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  1. Durand, William F; Experimental research on air propellers; naca-report-14; 1918

  2. Haas, Rudolf Dietzius, Alexander; The stretching of the fabric and the deformation of the envelope in nonrigid balloons; naca-report-16; 1918

  3. Klemin, Alexander Warner, Edward P Denkinger, George M; An investigation of the elements which contribute to statical and dynamical stability, and of the effects of variation in those elements; naca-report-17; 1918

  4. Gorrell, Edgar S Martin, H S; Aerofoils and aerofoil structural combinations; naca-report-18; 1918

  5. Ames, Joseph S; Aerodynamic coefficients and transformation tables; naca-report-20; 1918

  6. Wilson, Edwin Bidwell; Theory of an airplane encountering gusts II; naca-report-21; 1918

  7. Walen, E D; Fabrics for aeronautic construction; naca-report-22; 1918

  8. Dickinson, H C; Aeronautic power plant investigations; naca-report-23; 1918

  9. ; Nomenclature for aeronautics; naca-report-15; 1918

  10. Zahm, A. F.; Periodic stresses in gyroscopic bodies, with applications to air screws; naca-report-19; 1918

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