment; naca-tn-172; December, 1923

  52. Diehl, Walter S; The variation of aerofoil lift and drag coefficients with changes in size and speed; naca-report-111; 1923

  53. Norton, F H Allen, E T; Control in circling flight; naca-report-112; 1923

  54. Durand, W F Lesley, E P; Tests on air propellers in yaw; naca-report-113; 1923

  55. Munk, Max M; Some new aerodynamical relations; naca-report-114; 1923

  56. Burgess, C P; Bending moments, envelope, and cable stresses in non-rigid airships; naca-report-115; 1923

  57. Prandtl, L (Gottingen Univ. (Germany, F. R.)); Applications of modern hydrodynamics to aeronautics; naca-report-116; 1923

  58. Munk, Max M; The drag of Zeppelin airships; naca-report-117; 1923

  59. Norton, F H; The pressure distribution over the horizontal tail surfaces of an airplane I; naca-report-118; 1923

  60. Norton, F H; Practical stability and controllability of airplanes; naca-report-120; 1923

  61. Munk, Max M; The minimum induced drag of aerofoils; naca-report-121; 1923

  62. Bacon, D L; Preliminary experiments to determine scale and slip-stream effects on a 1/24th size model of a JN4H biplane; naca-report-122; 1923

  63. Silsbee, F B; Simplified theory of the magneto; naca-report-123; 1923

  64. (Author(s) Not Available); Aerodynamic characteristics of aerofoils II : continuation of report no. 93; naca-report-124; 1923

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  69. Hunt, F L; Aeronautic instruments. Section VI : oxygen instruments; naca-report-130; 1923

  70. Eaton, H N; Aeronautic instruments. Section VI : aerial navigation and navigating instruments; naca-report-131; 1923

  71. Hunt, F L; Aeronautic instruments. Section VIII : recent developments and outstanding problems; naca-report-132; 1923

  72. Munk, Max M; The tail plane; naca-report-133; 1923

  73. Sparrow, S W; Performance of Maybach 300-horsepower airplane engine; naca-report-134; 1923

  74. Sparrow, S W; Performance of B. M. W. 185-horsepower airplane engine; naca-report-135; 1923

  75. Chu, Lynn; Damping coefficients due to tail surfaces in aircraft; naca-report-136; 1923

  76. Zahm, A F Smith, R H Hill, G C; Point drag and total drag of navy struts no. 1 modified; naca-report-137; 1923

  77. Zahm, A F Smith, R H Hill, G C; The drag of C class airship hull with varying length of cylindric midships; naca-report-138; 1923

  78. Zahm, A F; Influence of model surface and air flow texture on resistance of aerodynamic bodies; naca-report-139; 1923

  79. Zahm, A F Bear, R M Hill, G C; Lift and drag effects of wing-tip rake; naca-report-140; 1923

  80. Durand, W F Lesley, E P; Experimental research on air propellers V; naca-report-141; 1923

  81. Munk, Max M; General theory of thin wing sections; naca-report-142; 1923

  82. Hoff, Wilhelm; Analysis of stresses in German airplanes; naca-report-143; 1923

  83. Bateman, H; The decay of a simple eddy; naca-report-144; 1923

  84. Heim, A L Knauss, A C Seutter, Louis; Internal stresses in laminated construction; naca-report-145; 1923

  85. Zahm, A F; The six-component wind balance; naca-report-146; 1923

  86. Gregg, Willis Ray; Standard atmosphere; naca-report-147; 1923

  87. Norton, F H Brown, W G; The pressure distribution over the horizontal tail surfaces of an airplane III; naca-report-148; 1923

  88. Norton, F H Brown, W G; Pressure distribution over the rudder and fin of an airplane in flight; naca-report-149; 1923

  89. Norton, F H Bacon, D L; Pressure distribution over thick airfoils - model tests; naca-report-150; 1923

  90. Munk, Max M; General biplane theory; naca-report-151; 1923

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  94. Reid, J E; A study of airplane maneuvers with special reference to angular velocities; naca-report-155; 1923

  95. Eaton, H N Macnair, W A; The altitude effect on air speed indicators II; naca-report-156; 1923

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  99. (Author(s) Not Available); List of commercial aircraft belonging to the various French air navigation companies as of August 31st, 1922; naca-tm-177; 1923

  100. Warner, Edward P (Massachusetts Inst. of Tech); Airplane speeds of the future; naca-tm-178; 1923

  101. Constantin, Louis; New lateral stabilizing device for airplanes; naca-tm-179; 1923

  102. Delanghe, C; Marcel Besson wing sections; naca-tm-180; 1923

  103. Hoff, Wilhelm; Soaring flight and the Rhon contests; naca-tm-181; 1923

  104. Ziembinski, S (L. Renault Automobile Company); Possible improvements in gasoline engines; naca-tm-182; 1923

  105. Warner, Edward P; Soaring without rising currents; naca-tm-183; February 1923

  106. (Author(s) Not Available); Rules and regulations of the 1922 Rhon Soaring Flight Contest; naca-tm-184; February 1923

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