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  1. F. H. Norton; A mechanical device for illustrating airplane stability; naca-tn-76; December, 1921

  2. Ing Stelmachowski; Loads and calculations of army airplanes; naca-tn-28; Feb 1921

  3. W. E. Davidson, D. L. Bacon; The determination of the effective resistance of a spindle supporting a model airfoil; naca-tn-37; Jan 1921

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  5. A. Toussaint; Note on the resistance of polished cylinders (and cylindrical wires) with generatrices perpendicular to the airstream; naca-tn-43; Feb 1921

  6. Fr. Natalis; Crippling strength of axially loaded rods; naca-tn-31; Oct 1921

  7. Marsden Ware; Effect of the reversal of air flow upon the discharge coefficient of Durley Orifices; naca-tn-40; Feb 1921

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  26. Stanwood W. sparrow; Airplane crashes: engine troubles : a possible explanation; naca-tn-55; Mar 1921

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  28. Max Munk; The Caproni Seaplane; naca-tn-57; Jul 1921

  29. Max Munk; Absolute coefficients and the graphical representation of airfoil characteristics; naca-tn-58; Jun 1921

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  34. Umberto Nobile; The employment of airships for the transport of passengers; naca-tn-63; Aug 1921

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  40. F. H. Norton; The effect of staggering a biplane; naca-tn-70; Sep 1921

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  114. ; Nomenclature for aeronautics; naca-report-91; 1921

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