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  1. Diederichs, H Upton, G B; Mufflers for aeronautic engines; naca-report-10; 1917

  2. Lucke, Charles Edward Willhofft, Friederich Otto; Carburetor design - a preliminary study of the state of the art; naca-report-11; 1917

  3. Marchis, L; Experimental researches on the resistance of air; naca-report-12; 1917

  4. (Author(s) Not Available); General specifications covering requirements of aeronautic instruments; naca-report-8; 1917

  5. Blair, William R; Meteorology and aeronautics; naca-report-13; 1917

  6. Hunsaker, J C Wilson, Edward Bidwell; Report on behavior of aeroplanes in gusts; naca-report-1; 1917

  7. Sunderlang, C C Horn, H J Green, D; Report on investigations of aviation wires and cables, their fastenings and terminal connections; naca-report-3; 1917

  8. (Author(s) Not Available); Relative worth of improvements of fabrics; naca-report-5; 1917

  9. Lucke, Charles E; Thermodynamic efficiency of present types of internal combustion engines for aircraft; naca-report-7; 1917

  10. Gorrell, E. S., Martin, H. S.; Aerofoils and Aerofoil Structural Combinations; naca-report-18; 1917

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