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  1. Wm Knight; Italian and French experiments on wind tunnels; naca-tn-17; Nov 1920

  2. W. Stieber; The dynamometer hub; naca-tn-18; Sep 1920

  3. W. Margoulis; The steadiness factor in engine sets; naca-tn-19; Jan 1920

  4. George De Bothezat; Airplane performance as influenced by the use of a supercharged engine; naca-tn-2; May 1920

  5. S. W. Sparrow; High thermal efficiency in airplane service; naca-tn-39; Dec 1920

  6. E. P. Warner; The problem of the helicopter; naca-tn-4; May 1920

  7. A. Baumann; Progress made in the construction of giant airplanes in Germany during the war; naca-tn-29; Dec 1920

  8. A. Betz; Development of the inflow theory of the propeller; naca-tn-24; Nov 1920

  9. Karl D. Wood; A variable speed fan dynamometer; naca-tn-26; Dec 1920

  10. S. W. Sparrow; Instrument for measuring engine clearance volumes; naca-tn-27; Dec 1920

  11. E. P. Warner; Notes on the theory of the accelerometer; naca-tn-3; May 1920

  12. F. H. Norton; Design of recording wind tunnel balances; naca-tn-30; Dec 1920

  13. A. Toussaint; Drag or negative traction of geared-down supporting propellers in the downward vertical glide of a helicopter; naca-tn-21; Sep 1920

  14. W. Margoulis; Notes on specifications for French airplane competitions; naca-tn-20; Oct 1920

  15. F. H. Norton; The photographic recording of small motions; naca-tn-22; Nov 1920

  16. A. F. Zahm; Relation of rib spacing to stress in wing planes; naca-tn-5; May 1920

  17. E. P Warner; Static testing and proposed standard specifications; naca-tn-6; Jul 1920

  18. A. F. Zahn; Horizontal buoyancy in wind tunnels; naca-tn-23; Nov 1920

  19. L. Prandtl; Gottingen Wind Tunnel for testing aircraft models; naca-tn-66; Nov 1920

  20. Schwager; Notes on the design of supercharged and overdimensioned aircraft engines; naca-tn-7; Jul 1920

  21. E. Unger, E. Schmidt; Duralumin; naca-tn-8; Jul 1920

  22. L. Prandtl; Theory of lifting surfaces; naca-tn-9; Jul 1920

  23. K. Kutzbach; Experience with geared propeller drives for aviation engines; naca-tn-16; Sep 1920

  24. Edward P. Warner; Notes on longitudinal stability and balance; naca-tn-1; Apr 1920

  25. L. Prandtl; Theory of lifting surfaces; naca-tn-10; Aug 1920

  26. Rene Devillers; The problem of the turbo-compressor; naca-tn-11; Aug 1920

  27. Schwager; Recent efforts and experiments in the construction of aviation engines; naca-tn-12; Sept 1920

  28. P. Idrac; Soaring flight in Guinea; naca-tn-13; Aug 1920

  29. S. W. Sparrow; Increase in maximum pressures produced by preignition in internal combustion engines; naca-tn-14; Aug 1920

  30. W. G. Noack; Tests of the Daimler D-IVa engine at a high altitude test bench; naca-tn-15; Oct 1920

  31. Lewis, G W Nutting, E M; Air flow through poppet valves; naca-report-24; 1920

  32. Wilson, Edwin Bidwell; The variation of yawing moment due to rolling; naca-report-26; 1920

  33. Wilson, Edwin Bidwell; Theory of an airplane encountering gusts III; naca-report-27; 1920

  34. De Bothezat, George; An introduction to the laws of air resistance of aerofoils; naca-report-28; 1920

  35. De Bothezat, George; The general theory of blade screws including propellers, fans, helicopter screws, helicoidal pumps, turbo-motors, and different kinds of helicoidal blades; naca-report-29; 1920

  36. Durand, William F Lesley, E P; Experimental research on air propellers II; naca-report-30; 1920

  37. Zahm, A F; Development of air speed nozzles; naca-report-31; 1920

  38. Larson, L J; The airplane tensiometer; naca-report-32; 1920

  39. Dorsey, N E; Self-luminous materials; naca-report-33; 1920

  40. Merica, Paul D; Aluminum and its light alloys; naca-report-34; 1920

  41. Nelson, John H; The strength of one-piece solid, build-up and laminated wood airplane wing beams; naca-report-35; 1920

  42. Walen, E Dean; The structure of airplane fabrics; naca-report-36; 1920

  43. Walen, E D Fisher, R T; Fabric fastenings; naca-report-37; 1920

  44. Edwards, Junius David Moore, Irwin L; The testing of balloon fabrics; naca-report-39; 1920

  45. Weaver, E R Berry, W M Bohnson, V L Gordon, B D; The ferrosilicon process for the generation of hydrogen; naca-report-40; 1920

  46. Edwards, Junius David; Testing balloon gas; naca-report-41; 1920

  47. Paris, Auguste Jean, Jr Paris, W Francelyn; A new process for the production of aircraft-engine fuels; naca-report-42; 1920

  48. Dickinson, H C Kleinschmidt, R V; Synopsis of aeronautic radiator investigations for years 1917 and 1918; naca-report-43; 1920

  49. Dickinson, H C Boutell, H G; The altitude laboratory for the test of aircraft engines; naca-report-44; 1920

  50. Dickinson, H C (National Bureau of Standards) James, W S Anderson, G V Brinkerhoff, V W; Effect of compression ratio, pressure, temperature, and humidity on power; naca-report-45; 1920

  51. Gage, Victor R; A study of airplane engine tests; naca-report-46; 1920

  52. Dickinson, W S James, W S Roberts, E W Gage, V R Harper, D R Iii; Power characteristics of fuels for aircraft engines; naca-report-47; 1920

  53. Tice, Percival S; Carbureting conditions characteristics of aircraft engines; naca-report-48; 1920

  54. Tice, Percival S Dickinson, H C; Metering characteristics of carburetors; naca-report-49; 1920

  55. Kemble, E C; Calculation of low-pressure indicator diagrams; naca-report-50; 1920

  56. Gorton, W S; The subsidiary gap as a means for improving ignition; naca-report-57; 1920

  57. Silsbee, F B; Characteristics of high-tension magnetos; naca-report-58; 1920

  58. Dickinson, H C James, W S Kleinschmidt, R V; General analysis of airplane radiator problems; naca-report-59; 1920

  59. Dickinson, H C James, W S Brown, W B; General discussion of test methods for radiators; naca-report-60; 1920

  60. Kleinschmidt, R V Parsons, S R; Head resistance due to radiators; naca-report-61; 1920

  61. James, W S Parsons, S R; Effect of altitude on radiator performance; naca-report-62; 1920

  62. Dickinson, H C James, W S Kleinschmidt, R V; Results of tests on radiators for aircraft engines; naca-report-63; 1920

  63. Durand, W F Lesley, E P; Experimental research on air propellers III; naca-report-64; 1920

  64. Tiemann, Harry D; The kiln drying of wood for airplanes; naca-report-65; 1920

  65. Allen, S W Truax, T R; Glues used in airplane parts; naca-report-66; 1920

  66. Sparhawk, W N; Supplies and production of aircraft wood; naca-report-67; 1920

  67. Wilson, T R C; The effect of kiln drying on the strength of airplane woods; naca-report-68; 1920

  68. Coffin, J G; A study of airplane ranges and useful loads; naca-report-69; 1920

  69. Warner, E P Norton, F H; Preliminary report on free flight tests; naca-report-70; 1920

  70. Warner, Edward P; Slip-stream corrections performance computation; naca-report-71; 1920

  71. Warner, Edward P Norton, F H; Wind tunnel balances; naca-report-72; 1920

  72. Warner, Edward P Norton, F H Hebbert, C M; The design of wind tunnels and wind tunnel propellers; naca-report-73; 1920

  73. Norton, F H; Construction of models for tests in wind tunnels; naca-report-74; 1920

  74. Norton, F H; The aerodynamic properties of thick aerofoils suitable for internal bracing; naca-report-75; 1920

  75. Warner, Edward P Miller, Roy G; Fuselage stress analysis; naca-report-76; 1920

  76. Parker, H F; The Parker variable camber wing; naca-report-77; 1920

  77. Wilson, Edwin Bidwell; The limiting velocity in falling from a great height; naca-report-78; 1920

  78. Wilson, Edwin Bidwell; Bomb trajectories; naca-report-79; 1920

  79. Froude, W; On the elementary relation between pitch, slip, and propulsive efficiency; naca-tm-1; July 1920

  80. (Author(s) Not Available); Variable pitch propellers; naca-tm-2; November 1920

  81. Woodward, R W (Bureau of Standards); Recent developments in light alloys; naca-tm-3; November 1920

  82. Gradenwitz, Arthur; Tests of artificial flight at high altitudes; naca-tm-4; November 1920

  83. Silsbee, F. B., Loeb, L. B., Sawyer, L. G., Fonseca, E. L, Dickinson, H. C., Agnew, P. G.; Spark plug defects and tests; naca-report-51; 1920

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  85. Silsbee, F. B., Honaman, R. K., Fonseca, E. L., Bleininger, A. V., Staley, H. F.; Properties and preparation of ceramic insulators for spark plugs; naca-report-53; 1920

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  87. Upton, G. B., Gage, V. R.; Investigation of the muffling problem for airplane engines; naca-report-55; 1920

  88. Silsbee, F. B., Loeb, L. B., Fonseca, E. L.; Heat energy of various ignition sparks; naca-report-56; 1920

  89. Zahm, A. F., Crook, L. H.; Airplane stress analysis; naca-report-82; 1920

  90. ; Nomenclature for aeronautics; naca-report-25; 1920

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